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Published: December 30th 2004
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(this one should be short...not too much to report)

So I left Utila a few days ago and spent a night in San Pedro Sula, where 4 days earlier 28 people where killed when a gang member took and AK-47 and unloaded on a local bus. But dont worry mom, things where much safer when I was there, they had officers stationed all over the place. From San Pedro, I caught an all day bus and ended up in Antigua Guatemala by night fall.

Antigua is an absolutely amazing city. There are a ton of fun little restaurants and bars here. It is a little more expensive then the other cities I have been in but it is one of those places that is just really fun to explore. I would compare it to Charleston S.C. (if anyone has been there..yes jason, I know you have).

Today I took a (3hr) bus to a city that is known throughout the country for its markets (sundays and thursdays). On the way to the market I was looking out of the window and I saw a small crowd of people on the side of the road, including a few cops.

I was trying to figure out what everyone was looking at...and then I saw first dead body, someone hung themselves on a tree along the road, and his body was still dangling there, really creepy.

Guatemala is where you go if you really want to experience central america. A majority of the locals still where the traditional clothing, colors are everywhere. Sights, sents, I mean, this place...this is it. And no where is this better experienced then in a market. As you can tell from the pics, the market was pretty crazy. Everywhere you look your senses are overwhelmed. Bargaining....the ladies here are relentless (chad this was definitely comparable to egypt). they try to sell you everything under the sun and they dont take no for an answer.

Well that is about it, things have been (thankfully) pretty slow for me. Tomorrow is new years and I hope you guys all have a blast.


(jen, I want to take salsa lessons sometime)

Additional photos below
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Chruch LadyChruch Lady
Chruch Lady

Old Lady at church

Cross View

View of the city

Black JesusBlack Jesus
Black Jesus

Black Jesus (burnt in a church)

Stairs to black jesus


Check out the size of this "van"...and it was all souped up

Old LadyOld Lady
Old Lady

Old Lady


30th December 2004

I love the colorful market pictures, particularly the blanket one. Remember, if you can, I'd love some of the woven cloth, purses, etc. Can't wait to see more and hear about your experience in this new locale. - Mom
30th December 2004

I love your pictures, the really colorful ones. they are breathtaking. The old lady and the one of the kids were great. Boy, that must have been scary about what happened in the town with all the shooting. Glad you weren't there then. Keep blogging...we all love it! - Mom, again
31st December 2004

hey Schwalm!
Schwalm- I have to say it again, you are taking some of the most beautiful pictures. Obviously you are much better with your digital camera than I am. All my pictures are blurry so I just let Chris take them all! Happy New Years and be safe my dear. The Roberts in Ohio miss you!!!!! - Keri Roberts

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