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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 13th 2011

Next morning we had to get up super early to have breakfast as our bus left at 7am. We left as the sun was risng. The bus to trinidad took all day, we arrived at about 4 (the timetable says arrival at 2, but we were late). We stopped at a few places on the way for food and bathrooms. The casa in Viñales had organised a casa in Trinidad for us and they were waiting for us with a sign once more. I went with the bags and the hostess on a bicitaxi to the casa while the boys walked. It was a bumpy ride as most of the streets are cobble stone. The room was up on the second floor with a kind of balcony that was the roof of the floor below. The ... read more
Museum in Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 24th 2011

Cuba surprises, on occasions frustrates, and sometimes just completely takes your breath away. After Vinales, we spent a week in the beautiful colonial city of Trinidad located on Cuba’s southern Caribbean coast. It is stunning – cobblestone streets, both restored and crumbling stone houses, and of course a beautiful stretch of Caribbean beach. It was once a wealthy Spanish town built on slavery and the sugar industry. It also has the apparently normal history for towns of this region of being plundered repeatedly by English pirates; some like Francis Drake were later ‘rewarded’ by the English with knighthoods. We managed to rent a whole house to ourselves – mainly to have some personal space which is not really something you have when staying in a normal casa particular (you are in the middle of a Cuban ... read more
Beach Soccer Trinidad
Grooving in Santa Clara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 23rd 2011

People we have talked to tend not to rave about Cuba. Interesting and nice sums it up. Some of those who take tours seem not to get out and and about too much and there is sometimes a feeling that there are barriers between foreigners and tourists. After a week here we can understand the reactions we have seen and heard. Luckily for us though we are coming to a different conclusion. Not sure what it will be but, at this stage, it is all about difference. Cuba has had a communist government since the early '60s. Apart from the horns and tails, communists tend to have countries that are dull, grey and pretty boring with people scared to say anything that the government doesn't like. Right? Nothing will work and people won't really like having ... read more
Art Work On the School
University of Havanna

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey January 15th 2011

I assume many reading this will have some idea about Cuba and its system. Obviously, it's a Communist system, one of the few left. The economy, or at least the official one, is state run, and this creates an interesting set of circumstances, ones that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else these days. I don't propose here to go into the pros and cons of such a system – this is supposed to be a travel blog, not an economics lesson after all, and having just finished my economics degree I've had just about enough of them for the time being (yeah, you heard – I actually finished something!) There are, however, some interesting quirks of the Cuban version of communism. Thus we heard the stories of people getting married in order to transfer property ... read more
Cienfuegos Malecon
Cienfuegos Mall
Soviet era Landcruiser Copy, Cienfuegos

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara January 5th 2011

And so to Cancún. The most visited city in Mexico by some accounts. Big, brash and eminently forgettable. Admittedly, we didn't do much there but prepare for our trip to Cuba. And being the opening act with Havana to follow was always going to be a tough ask. The bus from Palenque pulled in at the bus station and we walked the 1km or so from the bus station to the Hotel Soberanis. It was much as a hotel in any resort city would be – painted white. They're always painted white. Fearing that Cancún would be busy around New Year's Eve we had booked rooms quite some time before, so walked in with a confident “Buenas tardes”. It mattered not – there was no record of the booking and no record of the deposit paid. ... read more
The best way to see Cancún
View of Vedado, Havana, from our Room
Callejon of random crap, Havana

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad June 18th 2010

Hello again beste lezer, ondertussen zitten we in Trinidad! Dit is een prachtige koloniale stat die in veel betere staat verkeert dan Havana. Mooie huizen met hoge plafonds en prachtige inrichting; luchters, 18de eeuwse zitbanken, pianos, ... echt heel mooi! Nu we dit gezien hebben, beslissen we om ook hier 2 nachten te blijven en pas morgen ochtend door te reizen naar Camaguey. Alweer een heel gezellige casa met rustige patio om wat te relaxen en bijzonder vriendelijke oudere uitbaters! s Avonds trekken we er nog even op uit en genieten bovenaan de trappen naast de kerk van een Cubaans optreden. Salsa dansen kunnen ze echt wel bijzonder goed, al goed dat wij kunnen toekijken vanop onze stoel. we keren terug, Anouk ontspant wat op de patio en ik zet me naast de oude man om ... read more
vanop het dorpsplein
de kerk van dichtbij
lizard showing off

I arrived in Cuba to a group of about 20 guards, standing fully armed all around the exit of the aircraft. I immediately felt like a POW and was sure not to make eye contact with any of them – just in case they thought I looked suspicious! The guards lead us into the airport terminal and directed us to the booths ahead (customs and immigration). There another guard would question every individual as to reasons for entering Cuba, prior visits, etc. The word “interrogation” came to mind on more than one occasion. Once outside of the terminal our large group was told to exchange our money at the money bureau and we were guided (amid more guards) to shu... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 23rd 2010

Question: Where in the world can you visit a beautiful early 19th Century Italian styled theatre, recently restored by UNECSO, where you expect to buy paraphernalia about the building in its lobby and find only books on revolution, posters about revolution, pictures about revolution, postcards showing revolutionary figures and revolutionary music. Not a theatre program in sight ! Answer: Only in Cuba ! Flying to Cuba from The USA was a long convoluted process, not being able to fly direct of course. Amy and I parted for the first time since we met up in Borneo and it felt odd to say bye bye, if only for a short while. We both flew into Mexico City airport, 2 hours apart. I flew in first and waited for her at her arrival gate. Having met up, we ... read more
1950's motor
Cuba libra and mojitos - fantastic!
Son, son of son and sons dad.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 6th 2010

Videos se trouvent sur un lien au milieu de photos. For videos use the link below with the next photos. Le bus qui faisait Santiago Bayamo continuait jusqu’a Trinidad, petite ville touristique ou l’on devait se rendre. Un bicitaxi nous avait amene nos gros sacs a dos que l’on avait laisses a Rebecca, notre hote a Bayamo. Quelle organisation ! On arrive a Trinidad vers 6h30 du matin sans adresse particuliere. Plusieurs cubains qui avaient une casa particular attendaient le bus. Alors on a pris une casa a cote de la place centrale et l’accueil etait super. Trinidad etait tres jolie. Meme si c’etait une des villes les plus touristiques, cela restait tres agreable. On a loue des velos le 1er jour pour se rendre sur la cote a quelques kilometres de trinidad. Mais a la ... read more
Blue Blue Blue
Quelle plage
Sur le catamaran

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 5th 2010

Photos by Berm; Text by Alison After spending a few days back in Havana, our plan was to head eastward along the island. The weather in Havana was much cooler than we had expected and we had heard from other travellers that it was warmer farther east along the island. That was all the encouragement that we needed to make our plans. We decided to head east in greater style than by the tourist buses (which are actually quite luxurious by Cuban standards) and so we splurged on one week of car rental. Our budget didn't allow for too much luxury though, so we selected the most economical car - one that was about the size of a tin can with wheels. I had a good laugh everytime Berm climbed into the driver's seat. He ... read more
A very informative road sign
So many to choose from...
Making the most of the patio at Playa Larga

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