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We left the Nicoya Peninsula and headed south towards the Osa Peninsula. We found a lovely Airbnb to stay at in the ocean side town of Golfito. Samara to Golfito was a 7.5 hour drive according to google maps. Google is not always correct - the road conditions often add a lot of time to these drives. We decided to break up the drive by staying for one night in a town called Quepos just outside of the popular surf town of Jaco. Jaco is a very large, busy with heavy tourist traffic. With it being so accessible from San Jose it has a lot of Tico (the term for local Costa Rican) visitors too. We decided Jaco wasn’t for us. We were looking for quiet secluded locations, not party destinations. Apparently we’re getting old. It ... read more
Crocodile bridge
Puddlefish brew taps - Jaco
Puddlefish brew tour

===English version below=== Boquete was slechts een korte tussenstop op weg naar Costa Rica waar ons een huisoppas van 8 weken wacht. Het is precies 5 jaar geleden dat we in Costa Rica waren en voor het eerst kennis maakten met wat Latijns Amerika te bieden heeft. De gedachte dat we binnen een paar uur opnieuw in Costa Rica zullen zijn doet ons wel iets. Eerst wacht ons nog een busrit van een paar uur en de grensovergang. Het loopt verrassend vlot, slechts even aanschuiven, wat papiertjes invullen en zonder veel verdere vragen krijgen we een stempel in ons paspoort. Bienvenidos! Daarna hebben we minder geluk want we moeten bijna 2 uur wachten op de bus richting Golfito. Het wordt spannend om onze bestemming nog te halen voor zonsondergang. Vanuit Golfito moeten we nog een korte ... read more
Overtocht - crossing

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Golfito February 27th 2013

Dearest Friends and Family, It has been almost two years since my last post -- that is pretty damn crazy! I have absolutely had some noteworthy adventures but until now, didn't "feel" like writing them down. This blogging, if you can even call it that, is so that I don't forget the amazing sights, adventures, and fun/interesting facts of our trip. I hope that you enjoy the blog and will go and visit Costa Rica. Background of the trip: Almost three years ago, I was exhibiting at the LOHAS conference in Boulder, where we were showing off our fine glassware in an expo sort of setting. Something different about this conference was, one their was an expo to show off products and two raffle prizes for those who actually attended the expo portion. (ie. people from ... read more
We made it in the air

Tomorrow is our last day in Costa Rica and we will be travelling by bus to Playa Venao in southern Panama for the WJSC World Junior Surf Champs from April 14th to 22nd . Melodie has been surfing really good lefties here in Pavones and tomorrow we will go by boat to the other side to Mato Palo to try out some righties. Also you will see some fotos of the group of boys and girls from the german team at the beach with me doing some yoga J Mañana es nuestro último día en Costa Rica y que va a viajar en autobús a Playa Venao, en el sur de Panamá para el Mundial Junior de Surf WJSC Campos de 14 hasta 22 abril. Melodie ha estado navegando los zurdos muy buenos aquí enPavones y ... read more
pavones village
tree pose

Hey ya´ll, first off I hope all is well with everyone back in AZ and abroad and that that searing heat hasnt got too you too much. On Tuesday while working I was stung by caterpillar. My hand became instantly numb and within a few minutes I began to feel an aching pain in my armpit, as if the poison was being absorbed directly into the lymph node. I thought the pain was going to spread to the rest of my body so I had to retreat to the farm house and get an opinion from Roberto, the finca owner and one of the most respected farmers in the region. Did the pain really really sting? Yes. Do you have localized pain in your armpit. Yes. Is your arm becoming more numb and difficult to move ... read more

Buenos Dias from Copa Buena, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. I have been here about four days now and this place is nothing short of astonishing. My accommodations have gone above and beyond what I expected, especially the food, which is incredible and in great supply. I’m finding it difficult to keep up with regiment of meals here, most of which are complemented with rice and beans, or some variation thereof (gallo pinto, a dish of rice and beans fried in pork fat, from what I gather, is the official dish of Costa Rica). Daily indulgences include papaya, mango, fried plantain, chorizo, papas, queso fresco, and avocados the size of a small watermelon. The people here so far have been true to their reputation with everyone being very cordial, welcoming, and somewhat honest to a fault. The topography ... read more
Julieta y William
looking north from ISTS

(first entered on 3/2/11-details to be added) Many days of long bus rides with amazing scenery, taxis, ferries, but worth it for the beautiful beaches, toucans, macaws, frogs, monkeys, wonderful hotels and local guides. More details and photos to be added. ... read more

When we got to Playai Del coco we had to do some paperwork the same stuff as last time but this time it was entering a country. The paperwork was much easier this time because we only had to take a bus to the place and there was no lines or anything. There wasn't a dingy dock so sometimes we anchored the dingy and swam in and other times we pulled the dingy out of the water and locked it to a tree. When we put the dingy back in the water a lot of times we got nailed by waves. Next we checked out the area. There was not much to do there so we moved on to a really calm and beautiful anchorage with really nice people called Playa de Panama. We were able ... read more

The thrills of traveling always seems to uplift us when we allow it to do so and with every adventure regardless if it was exciting, enlightening, or perhaps exhausting; we must all value the lessons and memories we gain whilst visiting far off lands of the unknown to take back what we now know. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica for the first time in my journeys by invitation of a long time friend. I’ve often heard from many people how beautiful Costa Rica is and how seemingly amicable the people are known to be through their hospitality. I told myself I would eventually visit the country when the timing was right and fortunately enough, this time it was. I went to visit a friend of mine, Chris, whom I have known ... read more
San Jose Marriott
Sansa Regional

Finally, I put the photo card in and now the computer can read it! It is so strange that I cannot figure out why it works sometimes and other times not. So here are some of my favorite pictures as I leave the Yoga Farm and Punto Banco.... read more
Outside my dormotory

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