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Dangriga is the capital of the Southern Region of Belize. It is a laid back, working town on the coast and doesn't itself have much to do. During the week that I have been staying here, the town has grown on me and shown a lot more character than I have anticipated. It's population is a varied culture of people, from Mayans, To Garfuna, Creol and apparently the ChineSE who run the supermarkets! With regards to elective, We have been working in the Southern Region hospital which is a lot more developed that I expected- it has paeds, Obs and gynae, surgery and internal medicine as well as a polyclinic (which is basically GP). The populations main obvious problem is diabetes, which can be easily explained by the sugary drinks and cheap fried food available everywhere. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Belize March 11th 2015

After a smooth and simple border crossing from Guatemala, and with our alcohol stash thankfully still intact, our surroundings changed dramatically. Belize looked, well, totally Caribbean. All the pastel-coloured houses stand tall on stilts and the vast majority of locals speak a raw creole tongue that sounds a world away from English, even though English is at its core. Others speak with a strong North American accent. It soon became apparent that our four weeks of studying Spanish in Guatemala were not going to be put to good use anytime soon. Our good friend Becky from back in Brighton came to meet us just before the border crossing and was joining us for our first few days in the country and a four day Christmas jaunt on Caye Caulker, a tiny coral island 20 miles ... read more
Caye Caulker
Our crimbo gaff
Deep within The Blue Hole

I hate this part...................the end of a trip, so I'll recount the last couple of days and maybe have one more post after tonight's sunset cruise. One of the best parts of any trip are the people you meet from around the world who just like you, have decided to enjoy life by visiting other countries and sampling other cultures. This trip was no exception. Let me start with the people of Placencia Village. They are kind, helpful and very grateful you chose their village to visit. The vendors we have met and traded with on the beach are courteous and friendly, and are not that person in the U.S. you try not to look at when you pull up to a stop sign or stop light holding a sign asking you if you can spare ... read more
Tipsy Tuna Bar and Grill
Jim on the paddle board
Beach where we tried paddle boarding

It's been a few days so I have some catching up to do! I think the last time I posted, it was last Wednesday after our fishing/snorkeling tour and then our boat dive on Tuesday. Wednesday we took the day off and relaxed by the pool. It was somewhat cloudy and the locals said their was a "cool front" coming through from up north, so we stayed close to home. Thursday was another day of rest and lounging by the pool. Friday we decided to try our hand at being our own inland tour guides and to visit a chocolate factory and a spice farm. These tours are normally about $85 per person when using the local tour guides but since we have access to a vehicle we decided to try the tour on our own. ... read more
William Walton Originals
The Not So Famous Yet William Walton
Lion Fish

It's been a busy couple of days! Tuesday we went on a dive trip (two tank) with Splash Dive Shop, and I cannot say enough good things about the dive operation. The boat was a 52' cabin cruiser set up for divers, with several crew members. We had about a 2:1 dive master to diver ratio which is unheard of! They did everything for us including setting up our BC's on our tanks, to helping put our fins on (nice but not necessary), assisted us in and out of the water, and took our fins off before we climbed back in the boat. We went to South Silk Caye which looked similar to something you would see on a postcard that says "Wish You Were Here". The entire island was maybe an acre with a few ... read more
Diving with Splash Dive
Middle Silk Caye
Jim catching a yellow tail jack.

I left Playa Del Carmen and hopped onto a bus to the small country of Belize. My sister has done this Central America trip before so she told me I have to have to have to go to the island of Caye Caulker in Belize ... and that's where I decided to go. It was a night bus journey taking 8 hours. As I reached border control I remembered an article I read earlier saying that if you are in Mexico for only a few days then don't pay the exit fee despite how much they try and force you to do so. I was tempted to hide on the bus or run around the customs building to the other side and cheat the system (easily doable) but I opted to stay within the boundaries of ... read more

Today was a quiet day, one more day to shake the jet lag, and adjust to the heat and humidity. We drove to Splash Dive Shop today and set up our first dive trip for tomorrow, 2 tank boat dive, lunch and a snorkeling out on the Barrier Reef. We are all looking forward to the trip, me with trepidation because I don't like boats and our trip will start with a 40 - 60 minute boat ride to the reef. I've already started eating ginger pills to ward of sea sickness. I hope they work not only for my sake but for everyone else on the boat. We did do a little snorkeling today on our way back from the dive shop as it was hot and there is no air conditioning in the vehicle ... read more
Dave and Donna enjoying sunset.
Lagoon Side of Condo

We arrived in Placencia yesterday at 5:00 after a 2 hour wait on the tarmac in Houston, thank you United Airlines. It seems the oxygen bottle for the flight crew was empty, and we waited for maintenance to bring the new bottle for an hour and a half, and another half hour for them to install. United Airlines pilot repeatedly came on and apologized for this seemingly ridiculous oversight, with phrases such as "we are very sorry for the delay, and we are highly embarrassed", which did nothing for the mood of the passengers. Even worse was the announcement for "the flight attendants please take your seats" when after another 1/2 hour we still hadn't pulled away from the gate. When we arrived in Placencia, at 3:45 p.m. it was a totally different story. We were ... read more
Dave and Donna Rink
Dave and Donna Rink

I stumbled upon Belize truly by accident. I was looking for somewhere to escape to for the weekend and Belize appeared. I wanted a warm place with about three hours or less of flying time. Belize is only about 2 ½ hours from takeoff to touch down. Belize is a small country in Central America, no larger than the state of Massachusetts with only about 330,000 people residing there. It has a Caribbean feel and a culture all of its own. I stayed in the Ramada Princess Resort and Spa. Although we had a standard room it was rather comfortable. All of the rooms face the ocean and you are greeted with a wonderful sunrise every morning. After watching the sunrise, you can stroll down to the restaurant for a buffet breakfast, packed with some Belizean ... read more
Belize City (2)
Belize City (3)
Belize City (4)

Belize is unique in itself, but the small islands that make up this Central America country are simply “UN-belizable”. The island of Ambergris Caye is soaked in Belizean culture. Ambergris Caye is the largest of the Belizean islands at 25 miles long and only 1 mile wide. Belize is a short flight from Atlanta, at two and a half hours. The weather is always a warm 80 degrees with very comfortable nights. The people of Belize are friendly and of many different ethnic backgrounds. Iguanas scamper free and are plentiful, dashing across the resort property, climbing trees or scaling a deck post. Ambergris Caye is an untouched gem. There are no big businesses or major hotel chains, only tiny shops and stores that line the narrow streets that are filled with golf cart traffic. There are ... read more

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