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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 30th 2019

Day 9 Cuba 2019. 30 miles. What another glorious day. Our luck is changing. The last two days had 50% cloud and warm breeze. Today it started off with a clear sky and 28 degrees again. We cycled to the location of an old sugar cane processing plant and went up the tall tower built by the plantation owner in 1815 which gave great views of the surrounding countryside. Because it is visited by many tourists the road up to it was full of people selling their wares. Bananas, reversible black and white dolls and white cotton tableware forever, flapping furiously in the wind. As usual we were pestered to buy at every step. I thought we were in Marrakesh. This area was the second largest sugar cane production area in Cuba and several large houses ... read more
View from cafe in Trinidad .
Textile sale

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 29th 2019

Cuba Day 8. Monday 28 Jan 61km. 570m ascent 29 degrees cycled today. An early start at 8.15 after deciding on plan D. The cause of much plan changing was the likely bad weather conditions following a tornado yesterday in Havana which left 3 dead and 176 injured. We eventually decided not to travel up the hills to Trinidad but to cycle around it. This was a very good choice of route since the wind was quite strong but on our tail on the undulating road. Whilst the day started with damp roads, and the necessary puddles, the cloud cleared somewhat and the sun shone on our backs as we headed south west. The road was the best so far with few potholes and fairly light traffic and we sailed along nicely until midday and Liz ... read more
Ali puncture repairs .
Centre Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara January 28th 2019

Cuba Day 7. Sunday 27 Jan 19 Feeling much better today, thankfully, ready for the long coach journey to Santa Clara in the centre of Cuba. Old American cars, pre 1965 and most 1950’s make up towards 50% of cars on the road here and at our pickup point there was an iconic 57 Chevrolet which had been fitted with a Mercedes Diesel engine. We met other Chevvies during the day, one of which was an immaculate blue 52 model and we also saw an good looking 1950’s Austin A40 of British origin. We climbed up out of damp Vinales into the clouds where every window was steaming up with the humidity until we dropped into the valley onto the three lane dual carriageway of the A4 where the sun shone. This was Sunday and there ... read more
Chevrolet 57
Horse and cart with indicators
Local bus

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro September 26th 2018

New Mexico: img= 20:52 Vietnam Veterans Memorial 9 1 2018 8 views3 weeks ago img= 1:57:37 url=ht... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro August 14th 2018

CRUISE to CUBA August 9-13, 2018 on the Carnival Paradise ------A destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list is the unique, culturally rich country of Cuba. Many people believe that it is illegal to travel in Cuba or that it is dangerous, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The U.S. currently has an embargo of trade with Cuba dating back to the overthrow of the dictator Bautista by Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries in 1959, (as well as Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union), but travel is allowed with certain restrictions that vary with whoever the U.S. President is. President Obama had relaxed restrictions, and three million tourists were lucky enough to sample this vibrant, lively culture during his tenure. Under President Trump, however, most travel restrictions were re-instated for ... read more
Havana and the Malecon
Welcome to Havana
Touring in Classic Cars

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey July 11th 2018

Camaguey Wed-Thurs 11 & 12 July Day 6 & 7 After a rough night we started our drive towards Camaguey. The vehicle that they sent us was a station wagon with 2 fold down seats at the back making it a 7-seater. All the bags had to go on the roof rack. After some discussion we decided to accept the vehicle but under duress. Our first stop was only 30 minutes out of Trinidad, stopping at a large old sugar homestead in Sugarcane Valley. This was where the slaves were bought from different African countries to work the sugar cane fields. The men wore heavy balls and chains while they worked. There was a very tall tower built so that the whole property could we watched and guarded from above. Slavery was only banned 20 years ... read more
Ballet Acadamy of Camaguey (5)
Bronze statues in Plaza de Carmen Camaguey (2)
Ballet Acadamy of Camaguey (11)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad July 9th 2018

Sun-Mon-Tues 8, 9 & 10 July Day 3-5: Trinidad We had 2 ½ days to enjoy this beautiful colonial UNESCO city of Trinidad which is home to numerous churches and many colonial buildings. Nearby are the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of Sugarmills) which we visited on the way out of Trinidad and Playa Ancón, where we enjoyed long stretches of white sand beaches. Nowadays, Trinidad's main industry is tobacco processing. The older parts of town are well preserved, as the Cuban tourism industry sees benefit from tour groups. In contrast, some parts of town outside the tourist areas are very run down and in disrepair, especially in the centre. Tourism from Western nations is major source of income in the city. The Plaza Mayor of Trinidad is a plaza and an open-air museum of Spanish ... read more
Ancun Beach 14 kms from Trinidad
Ancun Beach 14 kms from Trinidad

Saturday 7 July Day 2: Cienfuegos via Santa Clara The next morning, we met David and after breakfast we took our bags to a taxi van which we to be our transport to Cienfuegos and Trinidad. This was where we would change drivers and vehicles. As we were only a group of 4, they didn’t need a large bus. We drove about 3 hours on the excellent National Highway 1 to Santa Clara. Upon entering Santa Clara, we encounter a huge statue of Ernesto Ché Guevara. We then took some time to visit the museum that is directly under the statue, and which told the story of Ché’s fascinating life. We could not take our cameras in the museum. There is also a mausoleum with an eternal flame that commemorates his death and that of ... read more
Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial (2)
Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial (8)
Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial (4)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad April 13th 2018

Sorry to overload you with two stories in quick succession but Cuba turned out to be an internet black hole. No contact with the outside world for 12 days! I haven’t lived like this since 1997. So, I have written two entries and published back to back. If you like Italian food but don’t like going to Italy, then Cuba is for you. Every restaurant here does pizza and pasta and some will serve a proper meal for $1.50. The currency used by tourists in Cuba is CUC, Convertible Cuban Pesos. CUC are equal to USD so it is easy to work out what everything costs in your usual currency. Back to the Cuban gastronomy though. You don’t have to eat Italian every night. The local cuisine can be interesting too. Some good meals have been ... read more
It just had to be done!
Horse and cart ride in Cienfuegos
First Solo Dodgem Car Ride!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara October 15th 2017

Today was another long travel day. We bade farewell to Trinidad early in the morning. I felt sad to leave this vibrant, colorful town as I would have liked to explore it in more depth. Today was the final day of our tour, and we were to drive back to Havana, with two stops en route - The Valley of the Sugar Mills and Che Guevara's memorial in Santa Clara. The Valley of the Sugar Mills is located just outside Trinidad. There, we visited Manaca Iznaga plantation. The former plantation owner's house was relatively intact, as was a tower on the premises, and some former slave quarters (now used as residences). This tower was used to view the operations of the plantation, which was staffed by slaves. I thought of the tower as an evil panopticon ... read more
Manaca Iznaga
Che Guevara Memorial
Che Guevara Memorial

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