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Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada October 30th 2015

Grenada very similar to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and Hawaii. A small island located down in like around maybe 200 nautical away from Venezuela. Grenada is such a special island because it has wonderful waterfalls that I discovered. I went to Costa Rica and it looked very similar to the one in Grenada. Grenada and Costa Rica both have some similarities. Costa Rica is more of a home to rainforests versus Grenada green rainforests but has some colonial architecture. url= read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada December 10th 2014

We had decided to take the overnight bus to Gatwick as we had to be there 4hrs before the flight ie 5.45am and it didn’t seem worth getting a hotel for half a nights sleep! Arrived at Gatwick at the unearthly hour of 4.10am and after checking our bags in, were rewarded with window seats on Thomson’s new Dreamliner plane! It was about an hour late leaving as it needed de-icing but we made up time on the way and arrived in Barbados (8 1/4hrs flight) at 2.00pm. Barbados is 4hrs ahead of UK! Off the plane, onto coaches to the Port, a very easy check-in and onto the ship, Ventura (P & O Cruises!) Went to our cabin (B311) but as our cases hadn’t caught up with us yet decided to have a little wander ... read more
Grand Anse
Nutmeg Factory

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada March 9th 2014

9thMarch 1600 Depart Tobago and did an overnight sail, arrived Grenada 0830 on 10th. Anchored in Prickly Bay and need to do some work on our watermaker ( is leaking) and anchor winch (the spacer tube is broken in half and needs replacing.) Fixed watermaker by replacing o-rings and local guy welded our spacer tube back together until a spare part can be flown from NZ. Boomerang also in Prickly bay so had dinner and sundowners with them. Nice to be spending some time on boat – fixing, working and relaxing!! 13th March Moved to St Georges to the marina. Looking forward to hot showers, doing some laundry, being flat on the water, and being able to step off the boat without a wet and sandy Zodi ride. Boy was I disappointed!! Showers looked amazing. Had ... read more
St George
Massive boats

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada February 28th 2014

Grenada is a bigger island, a full 21 miles long. Our ferry docks on time, a first on the trip, but there is no sign of our hire car. A quick phone call and we discover we have been forgotten. Half an hour later the boss turns up to lend us his wife's car for the night - he'll sort out our jeep in the morning. Our house is very comfortable, set in a lush garden on a hillside. Dining and lazing on its large and shady verandah have become favourite pastimes. We have a good kitchen, so are back into cooking. This week's discoveries include pigeon peas - peas that grow on a tree - and sapodilla - a fruit that looks like a very fat kiwi and tastes very sweet. Grenada's tourism, we discover, ... read more
Volcanic beach
View of the hills

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada November 23rd 2009

Avant de quitter « le paradis », la Grenade, il nous faut faire un dernier tour et voir encore trois des «activités typiques » de l’île : une rhumerie, un « oil down » (variante locale d’une épluchette de blé d’inde) et les Seven Sisters (les 7 chutes). Le rhum est une tradition dans les îles antillaises (en fin de compte, ici, la rhumerie c’est comme chez nous la cabane à sucre!); sur Grenade, il y a plusieurs fabriques de rhum mais une seule a gardé le mode d’opération traditionnel, c’est la rhumerie Rivers. Quand on dit traditionnel, on veut dire comme dans le bon vieux temps! Pour la cabane à sucre on utilisait des chaudières et un cheval pour la récolte de l’eau d’érable; ici, la canne à sucre est récolté à la main et ... read more
Ça ne date pas d’hier…
Les « fagots » de cannes à sucre faits par les cueilleurs
Les fagots sont déposés sur le convoyeur

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada October 11th 2009

Splash! The Rum Runner is back in the water. And looking better than ever! We have new bottom paint, the hull has been waxed, the plumbing re-done, and we completed just about everything on our to-do list (not the entire list, but good enough). We got new cockpit cushions (our old ones were stained and falling apart) and even a new grill (which was necessary after 4 years of heavy use- we grill every chance we get). So we are decked out and ready for another cruising season. Best of all, we installed new underwater lights and they are awesome! They are so much brighter than the last ones and attract thousands of fish. It is like having our own aquarium at night- love it! The first night we turned them on we had a 4 ... read more
Lobster Dinner
Underwater Lights

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada September 5th 2009

One weekend we got invited to go to an Oil Down, which is a traditional neighborhood party here in Grenada. Oil Down is the national dish of Grenada and is a hearty meal of meat and provisions stewed in coconut milk over an open fire. It is called oil down because the coconut milk simmers down and releases its rich flavored oil into the pot. Yum! It is Caribbean comfort food at its best. Traditionally it is the men who cook the oil down, but this time we all pitched in and helped. It is quite a production to make, with lots of peeling and chopping and grating, truly an all day event. So we gathered everyone together in the afternoon, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. The first layer of the oil down ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada February 25th 2009

OIL DOWN The national dish of Grenada It was a great afternoon with about 20 cruisers and 20 locals. The recipe kind of says it all! Take a swig of rum, preferably Rivers. Grate fresh coconut and saffron. (about an hour with 8 people) Peel breadfruit, ripe green bananas & pumpkin. (get locals to help with this). Go to nearest callaloo bush & pick 1/2 dozen leaves. Take another swig Rivers rum. 8-9 garlic cloves, 1 very, very small onion. Green papaya, 2 carrots. string beans, ketchup, 1 Tbsp. "Complete Seasoning" Slaughter pig, cut off snout & tail, discard rest. (Definitely need a hefty gulp of rum at this point) Marinate in "Green Sauce" along with some old chicken. Get yourself a massive black cauldron & start up fire, making sure that lady from up the ... read more
Coconut cracking

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada February 23rd 2009

Peacefully bobbing at anchor at Hog Island, Grenada, we have just finished dinner of bbq’d pork chops and are now enjoying the serenity. Tree frogs are a constant hum. The temperature is still in the low 80’s; (I have given up trying to translate to Celsius) but the heat is over for the day. It sure is nice to have Ace here; she arrived two days ago after having given me ten days to launch the boat and put it in some semblance of order. Today was the first day in two weeks where the rhythm of the Caribbean seems to have returned... slow and easy. The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur. My brother Bill and I met in Toronto, flew down together and were to provide each other with some ... read more
Bottom prep
Inga & Hal

Central America Caribbean » Grenada » Grenada November 8th 2008

November first is the official end of hurricane season, so it was time to leave Trinidad and start our trek north. We are very excite to start another cruising season in the Caribbean, not only because our first stop is Grenada and the Grenadines (which are amazing) but also because we have so many islands to explore this year. Unlike last year where we had to travel over 2,500 miles and therefore skip many countries along the way, this year we are already here in the Caribbean and can take our time to explore all the islands. And our first stop north is Grenada- yohoo! We left Crews Inn Marina at o'dark thirty, just as the first rays of sunshine lit the sky. We were traveling with a flotilla of other boats and many of our ... read more
Fish Fry

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