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24th January 2014

Enjoying Trinidad
That is exactly how I like taking my vacations..exploring the non-tourist parts ...I am very happy that you all enjoyed Trinidad and Tobago..Yes Tobago has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches,in my opinion. But anyone taking these trips need to have a tour guide, either a friend from Trinidad or someone who is very familiar with the Island. There are a lot of crazy crimes there, like anywhere else, but being a tourist, makes you an easy target..so don't do the typical tourist thing but explore with a person who is knowledgeable about the places to go and places you should avoid.
3rd January 2014
Rasta Man

are you ready RASTAMAN
15th August 2012

An inspiration to us
Chris, you and Haley are an inspiration to all of us who enjoy traveling the world. It opens ones eyes to their cultures and how they live....so much more than a book or film. Dave and I look forward to seeing your pictures, commentary and travels.
23rd November 2011

You have not seen India
Hi Chris, Just read your blog about ur trip to India an am glad you enjoyed it. Well, am an Indian who has stayed for a pretty good time in the US ( New york), now settled in the UK. Basically I am from New Delhi and my husband is from Varanasi. Many things you have discussed here are right to a certain level, but I must say that even in the US or UK, I have seen more filth than this. If I start writing a blog about the things I have experienced here, that will go worse. Off course I love to stay here or in the US.. All I wanted to say is that you have not seen a tiniest part of India and hence you should not display your pics as ''Typical Scenes'' coz thats not :) No Offence, but you have only been to places which are famous for tourism and the things you have mentioned are the reason for tourism there. If you go to residential places and societies in big cities ( or even most suburbs), you will find things 10 times better. but then off course you didnt pay to visit that part, coz it doesnt offer you the same charm. I agree on situations you have described but they come from mostly poor and uneducated population which I guess behaves same in every Country according to their own standards. I am sure you agree on this.. Regards,
9th October 2011

Trinidad and Tobago
I'm glad that you enjoyed your stay here in our little slice of Paradise. Make sure that when you return(if you haven't already!), that you return for Carnival. It is simply a blast!
27th July 2011
My Camel

read your blog
hey Chris!! i am from india and presently in USA...just saw your blog and photographs..liked them so much.greetings :)
5th November 2010
Martial Eagle (maybe?)

world biodiversity is very important for all therefore let's joint hands in protecting and say NO to poaching, draining wetland, diverting rivers,dumping in the sea and cutting down forests.
18th October 2010

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18th October 2010

I enjoyed your blog, especially like the photo of the sign at Yala, made me chuckle. We are thinking of Sri Lanka for a 2 week winter backpacking break, we are looking for some culture, food and some relaxation at the beach. I would appreciate if you could give me some reccomendations, do's and donts. Thanks Vik
16th October 2010

beautiful photos
hello just found your blog by chance while looking for photos of the motor boat on the nile... were you at the Osiris hotel in cairo? (i think i recognise the photos taken from the rooftop, i am the manager of the osiris!) anyway the photos are gorgeous; i am glad you had a good time in cairo nadine
From Blog: Chill'n in Dahab
10th October 2010
Curry platter

how was the taste?
8th October 2010

green with envy
cant even tell you how jealous i am. sounds amazing guys! eat some curry for me please. and next time i am definitely coming with you.
8th October 2010

Sounds so amazing! What great planning Chris! Have a wonderful honeymoon!
8th October 2010

Que Bonita!
Thanks for sharing! Your trip sounds amazing and the pictures are great. Take care of your sweet wife. She looks so beautiful! Congratulations to you both!!
8th October 2010

Wow, what an incredible time you are having. It sounds amazing, enjoy every minute. Love Mom and Dad
6th October 2010

The photos for this blog are really great.
6th October 2010
Me and some school girls

it was really nice and fantastic picture
4th September 2010
Rasta Man

nice one
waaa nice dread rocks man big up
29th August 2010
Rasta Man

Big up
I lyk dos dread.how long are they
3rd August 2010

hi these pics rule!
30th July 2010

Hello Chris- You have such a great sense of humor. Too funny. Great writing! I have been cracking up the entire time reading your blog. I am from T'dad but living in Dallas,Tx. You have brought back so many memories with your description. As you can see the island men appreciates good looking women. Love the Heading- "A roti and 4 doubles please". Two thumbs up for you.
22nd June 2010

Hotel in Rincon
Can you tell me the name of the hotel you guys stayed in Rincon? As I wrote to your wife on her blog, I was born and raised in PR but then moved to USA for 24 years I moved back 4 years ago and I'm kind off doing the tourist thing. The hubby and I are planning a weekend away from Aguadilla (That's where we live), and he mentioned Rincon the other day. Thanks. I really enjoyed both of your blogs!
29th May 2010

Great trip!
Hi Chris, Thank you so much for your such a great information. All the pictures are superb and just amazing. I realy enjoy the article as well. Ram Kumar www.tibetnomad.com / www.missionecotrek.com

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