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Schmoozing, bluesing & cruising with those Darn Dangerous Binkleys Part 4: Where the rich find Hell is their Heaven. I always thought Hell was where the souls of the wicked go when they die...enduring eternal damnation. Not the sort of place you'd willingly go...not unless you were really bad. But now I'm thinking Hell is where rich people go. Not all rich people mind you...just that guy who invented Styrofoam. I always thought Hell was a place of fire and brimstone...not enough to burn you...but enough to make you gnash your teeth with regret...for eternity. But now I'm thinking Hell is not a place of fire and brimstone...but a hot bed of lizards. Not all lizards mind you...just dragon lizards. But how would this humble dancer know? Cause I've been there...That's how I know! ... read more
Charlie Musselwhite
Welcome to Hell

STING RAY CITY GRAND CAYMAN When I stepped up into the van that would take me to the boat for Cayman’s Sting Ray City excursion, I said something about Cayman not being a backpacker’s kind of place. The driver glanced back at me and said a bit accusingly, “A bit old for that, aren’t you?” I was surprised that he had said this out loud. So was he, I think. He tried smoothing it over by saying, well anyway, he was too old for backpacking. I told him that was how I managed to travel for the last two summers. Then he did the, “Oh, you’re much younger than me” thing, and we exchanged ages. He was surprised that I was two decades older than he (or was he feigning it?) I had a nice chat ... read more
A Pair of Rays, synchronized swimming...
Here the ray is searching for an elusive bit of squid.
One other person with a snorkel

Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens It was a regular hot, sultry day when I caught the bus to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden. The fare was only $5 and I saw a lot of Grand Cayman from the window. It was interesting to watch the people, too. They come in all sizes, like on any public transport, and each of them has a story. I make up my own stories if I don’t get to talk to them. I was grateful that the bus took me all the way to the Visitor’s Center, since the driveway must have been at least two miles long. There, in the middle of the parking lot was a living breathing Blue Iguana. I went in the doors and paid the admission fee, and was informed that the Iguana Recovery ... read more
Orchid Garden
Color Garden
Many of the blooms were fragrant.

Diving the Kittiwake When I moved to Darlene’s apartment I had already done eight dives with Don Foster’s dive shop. I gave some thought to what I wanted to do with the time remaining in Grand Cayman. I wanted to do the snorkel trip to Sting Ray City, and visit the Botanical Gardens, and I decided to go ahead and book the Sunday dive on the well-known wreck, Kittiwake, with the dive shop. I figured these were activities that most tourists do and people might ask me about. Usually the dive shop requires four divers to do this dive as it is quite far away, however when I arrived I discovered that the dive was four staff members and me. Luckily some of the staff were new and needed experience on the wreck in order to ... read more
Plaque on the sunken USS Kittiwake.
Resident fish silhouetted against light through a porthole.

A Generous Gift…A Gracious Hostess Between dives I was still worrying, wondering how I was going to get back into my budget mode. I did some internet searching looking for cheap accommodations in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. I had hoped to dive these other sites as long as I was in the vicinity. However, from the information I could glean, they were even more expensive than Grand Cayman and I finally gave up the idea of diving there. What now? On dive day three our dive boat was staffed by an all women crew; two dive masters and the boat captain. There was another woman diver, Darlene, and the only man on the boat, Ed whom I had dived with the day before. The dives were easy, not confused by multitudes of divers and I ... read more
Comfort and Color
One of Darlene's sea sculptures
Window on the Sea

Cayman Islands My hotel room was quite comfortable and it was easy to just kick back and wait for life to happen. Despite all my internet searches I could not find a cheaper hotel. Thank goodness Cathy Church, the noted underwater photographer and environmentalist, has a studio within walking distance. I decided to take a photography class. Oops! Everyone there was busy preparing for her Photo Fest, a week long photography seminar starting the following week. A very nice photography instructor named Jim managed to squeeze me in for a ninety minute class two days later. We planned to focus on editing, using Adobe photoshop Lightroom, as well as sorting and organizing photos. I was looking forward to that. When I got back to my hotel I saw some divers on the beach near our parking ... read more
Two Lobsters
Diver with grouper
Hard and soft corals

May 2, 2015 Day one, Grand Cayman I finally booked a hotel in Grand Cayman the night before I left the U.S. It appears the only bargain in the Caribbean is the airfare. The cheapest room I could find on Cayman Island was $125 a night. This really scared me, since I expected to find some budget housing. At least I had a destination on the island and I was sure to find something more reasonable after I arrived. My flight touched down at about noon on Saturday, May 2nd. Check-in was not until 4p.m. so the first order of business was to purchase a sim card for my Verizon phone at the airport but the phone store is closed on Saturdays. I proceeded to get a taxi from the kiosk at the airport and was ... read more
Hotel pool and bar
.My hotel from the beach

The Traveler Why do we do what we do? What leads us on our journey in life? I am a traveler. In my golden years my life choices, and gifts from the universe, have enabled me to follow a trail to enchanting places with names that somehow resonate in my soul. As a child sitting on my grandfathers’ knee I listened to the popular music of the times. I loved “Rings on my fingers, bells on my toes, elephants to ride upon…” and “The Wayword Wind is a restless wind…” I read fairy tales which were often set in far off kingdoms with elaborate tents and camels and women in beautiful flowing clothes. Children ‘s picture books introduced me to more fascinating cultures, and tales like Mrs. Rumphius pointed the way to exploring the globe. In ... read more

With great anticipation and excitment we travelled to the beautiful Grand Cayman Island for a week. There aren't too many photos as we spent most of our time underwater! We are hoping to attach a few if the "technology gods" allow us. We had an amazing week, one of the highlights, actually the original reason we went there, was to swim with the stingrays at Stingray City...OMG brilliant! We also saw turtles, starfish and a plethora of coral and fish. Overall a very relaxing trip, also an opportunity to get our fix of the ocean, try some amazingly fresh seafood and get a bit of colour on our lily white skin. We hope you are all experiencing your own adventures! Lots of love, The Jaytrippers. P.S. We are missing our beautiful friends and families, stay safe ... read more
Pretty happy?
If you like pina colada. . . .

We consider ourselves very fortunate, as we have been to each of the 50 states in the U.S. and 55 countries around the world. This of course makes us mere babes in the field of travel because so many of our friends have been to 75 or 100 countries. Our goal is to someday reach 100 countries but alas, we are in no hurry. It will happen. The shared goal is to enjoy the journey, each country, each experience and each new person. From time to time we chuckle when friends or fellow travelers go off on tangents about how to travel. Some, if not many can get rather condescending. We find the ego a funny thing when it comes to this subject. From reading hundreds of travel blogs on this site and in travel magazines ... read more
Wig Night
Chacchoben Mayan Ruins
Coco Montoya

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