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Our stay at Glover's has come to an end. I think we loved it even better than 6 years ago, as the boys are old enough now to do so much fishing, but it's definitely not a place for those wanting to be pampered. The well water (for the 2 outdoor showers on the cay) is sulfur smelling and fairly salty, and compost toilets are not my favourite amenities. I love the over the water cabins and the beautiful starry nights, and the lack of electricity and being disconnected is wonderful for awhile (the main building with their restaurant has a generator amd wifi is turned on a couple hours each evening so you can still get any semi urgent messages, but no one walks around glued to their smartphone, which is a welcome change to ... read more

The week has just disappeared, one day blending into the next. Lots of relaxing and reading in hammocks for me, and fishing and lobster hubting for the boys (I accompanied them one day, but mostly I left them to all do their guy thing, along with Mathieu, the Italian guy who's been heading out with them every day and usually joins us for meals). We've been eating amazing meals every day, glad Glen is in charge of the cooking :) We've had lobster every day we've been here, and lots of fish. Yesterday was their last fishing day (they all wanted to relax today), and we finally got ice Wed, so we could put some of the catch on ice for meals today. Most days, they've walked along the crest out the 1 mile to the ... read more

On Sunday morning, we took a taxi to the Sittee Marina and waited for the boat to go out to Glovers atoll. The boat was a much smaller one than we went on 6 years ago, and it was a pretty bumpy, wet ride. There was the 4 of us, an Italian named Mathieu, and a family of 4. Once we got out here, we settled in our cabins, and the boys went out to catch a few lobster (lobster season has just started, just need to go 1 mile out from shore). Had lobster pasta the first night, fish and lobster day 2 and day 3. When they're not out hunting, the boys are catch and release fishing from shore. Happy children :) And I'm having plenty of hammock lounging and book reading.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize June 30th 2019

We met up with Glen at the ferry dock yesterday morning, then negoiated with a taxi to take us grocery shopping and then to Sittee River- $175 for the 4 of us. Bus would have been a lot cheaper, but then we'd have taxis in the city and a hard time hauling all our junk including groceries for the week. It was about a 2 1/2 hr drive, plus some stopa to pick up stuff we wanted. Got to Sittee River and found out the guest house on the river wasn't really open as they were doing renovations (they had dorm beds, but the boat wouldn't be departing from there, just from the marina, and the restaurant wasn't open, so we'd be stuck in the middle of no where for no reason. The taxi took us ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize June 28th 2019

What a wonderful day! I stopped by the police station last night, who have been checking on Auri's bag, and he said he received a message from the taxi driver that the bag had been located was coming over on the ferry, but it was too late to check on the ferry. He called me first thing this morning to say the bag was here, so I walked down and got it. Everything in it except a pair of sunglasses that probably broke. God is so good! We are a very happy family today :)... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize June 27th 2019

Deo got up early today to go fishing, and then picked up breakfast on the way home, stuffed jacks. No, not the fish called a jack. Stuffed jacks are a fried dough (similar to if you deep fried a tortilla, so that it all puffed up), with different ingredients inside, like egg and cheese. Super greasy amd delicious. We had breakfast together, then Auri and I went out for awhile. Auri rented a bike, and did a bit of fishing, then we went to try to find the used clothing store (closed). Had a swim in the pool. Later Auri went back out fishing and found another kid that was fishing, so he came back to get Deo and they all went together. I took a walk, dropped off flyers at some of the hostels on ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize June 26th 2019

June 26, 2019 Since our trip in 2013, the boys have been wanting to go back to Belize, specifically back to Glovers Reef Resort. It's a caye out in the middle of nowhere on Glovers Reef atoll, with very rustic accomodations (no electricity, compost toilet, 2 shared showers etc), but insanely beautiful, with little cabins on the beach and out over the water. You're allowed to take conch, lobster (in season- last time it wasn't the season but this year it is, so we're looking forward to that!), spear fish: all the things we can't do at home due to the Roatan marine park, so the boys are really excited for that. We had planned to travel overland from Roatan, taking the morning ferry, busing to Omoa and spending a couple nights there, then bus to ... read more
Auri chilling at the restaurant
Lobster dinner
Balcony outside our room

So as the Canadian winter has decided to go on and on and on and on with no sign of Spring other than the date on the calendar it was high time we got out of the chilly climes for a week, and so it was back to Belize...debated hard on whether to return to Placencia (as we loved it there) or to try somewhere new, and at the 11th hour we decided on something new: Caye Caulker! Just a week getaway to relax, get some sun, catch up on some reading and more importantly to get back to the Belikin beer and burritos, giddy up! It's a bit of a hike for one week but well worth it; again as in Placencia there were no big resorts, very laid back atmosphere, great food and the ... read more
View from our perch...
Nurse Sharks behind our boat...
Greetings from Caye Caulker

Central America Caribbean » Belize March 23rd 2019

Following a collectivo into Chetumal town, another (subsequent to heated discussion and reduction in fare) to the Mexican border town of Santa Elena and a dusty mile or so walk to immigration, 9.30 a.m. the following morning saw us handing over a wad of pesos. This is a thing - an exit tax that is usually included in your airfare (if you flew in)... although our ultra-budget Interjet flight didn't: at least the airline responded rapidly to inform us of this when contacted by email. A note here: even if it was included for your flight you (may well) still need an itemised receipt as proof of its inclusion, most airlines will provide this if requested. Lutz, now deriving great pleasure, when he can be bothered, in attaining a better deal than that achieved by ourselves, ... read more
Mr Big.
Our cabana at Backpackers paradise, Sarteneja.
Sunset over Sareneja.

There was a weather front stationed over the Caribbean which brought pretty high winds and cool temperatures…well cool for the Caribbean but hot for the South Dakotans on board. Our next port of call was to be Cozumel, Mexico. Unfortunately, due to the weather front, the Voyager was not able to run its tender operations to get passengers ashore. All the available docks were occupied by other cruise ships. Our Virtuoso group was scheduled for an excursion in Cozumel to visit San Gervasio, a sacred Mayan archeological site, and also to tour the village of San Miguel de Cozumel. But instead we had a fine day at sea. We took our group on a galley tour. Executive Chef Kelly explained the inner workings of the galley. A complex operation which serves 700 guests in four restaurants, ... read more

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