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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Siquirres December 13th 2013

Geo: 10.0851, -83.4904So how many times do you have to hop on a tractor in order to catch a raft in order to whitewater rapid your way to your hotel? After yet another GPS misadventure we found ourselves beside the Pacure River strapping on those o-so-flattering yellow helmets (not sure they would absorb any punishment but would probably make it easier to find the body), and life jackets that seemed a touch beyond their best-buy date. The Rio Pacure has been ranked by National Geographic as one of the top 10 river journeys in the world, and the rapids are consistently ranked as the 4th or 5th best in the world. Given that a proposal to dam the river for hydroelectric power was narrowly defeated in 2005, we thought we better blow up our boat and ... read more
Going Over
Deb P Fires Right Out Of Raft
Forgot The Raft

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Siquirres February 15th 2012

Saturday 28th Jan - San Jose to Turrialba After a fantastic 2 hour bus ride twisting through the surrounding countryside and mountains, we were in Turrialba, a haven for white water enthusiasts but otherwise a fairly nondescript town. 10 minutes after arriving at our hostel, the InterAmericano, and we were signed up for a day trip tomorrow with Tico tours to the Pacuare River, rather tentatively and anxiously in Stacie's case! A slight change of tact today and we opted for the very lovely and traditional Casada food of Anna's around the corner from our hostel. Sunday 29th Jan - Turrialba An early wake up call at 7am and we're off to boat it down the nearby River Pacuare, one of the top 10 rivers in the world as voted by National Geographic magazine, with everyones ... read more
Big Waves
Pura Vida
Tico's Tours with Fabio

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Siquirres September 24th 2011

Yesterday I embarked on my first river rafting adventure! Our group left Heredia at 6:00am for the Pacuare River in Limon, on the Caribbean side of the Country. On our way we stopped and had breakfast in this beautiful restaurant overlooking a canyon. The view was one of the best I've seen here yet. After a traditional breakfast of gallo pinto, fruit, and coffee, we headed down a very rocky, windy road toward the Pacuare River. Once we made it there our group divided into two rafts of five. My group included Rachel, Gina, Nneka, and Helen, and our awesome tour guide Luis. We named our team "Guapas con Luis," and of the rafts, ours was definitely the loudest when it came to screaming in the rapids. So far, river rafting is the coolest thing I've ... read more
Street vending
Colorful truckload

We thought we would make it o Siquirres in time for the 12:30 pm bus and we nearly did but it seems that the bus to Cano Blanco left at 12 noon and so we had a delay in getting to Cano Blanco. In incredible heat we ate a casado in Siquirres and sat at the bus station for nearly 3 hours. There was lots to see if you are into people watching and we had stuff to read. This would have been okay if not for the extreme heat. We could see clouds welling up but never got rain. When we finally boarded our bus and the bus started moving we got some relief from the breeze. We went thtough many small villages and lots of banana plantations. I noticed a Del Monte plant not ... read more
Rio Parismina
Family House

From La Fortuna we bussed it back to San Jose and went to bed early in preparation for the next day: whitewater rafting along the Pacuare River (meant to be amongst the top 5 whitewater rafting rivers in the world). I was personally a bit apprehensive (this was all James's idea!), but it ended up being a thrill of a life time, and now we want to do it again! The river was in the middle of nowhere - a dense jungle full of bird life and in the midst, this soaring river. We started off with class 1 (basic ripples), but by the end were paddling hard against violent class 4 rapids. It was exhilirating. James and I each took the helm and behind us were some Dutch guys and in the back our guide, ... read more
Stopping for lunch

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Siquirres February 11th 2006

The last few days have been a blend of way too much excitement cut with a dash of absolute boredom...quite a volatile cocktail. Two days ago, I went on the Florida section of the Rio Reventazon with a small group of clients, only 3 rafts with 17 customers. I figured that it would be a pretty normal day, the section is a fun, scenic class III stretch with some good action in the first rapid, Welcome, and then some huge holes downstream in upper and lower Bamboo. The ride to the river was awesome. Daniel and I, my buddy from Canada that I live with, loaded up the rafts and kayaks and threw them in the back of a retrofitted dump truck, then climbed to the top and rode on the rafts for the bumpy, 5 ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Siquirres February 7th 2006

Just got back into Siquirres a little bit ago, after a HORRIBLE day on the bus. The last two days, I have been in La Fortuna, showing my uncle and his buddy around and enjoying the town. We went up to the volcano on Saturday night and had the incredible luck to see a good bit of lava flowing! Definitely the first time I have seen that, we parked on the side of a dirt road and watched the pyroclastic debris tumble down the mountain toward us, it was awesome. On Sunday, we went up to the waterfalls at Catarata, then took a hike up the volcano up onto the old flows. We went back into town that night and watched the super bowl at a tiny little local bar that I don't remember the name ... read more

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