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This would be our second day at altitude (about 3000m) and slightly cooler temperatures. Such a relief! We enjoyed the lovely breakfast buffet orchestrated by a very French head chef. He pleased the crowd of mostly seniors and very serious bird watchers. We had come to the right place?! With our tiny bit of advice we started onto the trails in search of a brightly coloured Quetzal, the star of the area. Sadly we never did spot one but Scott and Alexa managed a pretty long hike in the forest. Aside from arguing over the best sticks and who had the next turn to hold them, the hike was great! Many things were spotted like yellow birds and blue birds and black birds with orange beaks. There were lots of fruit trees, clouds and views from ... read more

We were sad but ready to leave Charlie’s - I mean sure we were all burnt and covered in bumps but we were becoming pretty attached to that pool. The kids’ swimming really making progress and a lot of delight when the cows would arrive in the next door pasture. So we all piled into “Sammy the carolla” and we started off for the mountains. The first part of the drive was pretty straightforward windy, twisty roads full of aggressive passers. But then we turned off on our road to Sagevre River and things started to feel a little hairy. Steep inclines. Uneven roads and nary a few inches of passing room. But beautiful country, too. After about an eternity and 8 kilometres we arrived! Our Airbnb was part of a larger hotel / spa. They ... read more

R: After Dominical, we took a bus to San Isidro de General, apparently the new upcoming city of Costa Rica. There isn't much to see here, so we ran from bus station to bus station, in hope of making our 20 minute connection to a bus to San Jose. Success! Our next bus was a bit more complicated as we were to get off in the middle of nowhere to visit an Eco lodge. Thankfully it was well signed and there were no dramas. After an 800m walk down a muddy track, we found the place, and it is stunning. C: The lodge is built on the edge of the mountain and is made up of lots of individual wooden cabins. Ours had a great view down the mountain and was surrounded by bird-filled trees. It ... read more
More hummingbirds

Reservations were made in December for the Feb 6th hike up Mt. Chirripo. Hiking alongside Bill would be our friends Edgar, Solange and Terry. It was decided Callista & I would drive down with the gang and wait at the hotel for them to return from the two day hike. With Terry and Bill speaking limited Spanish and Edgar and Solange limited English, Callista and I were needed to interpret. Bear, well he goes where ever Callista and I go, besides we’d seen a couple of the hotel possibilities before and felt more comfortable having Bear in case we needed protecting. Everyone arrived at our house early Monday morning to load up. We piled into our car Tico style, five adults, a child and a dog. Anything not breathing was tied on top of the car ... read more
Checking in at the Ranger Station
Heading out
Terry and Bill still smiling

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