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Hello from Grand Cayman Island, the largest of three Cayman Islands. You can Google the other two island names if you are interested, but this is the one where we are today. And we got a very early start on our activities for the day. We had to meet in the Princess Theater at 6:45, and we obviously needed to get dressed and fed first. Anyway, we arrived on time. Rather than have Janet walk down all the steps to the front of the theater we were able to sit in the upper level and when it was time for our group to leave, they escorted us to the elevators first. We were the first two in the “water shuttle” because this is a Tender Port. But it was pretty easy for Janet to get on-board ... read more

Last stop on our cruise so let’s make the most of it. We think this port was the cleanest and nicest of them all. Highly recommend it to any of you world travelers! But before we start, we have to back up again. Reve up your time machines. Go back into the rain forest in Limon. I missed adding some great photos from this excursion. I have only a trillion photos to sort out and combine, thus it becomes somewhat overwhelming and confusing. I used to be able to multi-task when I worked as a, as an aged retiree.....not so much. That skill is way behind me. Enjoy these photos and picture yourself along side them as we head off in our big, blue bus and travel along in the old, rickety train with open ... read more
Carolyn & Bill/ Jill & Bob on Banana Bus
Carolyn, Sandy & Jill on Banana Train
Photo to send to a newspaper. A fine band

On December 7 we boarded the Regent Seven Seas Explorer in Miami for a Western Caribbean cruise. This is the first time we have cruised on the Explorer, the first new ship built by Regent since the Voyager was launched in 2003. A lot has changed in ship building in the intervening years. Dining options have expanded for most cruise lines and the ships have expanded as well. Regent did increase the size of this ship but decided to stick with a successful model which called for a maximum of 750 passengers, housed in large, luxurious suites and all equipped with balconies. They have added an Asian themed restaurant to compliment their noted French restaurant, a stunning steak house and an Italian cafe. They also offer a casual poolside venue as well as a grand dining ... read more

We have no plans for any activities on Grand Cayman. Not that there isn't anything to do. Some of the tours may be too strenuous for Karen and others too boring for me. I attempted to find something that met Karen's approval prior to leaving home to no avail so I guess we'll just check out the area around the port and call it good. Not too exciting. No crocodiles, no monster trucks, maybe some shopping. Sorry. George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and one of the most popular cruise ship destinations in the Caribbean thanks to its year-round tropical weather, white sand beaches and clear blue waters. It serves as the capital of the Cayman Islands, in the British West Indies. George Town is the heart of the Cayman Islands financial services ... read more
4 Ships Here Today
Aft Pool Empty on Port Days
Gym always Too Crowded For Me

Dear ones, We are learning fast: Traffic to the west and the capital of Georgetown is heavy, esp the 2 rush hours, whereas the way we are tending to go - to the less crowded, less fancy East, is like real island time. Yes, we get behind work trucks, and yes we have seen an inordinate number of crashes since arriving - 4. Slept well enough, since both are coughing, ate the muesli we brought from home, said goodbye to Jennifer - she is back to Canada till 12/24 as she starts her job iin Jan. They moved down here for his job. Heard last night about how the cat, Chowder, took many months and about $1000 to process him thru the rabies requirements. Not sure any cat is worth quite that much. Oh, right, we ... read more

Grand Cayman 19th April Grand Cayman A very humid and sultry day as we dropped anchor off Georgetown this morning. We arrived after two other ships, it was going to be busy!!! The population is some 50,000, outnumbered 20:1 every year by cruise passengers Discovered by Christopher Columbus when blown off course has gone through the gambit of Spanish rule, part of Jamaica linked until 1962 when it became a Crown Colony with the Queen as Head of State and Jamaica became an Independent State. In 1970 Cayman was established as a financial centre and is now recognised as the best known in the world. Georgetown is charming or would be if there weren't 6000 cruise passengers getting of tenders to swamp the place. We had a gentle walk away from the hustle and bustle of ... read more

We were in Grand Cayman in 2014, so are happy this time to do our own thing, rather than doing something organised by the ship. Grand Cayman has strong connections with Britain / UK. There are six big cruise ships in dock today and ours is the last to arrive. It is 11.00am by the time we get off the boat. We head off to the public bus station and are soon on our way to a little village we have heard about called Hell. Your eyes are not misleading you. This village had grown up around a small area of strange looking volcanic rock looking very much like a lunar landscape. They have a quaint village post office that can post mail with a Hell post stamp, and can also do passport stamps, which we ... read more
MSC Divina in port - Not a cruise line we like
Freedom of the Seas in port
Disney Magic moored nearby

Geo: 19.3086, -81.2521 We arrived at Grand Cayman around 9:00 this morning with an all ashore time at 9:30. Today we had booked an excursion not from the cruise line. Our tour was with Captain Bryan’s to take a Catamaran to Stingray City and snorkeling. Originally we were booked on a tour at noon but it had been changed to 1 pm due to cruise ship arrival times. We got off the ship at about 10:30 and looked to find a place to eat and decided on Dairy Queen (because there wasn’t many other choices near the cruise terminal). Then we went to meet up with Captain Bryan’s. We were informed that due to the weather, they were not taking the cruise out and it had been cancelled. They arranged for us to go with a ... read more
Welcome to the Cayman Islands

We had the morning to ourselves, spent some time looking at maps of West Bay and Georgetown….opted for a walk to the beach…only a few minutes from the house. We had the whole beach to ourselves…nice sand for walking on at low tide, but rocky with turtle grass in the water. Probably best swimming is at high tide so the rocks can be avoided. Back at the house, went in the pool….so refreshing after getting hot and steamy on our walk. A nice lazy morning before heading into Georgetown for Fred’s interview at the hospital later this afternoon. We found our way into Georgetown on our own, had lunch at Legendz….we knew we could find it…then to the hospital for Fred’s interview. I waited in the car, reading tourists guides about restaurants on Grand Cayman. I ... read more
Conch Point condos - for sale!!!!
West Bay the other direction

Our trip began with an hour drive to Burlington Saturday afternoon. Our flight leaves at 5:45 am Sunday so we thought it best to get a hotel room close to the airport. Nice room with comfy king sized bed. We were both falling asleep watching TV at 4:30 pm so decided we’d better get an early dinner and picked the 99 Restaurant near the hotel. We sat at the bar, Freddie got a tropical drink made with their pineapple infused vodka, I had a yummy Manhattan….off to a great start. I got a text from my mother’s live-in aide agency…more aide drama…Fred said “shut your phone off”…I complied. After more cocktails and dinner we were waiting for our check, and nature called….no not in the way you usually think. Fred and I both had colds and ... read more

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