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Sailing down the Colombian coast, big, grey, dusky mountains so close by. The mist is rising up the gullies and ridges, looks like bushfire smoke, wreathed in the trees, slowly tearing itself away, spiralling up to join the massive thunderhead, taking up half the sky, a gigantic slow motion explosion, billowing out, twisting and contorting, blindingly white, so pure and perfect, a larger-than-life, laundry detergent commercial. Spooky bit of mainland Colombia here. The Darien. Impassable, no roads, incredibly steep mountains, dangerous swamps and lots of people with guns: Colombian police and military, their Panamanian counterparts, the guerrillas, the cartels’ militia, CIA, FBI, DHS, KGB, ASIO(?)…it’s the bit of Colombia that borders Panama, the link between Central and South America, and you can’t get thru’. 4 weeks at sea, had a burger at the marina cafe, first ... read more
what a choice
Kuna girls
local princesses

South America » Colombia » Cartagena December 11th 2007

I’d bought a new rod and reel, I didn’t want to be catching whales, or anything bigger than I could eat, so I went for a medium size reel with 200m of 50lb line. I chose this reel because it has a little arm that swings back and forth, laying out the line as it’s reeled in. The old reel was slightly larger but I had to be guiding the line onto the reel with finger or thumb. This was exceedingly difficult when reeling in something substantial. Hey, even the little tunas fight like fury! Anyway, the first time out with the new rig. 30 minutes or so later, I’m dozing off, and the line starts screaming out. There was just no way to wind in the tensioner. I tried to grab the line by ... read more
THE TALE(S) of 7 lobsters
sunset under Big Red
sunset under the ding

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao November 26th 2007

After dinner one night, sitting out back, dark, swirling water, swells rolling thru’, it’s so much spookier at night, the foreboding-meter ratchets up to 11, I chuck a piece of leftover bread out the back…suddenly a massive splash, flash of silver and gone!…quick!!….out with the line…. bit of somescrap on the hook and in….the line didn’t get 10’ down and whack…big fight…this one’s a real goer…..the handline is slipping thru’ dinner greasy fingers…I can’t hold it when it runs…slowly clawing back ground….finally fought it onboard, a big Horse Eye Jack…looks edible so I skin and fillet it…darkish firm flesh, a bit tunalike…we ate it next night….not too bad….would be good curry. Next I let out a line with just a hook, floating on a piece of bread…10 mins and snap again…this time a nice sized ... read more
french angel fish
little grouper

Here we go again, see if this works!!............A VELCRO PARTING FROM PUERTO LA CRUZ AND MORE… A sad day as we leave PLC…after 8 weeks of boredom, frustration and general stir-craziness it was a day to look forward to…but then I realised what I was leaving…the espanol lessons, the gym, the good friends, the pool, the bars, the restaurants, the golf course…the markets, the people……it was a velcro parting…the boat was welded to the dock……we left with a wrench……..I feel I’ll be back! But here we are now, it’s midnight and I’ve just been woken for my 4 hour shift. It takes a few minutes to acclimatize to the rock and roll and the darkness. A quick rundown on the situation from the skipper and I’m alone. A good wind is following us and with the ... read more
los roques blues
In the park
Dekkie Dos and Dekkie Decoration

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz September 18th 2007

In this episode: Winter in the bar, constant contrasts, plumbing the unfathomable - the Venezuelan toilet system, security, the effects of too much gravity, the Marina and the Development, Puerto Ordaz, Caracas revisited, another rum factory, the bus, the neighbourhood (there it goes), getting published and more grammatically strangled pithiness. At least my español is improving and I have ñ on the keyboard! yes, the time is slippping away...I've got no idea any more about anything ...but my conscience has been prickling lately so it must be close to blog o'clock...I've been keeping some notes but it just isn't the same atmosphere on the boat as it was on the fear, danger, impending and real disasters, speed, pain, more danger etc life just oozes out like melted chocolate down the asphalt beside the crashed ... read more
El Morro  from the air1
El Morro  from the air2
Tyre chewing, rock eating giant dog

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz August 19th 2007

Come back in the trip? Return to Canaima and the fabulous Falls... So we got to Puerto La Cruz (PLC) and got a berth at a marina…have we been there?…....Michael wanted to shout us a trip...very nice we went and saw the delightful Keigla who squeezed us into a 3 day excursione to Canaima…it started out with her squeezing us into a kamikaze taxi at 4am….an old shitbox chevy with the back seat from hell, you know, riding the bum-cracking bar in the middle or cramping in the lopsided sags on the sides….and a driver who, to be fair, probably once drove pretty well…like before his eyesight deteriorated, hand-eye co-ordination deserted him, distance calculation, recognition of roads, potholes, other cars etc was completely gone…you get the picture….anyway, 4 and a half hours later we get ... read more
Crew at Angel Falls
Angel Falls
Angel Falls2

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz August 13th 2007

JOE WAS COMING TOMORROW TO MEET WITH OYSTERS AT A FART PARTY What I meant to say was I’M COMING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND AND MEETING THE OTHERS AT THE FESTIVAL Ahh language!…If one is, as I am, verging on the bereft when it comes to speaking espanol…even on the computer I can’t find the bizzo that should go over the ‘n’…then conversations on the telephone are nigh on impossible!…however, as some testament to endurance over competence I did manage, this morning, to get us into a marina….fortunately, as we approached this enormously expansive waterway with multi-marinas, our guy was waiting at the dock and sign language sufficed to settle us in….but, in general I am still grappling with the lingo…actually getting by pretty well…it’s all relative!….for general conversation I can hold my own but then, when ... read more
isla cubagua
The Wreck
ON The Wreck

South America » Venezuela » Insular » Isla Margarita August 6th 2007

This is a re-send...apologies if some of you get it twice but the blogsite was down for 4 days and lost this entry... The back hatch (window) in my berth has a recessed window 1400x120 with a well sheltered cover so its almost always open….at eye level from the big Q size bed it offers a roving eye as we slowly swing at anchor thru 90 degrees or so …over 5 minutes or so, and also the gentle pitch and roll….flapping furiously just outside this window is the flag of the British Virgin Islands where we are registered….look it up….it’s predominantly red so I’m constantly getting red flashes across my roving eye-glass view of the Prickly Bay Marina world……stuck in the cabin again? And the sounds….a constant shlepping, slopping from the wave action under the flat ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 7th 2007

Ah, just when you thought he'd given up...he's baack. What was the last one? just the change of eddress maybe?? Well, since then I've been up to Townsville a couple of times, cruised around and generally tried to keep the footloose spirit going....this has been assisted by selling the house and doing a torrid CELTA course (to teach English to non-English speakers) and now I'm looking to get some work around here teaching and then head off to join the Bro' somewhere in the Caribbean in June and look for some work around there. Cuba would be good but it's difficult to find out what's happening there...otherwise Venezuela, Colombia or somewhere in centroamerica. So.....these are some ramblings over the past 4 months.... Did I tell you about waking up early, the sun comes up over the ... read more
Kate's new car
All the Shums
The Bro's last party

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Caulfield October 28th 2006

So much to tell you but it's so daunting writing about things so close to home....and seeing so many bloggees up close and personal.....but something is coming!....First up though, I have a new eddress. Come on in....... read more

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