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North America » United States » Kentucky December 2nd 2008

La Habana to Colombia via Panama…… Medellin airport is a long way from the city…the closest flatenough land I suppose…the taxi pulls out of the airport before asking me where I’m going?…when I tell him he doesn’t know the hotel…flags down another cab, no idea either…back to the airport…a gathering of cabs argues about the location…I had booked online, it looked impressive in the photo on their website, and they did have a website (?) eventually we get there, one of several hundred el cheapo hotels, the neon sign looked vaguely like the impressive façade of the website ….up the narrow stairs which barely held me and a skinny suitcase….but friendly people, nice little kitchen jammed into the courtyard…dead centre of the old city….just fantastic…lots of galleries, museums and the sculptures of Medellin’s favourite son Fernando ... read more
almost finished - NYBG
Almost Horizon Pool
Botero, Medellin

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana August 21st 2008

Ah, the Malecon, the broad boulevard that runs around the waterfront. Many cities have a Malecon but my favourite is in La Habana. A favourite evening stroll, the stream of bicycles, bici-taxis, ladybird 3 wheeler cabs, roaring dinosaural old Chevies, Fords, even Caddies, omnipresent little white Ladas with oversize blue domelights of the Policia, and amongst them all, occasional, sleek new Benzes and Audies of los ricos. In the early mornings fishermen try their luck while joggers run away. At the Eastern end of the Malecon huge freighters slide through the narrow channel into the port. Still guarded by the massive old fortress walls of El Castillo where the ceremonial firing of the canon resounds across the city every night at 9pm. The big seawall has withstood the day-to-day Atlantic swells and occasional hurricanes for a ... read more
waterfall under Brooklyn bridge
Me and Granma
International Date Line

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga June 16th 2008

If these are the famous Trade Winds….I can do without the trade. Tearing ourselves away from the magic of Bora Bora in the Society Islands we set off for Rarotonga in the Cook Islands some 500 miles SW. The first day or so was really quiet we even had to drive for a while but then had Big Red up and hauling us along. Thursday came the front, wind blowing 20 - 25 knots and the seas just went berko. Sloppy, choppy big waves but no rhythm or rhyme, a violent washing machine action, not your smooth sloppy front-load this was your big Kelvinator on max agitation cycle. Waves were breaking right over the boat, sloshing over the cabin, flooding the cockpit, in my little bed I was looking up and watching water flooding over my ... read more
Sometimes I sit and think...
Me and my friend, Evee and Jim
Bora Bora Sharka sharka

Oceania » French Polynesia June 3rd 2008

And just as the reformed alcoholic becomes the most strident teetotaller so the vitriolic green flash naysayer may become its most tediously vocal supporter. We were sailing from Morea to Huahine, an overnighter so we would get there mid morning. The sun was setting off the port bow and M, Jim and I were watching the last moments. As always, waiting for this so called ‘green flash’. You may recall some colourful comments in previous blogs about this subject, for me in the same league as UFOs, crop circles and Bigfoot. (Not to say that some of the green flash proponents still don’t seriously need medicating but…) Then, as the last of the sun was about to disappear, a green dot appeared. Not so much a flash as a small green point of light. M, Jim ... read more
adjusting the sacred ceremonial centrepiece
1st sight
Bora Bora dawn

Oceania » French Polynesia » Tahiti May 19th 2008

PARADISE LOST and REGAINED?… Just walk away Renee…. CAN YOU BE MORE (S)PACIFIC… NO MAD NOMAD HERE… AN ANENOME OF THE PEOPLE?.. Infernal, Internal Thermals…and much, much more!.. Nuku Hiva, now a memory, but something transpired there, it really got to me, I’m still not sure what it was…..more later maybe Unlike the Galapagos Islands which were basically conventional volcanic islands - you know, cone shaped, sloping lava fields to the sea, calderas, tunnels all that stuff, the Marquisas are far more topographically challenging. (and, as there are English, French and Spanish spellings, even differing names for many of these places, you may notice some inconsistencies !!) The Marquisas, enormous tortured rock mountains, stratified layers, peaks and rolls, huge cliffs jutting vertically from the water 100’s of feet, high crested peaks to 3,000 feet, constant clou ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Nuku Hiva April 24th 2008

They call it Stormy (petrel) Monday Recycled Casserole - Deja Stew Nurse Hurts Worse - the Killer Cure More Whales! I thought all waves were the same….until I saw you wave good-bye… FIRST TATTOO Reporting in from the extraordinary Marquesas. Minute specks of volcanic crests truly in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful isolation and laidback lifestyle. And the French influence, fine when it comes to bread but for almost everything else…hmmmm And all these Photos are from Jim’s camera, Thank You so much! So, back to where it all began, leaving the Galapagos….. I’m just starting to realise just how big this Pacific Ocean is, deserves capitals, makes the old Atlantic a bit of a puddle but you can google on any number of facts about the amazing vastness, the depth, the isolation, the ant-like sense ... read more
The Artist and his Work
Bay of Vigins
virgins bay

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos March 19th 2008

We changed islands. After a week in San Cristobal we were ready to move. I t had been memorable, I think. A lovely little harbour, nice collection of shops and a couple of restaurants, fresh market, renovated malecon, always friendly people, the usual resorts and research places for the turtle huggers and cute little water taxis to get us to and fro the boat. Altho’ it may be hard to equate little bashed up dinghies and outboards with the elegant gondolas of the sunken city……I felt it was a bit Venetian….(and even more so in Isabela where the roads were kerb high flooded after big rains but that’s later) (You know…… there’s soo much control here in the Galapagos…..on everything except crap T-shirts… including, naturally, every possible single and double entendre on Boobies) And there’s a ... read more
blue-footed booby
yellow reef fish
blue reef fish

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos February 29th 2008

WAY POINT - navigating, WEIGH POINT - fishing, WHEY POINT - yoghurting Booby Aboard! …..Swimming the Equator!…..Back to the Galapagos….Eau de Sea Lion (Odour Sea Lion)…….but…. WHERE DO BIRDS PUT THEIR FEET WHEN THEY’RE FLYING? ..especially those big gum-booted pelicans………altho’ sometimes I can see pelicans’ feet, they tuck them back like they are holding their big, fish-filled, pot bellies in…but for all the other birds, nada…… And talking birds, last night on my watch, 4am - 6am, a couple of birds started circling the boat, very strange clackety chirruping call, just 2 of them, doing weird stuff in the light at the bow, then gone….I was wondering if they were Guacheros? It’s full moon beautiful long distance visibility and the closest land over 160 kms away…..and/but always nice to have company. It’s surprising how often a ... read more
Video Game at the Equator
Champagne and cigar
Crew Celebrate the Crossing

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal February 15th 2008

Another day, another family, another roast pig……the sound of a thousand tiny balls, bearing…..thoughtlessly efficient design…..back on board….and so much less…..than last time! Life in Cuba, the people, the country, can be described in many, many ways, but I can tell you one thing for nothing…it is NEVER boring! nunca aburrido! Not that I get bored easily, as you know, I mean, I spent time staring out, just above the horizon, I could have done the hare krishna thing, I’m easily amused, but here, you know who wept! It is a constantly moving feast, altho’ that’s probably not the most appropriate saying as the food is the only low point, crikey, I could kill for a pizza. Not that I’m fading away! But I thought I’d shed the pelt here, you know, exercise, plain food, fruit….but ... read more
waiting in the car with Elsa
Elasa, yo, Tash
the new washing machine

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 1st 2008

WELCOME TO THE HOTEL INGLATERA….such a lovely place….such a lovely face It’s a wonder all the women aren’t pregnant and all the men asleep. Cuba runs on sex, fuelled by rum, coffee and tobacco, supported by the familiar background soundtrack, it’s hot, and wet, fecund. They have the best of everything. Travelling thru the city and countryside you still get an endless barrage of patriotic reminders of the revolutionary struggle, now nearly 50 years on! Libertad, Liberty, is a consistent theme, but thi... read more
Tash and me
at the bus stop
Laydes y yo

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