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After a long and late night of DJing for the teen dance, hitting up the crew bar, dancing in the disco and staying up late down in crew cabins, Michelle and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed this morning and tendered to shore in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. I was on a mission to buy my personal Grand Cayman souvenir - a carved wooden stingray I'd seen weeks earlier when I wandered around Georgetown with Brooks. We went to the market area, disappointingly didn't succeed and spent some time in a few shops until I get everything sorted. I don't want to spend any time my last cruise shopping, just enjoying the ports, so between last week and today, I should be in pretty good shape. The two of us then headed to Treasure Island, ... read more
Emma Lou and Chub Chub
Chub Chub and the Flower

Last night was a big disco night and getting up this morning was difficult. While a big group of us had planned to enjoy a beach day in Grand Cayman, only Emma (dancer), Marvin (showband pianist) and I actually made it off the ship this morning. We went to Treasure Island, a hotel on Seven Mile Beach. No fee to go to the hotel. They have a small spot of the beach. Really pretty, but the water was rather rough so we didn't stay down there long. Mostly we stayed by the poolside bar enjoying free internet and nice food. NOTE: When Travelblog crashed in summer 2007, this entry was lost and I was unable to recover it. I wasn't journalling very consistently at this time either so I can't fill in the blanks from there. ... read more
One of Treasure Island's Pools
Emma & Marvin in the Waterfall!
Emma in the Pool

This is Sam, the social host’s, last cruise. She really wanted to do something fun. So we went on tour together today in Grand Cayman. We first visited the Turtle Farm. At the farm, they breed sea turtles. Since 1967, they’ve set something like 70,000 sea turtles into the wild - major numbers for these endangered animals. The farm also raises turtles to be sold as meat, a delicacy in some places. This really disturbs some people. While I have no desire to eat the meat, I think that if it helps them fund the breeding and freeing of the turtles, then why not. It’s not like they’re capturing wild turtles for the meat; they raise them specifically for that purpose. In which case, how is different than any other farming of animals for meat? I’d ... read more
Me with My Friend the Turtle
Turtles in Love?
How Could You Not Love Them?

Alike any other week, my last week on the ship was full of all kinds of hilarity, scandal and drama. And I sit here in the airport reflecting on it and can say that I will miss it somewhat. When ever I go on vacation or even a road trip I tend to make a CD with all of my favourite songs at the moment so I can always listen back on the CD and relive the experiences. When I was preparing to leave to come to Carnival, I thought about making a CD to bring along, and then realized that I wanted all of my CD’s from home, so I didn’t make the CD. I know have my entire library of music to reflect back on which is amazing. I know that there are ... read more
Supper Club Group Shot
Grand Cayman Group Shot
Sam and her Red Bull

Today we were in Grand Cayman. Brooks & I went to Seven Mile Beach. We just laid in the sun and talked and napped. We took a long walk along the beach. It was simple and perfect. I love time with Brooks, because I feel like I can always just be, as I am, no games, no pretensions, just as I actually am in any given moment. Our friendship feels effortless, yet we still put effort into it. We left the beach for George Town - the town right at the pier and walked around, went in and out of few shops. Looked around around a small craft market. Ate some samples in a rum cake factory. And took a bunch of silly pictures of each other with the many statues of pirates and sea creatures ... read more
Seven Mile Beach - With Lots of People and Ships
Me & Brooks - Seven Mile Beach
Looks A Bit Like A Honeymoon Shot Doesn't It?

So this was the vacation I finally got my mom to get back on a plane and take. It was most definitely worth it. My favorite part of the vacation was renting the mopeds to tour the island on. That is something you HAVE to do if you ever vacation on a small island. We went to sting-ray city which was amazing. we were in the middle of the ocean on a reef where the water went to my stomach (ok that doesnt say much considering I am ridiculously tall haha) but none the less it was so cool. There were stingray swimming all around us and i held one and kissed one haha We also snorkled which was....breathtaking, even underwater. The scene was like something I had only seen in national geographic pictures. There were ... read more

Right before senior year of high school my family decided to take a vacation in paradise. We flew on down to Grand Cayman and stayed at the Hyatt Villa which was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention that it was right by a pool and just a short walk to the beach and the backyard being a golf course. A walk to the beach proved to me that the ocean really is as turquoise as it is in pictures and that isn't photo editing at its best. Snorkeling is a must at any Caribbean island and Cayman is one of the best. Some may not realize how easy it really is. All you have to do is jump into the ocean and head on out. Fish of every color will swim by you and the closer you ... read more
Beautiful View

Love Grand Cayman and plan to go back! I love stringray city!... read more

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