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Chapter Two: Arrival From my iPhone, quickly Bluetooth paired to the Sony music player In Casa Brisa, Corinne Bailey Rae sings in Choux Pasty Heart, “Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.” The weather has made us losers this afternoon. Immediately after I came to that realization, God sent a lightning bolt too near for comfort to Cayo Espanto, momentarily drowning out the sound of pounding rain that reduced visibility to fifty yards or so. Our roof served as drum heads for the onslaught of water which, thankfully, fell straight down influenced by not a breath of wind. The downside to that was that the interior of our beautiful lodging was heavy air, open on four sides to the 100% humidity, stirred by a pair of ceiling fans that struggled to keep up. But I am getting ... read more

Chapter Three: Settling In Around 4:00, Butler Carlos, his assistant Flavio and Chef Richard arrive at Casa Brisa. Richard announces the menu for this evening which offers, after pumpkin soup, a choice of local lobster, snapper or roasted hen followed by a candied apple dessert available whenever we wanted it served. Beryl opts for the snapper and I request that Richard choose for me. Feeling better now, I ask for dinner around seven preceded by a cheese plate and a bottle of 2014 Baron Phillipe de Rothschild sauvignon blanc as soon as it can be arranged. Our staff trio nod enthusiastically and retire to make it so. Don’t be impressed by the wine choice. It’s Chilean and sells for about twelve bucks a bottle in the U.S. and only a bit more at $21 here, but ... read more

Chapter One: Anticipation B4 and I have both wanted to vacation at one of those luxury hotels consisting of solitary bungalows perched atop low stilts hovering over crystal clear waters where tropical fish school below as you lounge above, tropical drink in hand, watching the green flash that bursts when the setting sun plunges into a watery horizon. Most of those places are very, very, very, far away. To perch as they do over the water, they must be protected from waves by either a “caye” or an “atoll.” “Caye,“ pronounced “key,” is defined as a small, low-elevation, sandy island on the surface of a coral reef and an “atoll” is a ring-shaped reef, island or chain of islands formed from coral. Mostly, these places exist either in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at Bora ... read more
Belize Screeshot
Cayo Gray

Central America Caribbean » Belize September 22nd 2017

Belize: Land of the manatee, ancient caves and reggae vibes. 03/09 - San Ignacio We took a backpacker bus from Guatemala and realised most people were heading straight to the laid-back Caribbean island of Caye Caulker. But we decided to stop just after the Guate border so that we could visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) caves. It meant stopping for a couple of nights in the nearest town, San Ignacio. San Ignacio is a small, relaxed town with a very community feel. It seemed everyone knew everyone. The town had packed its tourism into one small street that is lined with tour operators, apart from this it felt very untouristy. It had a weird vibe about it that I couldn't put my finger on, it felt safe but at the same time a little tense, ... read more

I am really close to Belize in Flores and I felt it would be a waste to be this close and not go, albeit I didn't have enough time or money to go for more than one day. Eventually, when I go travelling in Mexico in the future, I will do a week in Belize too because the Cays and Islands are what you should see. Nevertheless, I had an amazing day. I left at 7am and arrived at 10am. It was actually only 2 hours on the bus but the border control took an hour. Belize is an English speaking country and is part of the Commonwealth. The Queen is on the money and they sold British sweets in the shops (e.g. Werthers Originals). The accent is Caribbean - similar to the Jamaican accent - ... read more
Belizean dollar
Belizean house
Holding a massive iguana

The Sullivans from Texas are having the time of their life in Belize. And The Isle of San Pedro...... ... follow along for some beautiful photos... read more
The Secret Beach
Crossfit Friends

8.5. Es steht wieder eine lange Busfahrt an, allerdings diesmal in zwei Etappen. Erst fahren wir ein Stück zurück Richtung Norden bis Escarcega, wo wir am Busterminal auf den Lokalbus nach Chetumal an der Ostküste warten. Hierhin verirren sich offenbar wohl kaum je Touristen, jedenfalls werden wir bestaunt und freundlich ausgefragt. Der Bus hat dann zwei Stunden Verspätung, die gross angekündigte Air Conditioning ist ein Loch in der Decke, aus dem ein laues Lüftchen weht, aus zwei Lautspechern dröhnen zwei verschiedene Mexiko-Ländler, wie sie immer und überall zu hören sind und uns schon einzeln langsam auf die Nerven gehen. Nach fünf Stunden treffen wir etwas zerzaust in Chetumal ein, wo wir uns bald einmal ins Zimmer verziehen. 9.5. Wir schlafen aus, verbringen den Morgen mit Hausaufgaben und fahren am Nachmittag mit der Fähre nach San Pedro ... read more
fröhliche Frauen
unser Bus nach Chetumal

Sunday, 9 April 10am - I had not pre-booked the water taxi as all the blogs said you could just rock up. At first the booking agent said they only had 2 seats but she called the captain and he said he had 4 seats. So we made a reservation and was told to go to the bus station to collect the tickets. We then drove around town trying to find the mystical bus station, only to discover it had completely shut down, as in, no longer in use. So back we went to our hotel, called the water taxi people and they told us to pay online via paypal. We then sorted secure parking for our rental car for 3 days. Subway for lunch. 2pm – we arrive early to check in for our 3.30pm ... read more

Country #2 Belize Hmmmm.. Maybe we stay in Mexico 4-6 weeks. After 9 weeks, we finally called it and left Mahahual on the 28th of January. Next destination, Caye Caulker, Belize. We took the bus to Chetumal, shared a taxi with an icecream vendor and crossed the boarder by foot. We paid 500 Peso (US 25$) to leave Mexico and walked 2 km through the free zone, got the Belize stamp and found ourselves on the other side. No bus is leaving from here? Daaamn… maybe we should plan a little more. We took a taxi to Corozal and found a local bus to Belize City surprisingly fast. Suddenly everyone around us spoke either English or Creole. This was a surprise...even knowing that Belize belongs to the British crown. We could definitely tell that we had ... read more
Truly paradise!
Swimming with the sharks.
With good friends... who needs enemies... and how we learned to catch lobsters.

Weather, new friends, and a change of plans all coincided to make an unforgettable morning at my 2nd Maya site of the trip. I had purchased a tour of Xunantunich before I left the US, because I thought that would be the main reason to stay in San Ignacio - the ruins are a 10-15 minute taxi ride from the center of the city. But as you know, when I got to town on Saturday evening, my plans changed. I was under the impression that my tour had been switched to Caracol and that I wasn't doing Xunantunich with them anymore. Operating on that assumption, I arranged with TJ just to get a taxi in town and get us to Xunatunich the morning after my Caracol trip. Pretty simple. We both wanted to see it, and ... read more
The river we crossed to get to Xunantunich
Awaiting our connection on the other side of the river for Xunantunich
We were lucky enough to have a group offer the back of their pickup truck for the long hike up to Xunantunich

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