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Published: February 6th 2010
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The GirlsThe GirlsThe Girls

Lisa and Linda laughed soooo much when inflating the girls -- so much fun!! Thank goodness wasn't a windy day . . .
Thursday night and Friday:

Well okay, the evening didn't go as planned. We put burgers and dogs on the barbie and ended up with only dogs for dinner....the burgers fell apart and ended up in the charcoal. No biggie, we still had plenty of food and drinks. I faded fast and went to bed around 9pm whilst everyone else stayed up and watched TV. I was up early Friday morning and couldn't wait to get back to the book I started reading here...”Body Surfing” by Anita Shreve. We headed to Ivan's Stressfree after breakfast and had our first “BananaWhackers”...yum! The boys went back to the villa to retrieve our koozies and dice to play Greed. It was the perfect time for Lisa and I to blow up “the girls”...the sexy flotation devices we got online for the boys. Lisa has her duckie, I have my pink flamingo and the guys needed something sooo....

We did more snorkeling at Black Rock and were pleasantly surprised.

We got lots of comments and looks from others on the beach and the guys were requested to pose for photos before leaving. The bad part was having to deflate the girls to
The boys meet the girlsThe boys meet the girlsThe boys meet the girls

Freddie and David meet their new personal flotaton devices
get them into our mini SUV. We had lunch at a new place farther down the beach called “Ocean Sea Beach Bar” for conch fritters, wings and pizza....all good. The best part was seeing Debbie and Uncle Wendell from our fishing trip last year. We hope to see them this evening in Great Harbor. We drove to Foxy's to make reservations for BBQ tonight and do some shopping. Got my doggie fix from Taboo...Foxy's black lab who hangs out on the beach in Great Harbor.

Back at Foxy's (7:00 pm) for BBQ night --- all you can eat with one trip - incredible ribs, chicken, mahi-mahi, mac salad, caesar salad, corn on the cob, etc. etc. ---Ughhh - soooo full but was sooooo good! Saw our favorite Island Dog again “Taboo” - David was keeping him very happy with scraps!
And Suzette was GREAT!! Next is Corsairs for cocktails.

Additional photos below
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David and friendDavid and friend
David and friend

a new version of synchronized swimming in White Bay
Black RockBlack Rock
Black Rock

more underwater cacti...don't ask me their real name.
sea urchinssea urchins
sea urchins

yes that's them and no...nobody stepped on one so nobody had to pee on anybody's foot
guess what kind of sea creature this isguess what kind of sea creature this is
guess what kind of sea creature this is

if you guessed Freddie you're right
just before deflationjust before deflation
just before deflation

group photo with our new travelmates

9th February 2010

What are their names
Do I dare ask or do the girls have names yet? They better watch out, Borat might be lurking around. We heard the Police get sent to your last night. Your kids had a kegger with 300 friends. They used the hot tub for boiler makers. They got a warning and were told to quiet down the music and singing.

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