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Day 4 - Encourage the Economy Today, we had breakfast, and began our trip to Georgetown, to help encourage the local street vendors, cafes, souvinier shops and just about everyone with their hand out. We had free parking (worth less than $4) at the Bayshore Mall because we had an Andy's rent-a-car. There were two boats in the harbor, so lots of folks were ashore. A visit with Launa, the jeweler that we met in September, recognized us and said today the people were very rude. She didn't know where the boats were from, but I did see the Carnival Magic from Galveston in port. The other Carnival was a smaller ship. We visited with her, and went to the shop where we had bought some stuff last trip, and it had moved, wasn't the same ... read more
Lunch at Paradise
Cayman Island Berwery
The start of the process

Day 2 We got up this morning, cooked breakfast, got dressed to go play on the beach at Rum Point before going out to swim with the Stingrays. We ate lunch then went on the boat to swim with the Stingrays. The North Sound is where fishermen cleaned their catch coming back in from fishing, and dumped the culls. Stingrays caught on quickly and about 40 years ago, a guy thought he could get them to come and play with 'visitors' and the rest is history. The stingrays are very docile and you can hold them as well as feed them. Everyone had a great time. After that, we were all tired, and went home, showered, and went to the Lighthouse for supper. We had conch chowder, seafood, and went home for a great nights rest. ... read more
The Lighthouse
Waiting for Cappy

I guess you might be wondering Grand Cayman, again? If you could see how pretty the water is, how nice everyone you visit with is, you too would come again. Today was Day 1, where we pack up, leave home, head for the airport, wait for the plane, and then wait to land. This time, with Debby in the Gulf, we thought the ride might be longer, to fly around the storm. But with the heat so bad in Houston, the rough ride was taking off, and climbing. Heat thermals bounced the plane up, down, left right, pretty good until we got off the ground for about 45 minutes. Then, we landed, went through customs, got the bags sniffed by the 4 legged agent. One note, if you have a dog at home, that is all ... read more

We dove Sunset house today to taste a different side of the island. It is located in the south west side of the island. The facilites are much much smaller than dive-tech. There is a wide concrete ramp that leads the divers to the ladder that entry the water. There is a scuba booth that would rent tanks and some gear. Parking spaces are available as well as a waterfront restaurant and a pool but the staff had no information about critters or sightings. The house reef itself is nothing especial: Fingers that lead the divers out to the wall with some big coral heads just about 40ft. There is a wreck and a Mermaid statue that is supposed to be pretty neat to see. We didn’t. I saw lots of lined gobies, an orangutan crab, ... read more
Sort of Anemone
Fish on coral

We headed to Cobalt right after breakfast. I had a great photo dive on my first dive. I got a green blenny on a yellow sponge that made great negative space. Then I saw a secretary blenny on a purple home. Very pleasant shot too. I didn’t find much on the second dive. Then we headed home for lunch we had leftover home made chicken and pasta from the day before. We caught up with emails and watched a movie. Then we returned for 2 more dives at cobalt. The dusk dive was sort of boring we didn’t see much action going on but the night dive was awesome. I saw a big Clingfish. It was the first time I see one of those and they are very cute. Turquoise lettuces were everywhere. Steve pointed out ... read more
Cling fish
Flamingo Tongue
ID please

05 24 2012 Arrival to Cayman Islands We had easy boarding on Cayman Air and a fast flight: a total of 1hr and 10 min…just over 1 hr!!! It almost took us longer to drive from Lake Okechobee to Miami than to fly from Miami to our destination. The flight was pleasant and arrival, immigration and customs were smooth and quick. The luggage was waiting for us when got out of customs: “ALL” the luggage with no delays or problems. We were worried we weren’t going to make it to the car rental place. They close at 10:00 pm but they were nice enough to wait for us to get our rental car. We got a cute blue mini car which was enough to fit our 4 bags , carry on and a neighbor that needed ... read more
I love this crab

Lighthouse The lighthouse is pretty chill and kick back. It belongs to the same operation as cobalt and all the dive needs are covered. Gear bucket, camera bucket, nice outside shower, a few suit-up dive stations. The entry into the site is a long dock over the rocky shore into the water that gets tricky with the surge. We used the rope at the end to lower the camera. There are buys with ropes that guide the divers to the wall. On the first dive I stay in the packed sand looking for the gaudi gobies but didn’t see any. Yet. I tried the 60 mm lens but the water was merky so that didn’t go to well. I couldn’t shoot any fish with out lots of back scatter. I saw huge squid. A big peacock ... read more
Elegant femail sailfin blenny

January 2012 Report on Grand Caymanian Resort. Had another enjoyable stay in a nicely-equipped one-bedroom at the GCR. The resort is reportedly moving out of the Wyndham family and losing the Ramada connection; management is looking at other branding/marketing options, possibly switching to become a Holiday Inn Resort. It is moving away from a timeshare model, more toward hotel and condo rentals. They are no longer actively involved in timeshare sales, just fractional and whole ownership in the new building, but I was assured that our timeshare contract is good for its long-term duration. They are offering assistance with resales of units. My unit this time was 1209A, which worked out well for me for the most part, although it was not among my list of choices in my request. It was kind of midway, without ... read more

We have gone to Cayman's pretty much every year since 1995 or so with the exception of a few years right after the hurricane. November of 2011 was our third visit to the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. This resort has become one of our favorites in all of the Caribbean for both accomodations and food. Our first visit was a deal we got the last minute when we had to cancel the Four Seasons Emerald Bay due to a mosquito illness outbreak of some sort. We stayed on the club level at a resonable price for this resort approximately 5000.00 for the week. However, you really did not need to go out to eat as the club level at the Ritz is five servings a day that pretty much run into each other. Note: The Caymans ... read more

Grand Cayman is another port where you have to tender from the ship and take a smaller boat to shore, but it’s not nearly as far of a trip as the 5 miles in Belize. We’d looked into a few excursions, but decided on booking through the ship. Jason wanted to snorkel, and we knew the thing to do was go to the Stingray City Sandbar too. I think our excursion was called “Coral Gardens and Stingray City Sandbar” through Carnival. We’d considered booking with Stingray Sailing independently, but it’s a good thing we didn’t! Our power catamaran (“Emerald Eyes”) had a roof which was very appreciated when the storm came – the sailed catamarans don’t have that luxury! The crew was knowledgeable and entertaining. With the help of “fluffy” the stuffed stingray toy, we ... read more

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