"You son of a gun"...

Published: June 23rd 2017
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Swimming in shark infested waters.Swimming in shark infested waters.Swimming in shark infested waters.

It's known that if, and the key word is if, you are able to flip a shark over they will go into an almost trance like state. Alex had a good sized one by the back fin and as it turned towards him, quickly decided this shark was not ready to relax.
Geo: 17.8651, -88.017

Getting acclimated to hostel traveling takes a few days when you are in the tropics. Fans are great and make the heat bearable, but I have found that true comfort doesn't come until around 2 am. The air tends to cool around that time and sleep comes much easier. However, it was around one am last night that I was dreaming that someone was grabbing at my heal. Huh?? Well I woke up to Alex trying to wake me up from one of my 15 minute mini sleeps not feeling very well. I guess the worlds best chicken fingers in the world left a lasting impression. How could I bring an entire first aid kit and forget the tums? Those are usually the first in the bag. Fortunately, he recovered and was able to get some sleep. We had a nice breakfast on the house consisting of a wonderful omelet and toast. Then, off to our tour of the local reef consisting of old style fishing, with no pole, spearfishing, and swimming with the sharks and rays.
The boat captain, if you really want to formalize this situation by referring to him that way, was an old salty dog, well
A local resident.A local resident.A local resident.

We found this guy and his friend hanging around near a building as we were walking. A little down the road we saw a good sized iguana as well. Alex chased it up a tree. What's with all the animal harassment this trip?
tanned and worn well beyond his actual age. Funny thing though was with all the sun induce wrinkles, he was ripped. Quite the character, he took us on our journey. for the day. Alex and I quickly learned that we would not survive without a lot of practice if all we had was a speargun. Neither of us could hit the broadside of a barn.
Swimming with the sharks and rays was fun. I have to admit though, thoughts of My hero the Crocodile Hunter swimming over a ray when he died had me a little worried at first.. Alex and I are very impressed with the quality of the video we shot and yes, I have Alex trying to wrestle a shark!! We finished the evening wiith a great fish dinner cooked by the resident character Bennedict. Quite the entertainer, not one person can pass by without a comment or shout from him usually followed by you son of a gun and can I call you baby?
This is not someone we will soon forget.

Additional photos below
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The boys!!The boys!!
The boys!!

We had so much fun chasing the sharks and petting the huge rays.
Here fishy fishy fishyHere fishy fishy fishy
Here fishy fishy fishy

This one was probably close to 2 feet wide.

9th June 2014

Pretty water. Looks like fun. Be safe.
9th June 2014

Great picture!
9th June 2014

cool! The water is so clear!
9th June 2014

It took me a few days to check my email but I'm logged and ready for more action! Everything sounds like an exciting adventure up to this point but I don't imagine Melissa would have as much fun haha Keep up the posts and pictures and we ca
n't wait to see the videos!
10th June 2014

Thank you for reading our blogs and commenting. I am swearing profusely right now.
10th June 2014

Thanks for posting photos and writing the blog! ...more photos, please.
10th June 2014

Ha ha, was supposed to be sweating, not swearing, lol
10th June 2014

Great photo!
11th June 2014

Sounds like you are having a great time. Hope your new hiking boots haven't required too much of a break-in period. I've heard spear fishing takes alot of practice when aiming underwater. Great pictures. Tell Alex we are proud of him.
Look forward to your next update. I was at David's and his email is broke so I couldn't access your blog until this morning. Be safe...love ya.

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