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October 11th 2009
Published: October 24th 2009
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1: Sting Rays At Night 10 secs
Rum RunnerRum RunnerRum Runner

Looking better than ever!
Splash! The Rum Runner is back in the water. And looking better than ever! We have new bottom paint, the hull has been waxed, the plumbing re-done, and we completed just about everything on our to-do list (not the entire list, but good enough). We got new cockpit cushions (our old ones were stained and falling apart) and even a new grill (which was necessary after 4 years of heavy use- we grill every chance we get). So we are decked out and ready for another cruising season.

Best of all, we installed new underwater lights and they are awesome! They are so much brighter than the last ones and attract thousands of fish. It is like having our own aquarium at night- love it! The first night we turned them on we had a 4 foot long nurse shark circling around the boat for hours- so cool! But our favorite was all the sting rays and eagle rays in the Tobago Cays, which graceful fly thru the water at night. We stayed up late at night, drinking our wine, and watching the sealife. It provided hours of entertainment. Be sure to check out the video.

It is so

Sure is good to be back out on the water.
good to be back in the water and travelling around again. Hurricane season is just ending so you know what that means... time to set sail. We spent a couple of days in Grenada saying good-bye to all of our friends there before we left. And then we were off to the Grenadines, one of the most beautiful places on earth! We plan on cruising around here for the next month before heading north.

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Lobster DinnerLobster Dinner
Lobster Dinner

Enjoying a farewell dinner with friends at the Little Dippper Restaurant in Grenada.
Underwater LightsUnderwater Lights
Underwater Lights

Check out the new underwater lights- they are awesome!!!

Love the new underwater lights.

24th October 2009

Your new underwater lights are awesome! I really can see you spending hours, like you mentioned, watching the underwater life at night! love... mom :)
24th October 2009

Whaoooo! nice stern!
Cool light, Ary what the same one on is boat. Still having fun I see Grosse bises J-M
26th October 2009

New Name
Nice movie You might need to change your name to "Light Runner"
26th October 2009

what a way to go
Hi, I am dreaming of sailing on the high seas with you.Those memories will be with you forever.There is such peace and tranquility in the middle of the seas.Enjoy that life while you have it now.Happy sailing in the sun.
31st October 2009

Awesome lights
WOW...Your truly have a YACHT.... How's the fishing? Just joking. We sure miss you two and very happy that you are on the move again. Lynn and Randy

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