Sloths, Monkeys, and Poison Dart Frogs oh my!!

Published: April 10th 2011
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Helloooo!! This entry will likely be short due to the difficult computer paired with the 3 or so glasses of an amazing Malbec wine.

Last night we went into Puerto Viejo for the first time... grabbed a few souveniers *the obligatory pin and some playing cards since Ian left ours in his boardshorts while we swam yesterday...whoops!* The town is really laid back and very Rastafarian...lots of the Caribbean vibe. We went to a well raved about restaurant, Loco Natural, and it was AMAZING. Lots of Indian inspired curries paired with amazing Costa Rican food. YUM!

Today we went on a tour with another honeymooning couple *they got married on April 2* and a family of four from Boston. We started at the Animal Rescue Center where we got to see sloths and play with monkeys... yay! Then we went to a BriBri woman *local tribe*'s house where we tasted fresh cacao and chocolate and learned the process. Lastly we went on a treck through the rainforest to a waterfall where the kids swam and we looked around and found some bright red poison dart frogs. Made me wonder if wearing flip flops was the way to go. Pretty cool though.

Tonight we went for a swim in the ocean, then the pool, then showered and went to a nice dinner at a local restaurant which was actually just someones front porch of their was a couple from Argentina who made an Argentinian steakhouse out of their home. It was AMAZING and we were the only people there! We shared a great bottle of wine and enjoyed fresh baked bread and filet mignon at the fraction of the cost we would have paid in the states. Winning!

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Puerto Viejo, I think we will go to some botanical gardens *I really want to see a sloth in the wild* and then probably just laze around the beach again. Monday we are off to La Fortuna *we upgraded our hotel out there btw... will share later but are SO stoked* and all that so this may be the last time you hear from me until then!!

We are having a BLAST on our honeymoon and are so happy and in love its ridiculous. YAY for Costa Rica!!!!


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