Its Tuesday - the interview day

Published: March 30th 2016
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We had the morning to ourselves, spent some time looking at maps of West Bay and Georgetown….opted for a walk to the beach…only a few minutes from the house. We had the whole beach to ourselves…nice sand for walking on at low tide, but rocky with turtle grass in the water. Probably best swimming is at high tide so the rocks can be avoided.

Back at the house, went in the pool….so refreshing after getting hot and steamy on our walk. A nice lazy morning before heading into Georgetown for Fred’s interview at the hospital later this afternoon.

We found our way into Georgetown on our own, had lunch at Legendz….we knew we could find it…then to the hospital for Fred’s interview. I waited in the car, reading tourists guides about restaurants on Grand Cayman. I sat through several good downpours and after two hours Fred came out. The meeting went well, and Fred was able to tour the operating rooms, locker rooms, etc. Now comes the really scary part…making a decision about what we want to do. Two years is a long time, and given the status of our mothers, a very uncertain time at home.

We went to dinner at Peppers…they were open, cooking jerk chicken, ribs, pork over a wood fired grill…smelled so good. It was happy hour, bottled beers were $4 but I needed something really cold….a frozen strawberry margarita….hit the spot. The guys had Marios special pizza….super thin crust with BBQ sauce, spicy sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms. I had fish in a coconut sauce with fried plantains…so much food I brought home leftovers. Fred couldn’t find his wallet so I paid the bill…went to sign the charge slip and realized I’d used my Mother’s debit card….oh no….I’d be disowned for that! Fred found our waitress and she voided it and used my regular credit card….another crisis avoided.

We searched the car for Fred’s wallet….he’s convinced he left it in the hospital scrubs but thankfully Jerry noticed it in Fred’s shirt pocket. After a nail biting ride back to the house, we searched for Fred’s cell phone….couldn’t find it. Jerry called it and it rang in my backpack….oh well Fred…payback’s a bitch!!!! What a night!

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30th March 2016

House Hunters International
I think I saw this episode of House Hunters International last week! I'm so jealous! Make sure you get the extra bedroom for family and friends to come and visit.

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