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We arrived to a grand Costco Travel sign awaiting us at the exit of customs. It was then declared by A that we weren't traveling any other way from now on. It was pretty nice to have someone waiting there and not having to fight with the taxis (yes, Manda I am looking at you) and we were the only people in the nice bus. We had to stop and wait for a giant lizard to cross the road. Ugh, I forgot about those nasty things. Then again a tiny one scared me while I was standing around outside so... Westin is right on the beach so that is great. it was a little overcast after we finally got out to the beach but the water is clear and pretty. Dinner was at the Sunshine Grill, ... read more
Yes, this one scared me
From the room
7 mi beach

Our 34th wedding anniversary celebrating it at Grand Cayman in Bahamas. The island is so gorgeous, beautiful stretch of white sand. The water is so clear that you can actually see the bottom of the ocean. I didn't see lots of seashells along the shore, although I saw a red crab crawling along the rock. As I was swimming, there are also lots of different species of fish swimming along as if they're saying "welcome to Bahamas". To end my excursion, as I was watching this beautiful bird settled in this beautiful tree branch, he flew beside me and just stay there for a while and then another bird flew beside him, maybe they're love birds? That's when my husband come to fetch me and greet me "happy anniversary". Bahamas, a dream come true.... read more

It seems that the longer we live on the boat, the less frequently I update my blog. That's probably because living on the boat has become more of a lifestyle now rather than an adventure. We still have plenty of adventures, but as the years go by we have less of the adventures of the not so welcome kind as we become more experienced in living on the boat. It is like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. In 2012 we traveled alot the first part of the year but then we brought the boat to a dead halt during the hurricane season, holing up in the Rio Dulce of Guatemala for the remainder of the year. In April 2012 we spent several weeks in the Cayman Islands. Boy are these ... read more

Last summer Cruise Specialists asked us if we would like to try out a new ship in December. We had heard rave reviews about Oceania’s two recently launched ships and we were eager to give it a go. Since we would embark the Oceania Riviera in Miami, we decided to spend some time in Florida prior to the cruise. Once the Giants brought home the World Series Trophy and the Presidential election was over, we took off like snow birds for the warmth of Ft Myers, Florida. We lucked out with perfect weather for our month long visit and watched a series of winter storms pound the San Francisco Bay area in our absence. We met up with friends and spent time walking and biking the long stretches of white sand beaches on the barrier islands. ... read more

7th. Dive. Turtle Cove. Woke up late since we got home after 1 am. We went to Turtle cove which has a pretty and expensive dive operation. $12.50 per tank no package discount. Mostly kids and tourist. The pad coral fingers take the divers to the wall down to about 70 ft. To the left there is a nice size cave where a school of tarpons hang out. That was awesome. Sitting inside and watch the tarpons hang in there. Not much macro life but lots of fish hanging around. I saw 2 yellow head jawfish no eggs. A few snapping shrimp. Would have been nice to take the close-up lens off and do fish portrait. The snappers and red hinds were curious and came straight to me. I have to write a review of the ... read more
Night Nudi
Snappy Shrimp

4thdive. It was our last dive with the Turne’s. Everet and Essi like to dive early so we broke out sleeping in routine and met at the Cobalt coast at 8 am. Everet drew a site map by hand and its regular sightings by areas. We could explore the area for every day for a long time and not be able to see what they have in the last years. It was a windy day and a lot of surge caused by the 5 ft waves at the shoreline so we headed straight to the wall where there was no surge, just a bit of current and the viz was great. The water was so clear and so blue that it was a treat. Everet showed me a super tiny 2mm flamingo tongue and a different ... read more
Rough head blenny
Orangesided goby (Gobiosoma dilepsis) ID By D. Devers

First dive. We flew into Grand Cayman late last night arrived just before they closed the car rental place so we didn’t have to take a taxi to Sunshine Suites. Good start. We caught up with Everet and Essy expert critter finders in the Caymans. Awesome. We signed up for 3 dives at the Lighthouse reef. Everet and Essy took us to the shallows north of the pier where we saw Tritonias laying eggs, pale jawfish no eggs. Everet showed me a dragonet with brown nose apparently very rare but also very skitish. We saw different species of triple fin blennies, sailfin blennies and squat lobsters. The 2 black seahorses that they have been photographing weren’t around. Lots of cling fish under the rocks on the shore line at the end of the dive. 28 ft ... read more
Dondice Occidentalis ID by E. Turner
White footed shrimp ID by E. Turner
light challenge

Grand Cayman - 2012 Day 7 On Grand Cayman, Sunday is a day of rest. Actually, we rested for 8 days, but stores are closed on Sunday. You can't run and get milk, bread or other things we often do at home. You plan ahead, and get it on Saturday. With that being said, Sunday we decided to just play in the pool in the back yard. We paddled the kayak around, snorkled, swam, and just had a grand time. Todd, Noah and Yvette powered one Kayak, Andie and Jason the other. They searched and viewed just about every spot between the house and reef. Some depths were about ten feet, others 3 feet, but they had a great time. Yvette and Jason paired up to come in early, before Todd and Andie, since they were ... read more
First Shift Returns
Second Shift Comes in
Coral 1

Grand Cayman - 2012 Day 6 After breakfast today, we decided to go to the Bodden Town festival. We had heard from one of the vendors downtown, that there was going to be festival at the Bodden Grounds. We had to find it first, but we waned to go since lots of vendors and chefs were going to be there letting the visitors and guests taste the various local food. Some of the chefs were from the 7 Mile Beach main international hotels. After that, a trip downtown to check on t-shirts for those folks back home. Along the way, we stopped to take a few pictures of all the beautiful flowers on the trees. We did see an iguana in the Bayshore Mall parking lot, but he slipped away before we could capture it on ... read more
Launa the Jewler
Parking lot into BayShore Maqll
Fish at the market downtown

Grand Cayman - 2012 Day 5 Today was the day we played in the back yard pool, in the morning after breakfast. After everyone came in to clean up, several folks wanted to parasail. So we went into town and the parasailers got on a boat and sailed while the land lubbers hung out at Royal Palms, watching the sails get brought in, and let out on the boats. When everyone was back, we chilled at the Royal Palms, let the kids play in the sand and surf, and decided to eat supper there, and watch the sun go down.... read more
Looking for litttle crabs
Headed out to sea
Land Lovers Chillin

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