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8th January 2011

without a doubt adventure capital in world
30th July 2009

You're back
Welcome back! And congrats on passing your exam from Alan and me
28th July 2009

A last goodby
Thanks for the great times.... enjoyed your pic.s and stories.... My wife and I keep going back to Samui in Thailand. Have been there six or seven times since 1983.. going back this September. LP in Laos is going to be another one we return too. Best of luck to you guy's, Jim & Ann in Washington State, US of A
27th July 2009

Safeley Home
Glad you had a great time and you are back home safeley.xx
27th July 2009

Welcome home!
It's really good to have you home safe and sound (even if I'm currently out of the country myself!). I look forward to catching up soon xxx
16th July 2009

In that case, i give you the task of getting hannah to like water. A water baby she ain't!! I can't wait for you to get back, especially as it will be the school holidays, so I hope that we will be able to meet up loads and you can get to know hannah. I took her dancing last night and my teacher gave her a tu tu and tiny ballet slippers..she looked sooo cute! See you soon xxx
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12th May 2009

Are they really called Richard and Judy?
20th March 2009

Love the new hair Wend! Very glam :-) Reminds me I need to get mine seen to when I get home next week! Thanks for the e-mail - promise I'll send you a reply soon xx
23rd February 2009

Am I the only one who the thought the gas mask was a pair of pants?
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11th January 2009

Cold is good!
For some of us cold weather and lots of precipitation is actively encouraged :-)
10th January 2009

Weather report??
Weather in the UK is not great either....minus 7 yet again this morning, with freezing fog! No bugs though....uuugggghhhh :)
31st December 2008

That last comment was from me by the way... not sure if it tells you or not! Clare x
31st December 2008

I saw Dan's video of the snake on facebook - very good, particularly for having been done on the stills camera! Not sure I'd have ventured that close though :-) Happy New Year to you too!! xxx
28th December 2008

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you two too!! Thought I'd caught Dan on Skype today but obviously not... ah well. Let me know if you're around for a chat sometime! Cx
28th December 2008

Named after anyone we know...? ;-)
22nd December 2008

what, no siren?
that's some experience, riding a police car to take you to your hotel. but no wailing siren!
10th November 2008

singapore hotel
Hey that's a very interesting viewpoint of Singapore. Which hotel did you stay at when you were there. Maybe we should meetup sometime when we're both together in singapore. Alternatively you can visit Yellow Pages Singapore to check up on the latest happenings in Singapore. Small country but I simply love it.
16th October 2008

miss you
16th October 2008

miss you
25th September 2008

Hi lovely, looks like you are both having a wonderful time. You certainly are looking relaxed! So glad to hear the ear infection has cleared for now! ! I have shown some of the children at school your blog, they were well impressed. Robbie M looked at the picture of you in the tree and asked "Is Mrs Robinson in scorpio island?" Nothing much changes.....bless. Not a lot going on here at the moment, all normal stuff. Take good care of yourselves, remember we are following you. Love Sue X
25th September 2008

Tomato ketchup??
'Yellow' curry - sounds interesting! What's with the ketchup bottles though??
24th September 2008

Singapore is GREAT
The Night Safari is a real treat, when you have seen it let me know what you thought was best, and I will see if I agree! PS if you see someone who looks a lot like me only smaller (yes really) thats my brother.. say 'Hello Bob'
22nd September 2008

Iam gowing on hoilday in 2 weeks in oxford hope you are having a nice hoilday I Like your pictures from charlene
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22nd September 2008

hi from luke, have a good holiday
22nd September 2008

We all enjoyed Mr south giving your assembly today, and seeing your dream. It was less boring than usual. Have you seen a Tiger shark yet.
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