Relaxation... what's that?!

Published: April 8th 2011
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Hello again!! Another relaxsing day here at Banana Azul. I felt kinda sick over the past couple of days but am much better now! Today consisted of lots of swimming and chilling out. We woke up and had breakfast and headed down to the water for some swimming in the Caribbean. The water is so warm it's a welcome change from San Diego! Ian built a sand castle while I waded in a bit and we had tons of fun. We came back to the hotel *like a 30 second walk, lol* for some Pina Coladas next to the pool. Even while overcast *and sometimes raining* its still nice and warm here so we have been dipping in the pool every day. We read, drank, and relaxed all day until we decided to take naps... I am seriously loving this whole napping in a hammock thing. We are getting ready to go into town *Puerto Viejo* for some dinner at a little restaurant everyone raves about and maybe some shopping for me. Tomorrow we are off to the animal rescue center to pet and cuddle some monkeys and sloths!! See ya soon!


9th April 2011

Glad your having fun and relaxing.
Have a Pina Colada for me.

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