What the hell are you doing?????

Published: March 31st 2016
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Sharkie's version of a keg stand Sharkie's version of a keg stand Sharkie's version of a keg stand

Lunch at Grand Cayman airport before flight to Cayman Brac
We said good bye to Jerry last night before going to bed. Today we fly to Cayman Brac to start the real vacation part of our trip. We're renting a two story cottage, called Featherstone, on the beach for 8 days. We had another leisurely morning, packing up our stuff, having coffee and dinner leftovers for breakfast. Fred was able to consolidate his stuff into one larger suitcase...including his CPAP (YAY!), leaving his suit, jeans, etc at Jerry's, so we only had two bags to check. We flew Cayman Air...a pudddle jumper...with a quick stop on Little Cayman Island and arrived at Cayman Brac about 4 pm. Mylene met us at the aiport with the rental car...we followed her to the cottage, about 15 minute drive...filled out all the paperwork and we were on our own....vacation at last!!!!! We closed the windows, turned on the AC...the remote control for the downstairs unit needs new batteries...and decided to hit the local markets to get water, coffee, batteries, etc. The first one was called L&M...no coffee but we got bottled water....the cottage has a cistern and the owner says its fine for laundry, washing dishes, showers, etc but not for drinking unless you're used to it. Next we went to La Esperanza...aka Bussies...yes they had coffee....but no it was only instant...but we got Jamaican cheese, paper towels, bag of ice and batteries. We're told its a good spot to have a few cocktails and see the sunset and their Friday night jerk BBQ is good and reasonably priced. As we're pulling out of the parking lot to head back to the cottage, I see a car coming in our lane but Fred doesn't. I'm yelling "what the hell are you doing" and he's saying "what?" and hits the other car in the driver's side, back door. Well Fred said a boat load of F bombs...said she was in his blind spot...if he had seen her, he wouldn't have pulled out and hit her. Classic Fred to crazy lady..."Does the concept of a blind spot mean anything to you?" Just f'n great start...haven't even been on island an hour and we're up shit's creek. The local police officer shows up...the female driver of the other car is talking up a storm, Fred's admitting his guilt, I'm sitting on a stone wall shaking my head, mumbling to myself and wishing I was anywhere but here...well excluding the hood in Providence!!!! Nobody in either car is hurt so we follow...yes our car was still drivable...headlight on passenger side smashed, front quarter panel creased and dented...the officer to the local police station. I sit in the car for two hours...clicking my ruby slippers...mumbling "Auntie Em" and "Calgon take me away"...but no luck...there I sat....reading maps, brochures, rental car agreements, and praying for a beer truck to show up...woe is me!!! Well at least I now know where Paradise Bakery is (known on the island for their bread)...right next to the police station.

Fred eventually comes out, gets in the car, as Mylene shows up with a beater rental car for us to take...she'll take the one Fred crashed. Should have given us the beater first!!!!! Fred bought his way out of the mess for $600 US...the female driver of the other car was going off the deep end. She was required to get two estimates to repair her car and we wouldn't be allowed to leave the island until everything was settled. Fred was worried the local garages would really pad the bill and we'd end up over paying to get her car fixed. So Fred offered cold hard cash and she accepted.

So back to the cottage we go, stopping at the rum store to buy six packs of Corona and Red Stripe...$24 US!!! We took our beers to the beach...caught the sunset and mosquitoes...retreated to the cottage and turned on the TV and dined on Jamaican cheese for dinner. Time to blog...gave Fred the choice of including the sordid car crash story...he said yes, gotta keep it real.

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31st March 2016

Omg! Only my Fread would have such a story to tell! This is one y'all will look back on and laugh about for a long time ( with enough alcohol in body)😍
1st April 2016

We hope so
thanks Jean. Today is the day we call our car insurance company and AAA, hope it goes well.

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