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North America » Mexico July 20th 2005

Hola to you all..,thanks again for the feedback, don't worry if its only trivia, I love to hear about the shitty weather and the boring, seriously, always good just to know someones out there, like a DJ on the graveyard shift, you've gotta have someone acknowledge your existence every now and again.. was good to get back on the bike after a coupla days in Acapulco.....and after the fantastic help from our friends at Motomar changing the tyres and oil, that was such a cool break, unbelievable, We were given T-shirts and key ring bizzos, I gave the boss my gold kangaroo pin and an AUS sticker..we'll be passing on his address to any bikes we see on the road for sure..... So, sayonara Acapulco......I just can't get too excited over the big city ... read more

North America » Mexico July 18th 2005

Well Amigos and Amigas, in Acapulco, the iconic resort and slum of nortamericana dreams! staying in an upper market hotel, on the 11th floor so the views are positively panoramic, the only drawback, except for my persistent habit (sorry Mark) is the only 2 lifts and they are slow, and even slower when some little shit from 1103, yes, we know who you are, punches all the buttons before running off laughing....the trip down then takes about 35 minutes....but at least when it happened last night I was joined in entrapment with a young woman who helped me with my language problems.....and the strip here is lined with gold coast style high risers, theme restaurants and doof-doof bars......but the room is clean, has three beds and sheets and towells ...whoo hoo...and a phone so G can ... read more
getting back on the road
cafe on the edge
best meal ever

North America » Mexico July 16th 2005

Well, just a few cleansing cervezas after getting to Zehuatenehua sounds like seewhatanheighhah...been in San Blas , I though for a moment it was Sand Blast as the wind drove along the beach and did just that...but the trivia that goes thru the mind while on the road..sucking on the camels back, mind wandering ...then you find yourself going way too hot into a corner and remembering that concentration is sorta important...but firstly, altho its already secondary...thanks soo much to you all for the comments...soo good to hear from you and its really important to get that feedback, and from all of you who I don't know, who have stumbled onto my blog by some random interneto chance, I hope you continue to be with me as we travel along...the minutae of random thought seems to ... read more

North America » Mexico July 11th 2005

trying to get some photos up....hang in there with me...... read more

North America » Mexico July 11th 2005

what happened? ran out of time and space in Creel...and nervously anticipating the run down to morning early start...sort of quiet nervousness but a beautiful smooth run down to Samariche...some of you would have read my mail from here 3 years ago about the horror and the splendour of this road to Batopilas...dropping nearly 2000metres in 140 kms...most of the drop is on the last 70 kms of unmade road from Samariche to Batopilas...slipping and sliding over the most unmade of unmade roads you could was pretty scary on the bus but this was to be something else put it into perspective, well, my perspective anyway...since I first cnsidered doing this trip and the inclusion of Copper Canyon on the itinerary I have suffered serios sleeping disorders and drop off nearly every night ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon July 6th 2005

Well, 3 years on nearly and here I am back in fact back in the same interneto place altho´staying much more salubriously this the Best Western...seppo crap that the others insisted on for telephone connections for the lappos etc...but after the last few days I wasbn´t complaining about a bit of lux as in ury.... Had a big one a the Beachfire restaurant in San Clemente on the last night in the US..bit of a reunion and farewell for Ted & Grant with a bunch of their surf the morning we grouped at the RipCurl office...Ted got a bit lost but we set up for him to take the definitive start of ¨the Search¨shots...he´s subsequently lost them in the computer (he says) and I´ve only got one of Ted checking his light meter ... read more

Just a quickie just so you know I made it this far!.. Big hold ups all the way over...from Philippine airline people saying I won't get into the states w'out an ongoing to Grant, insist its ok...finally they let me on...then a 2 hour delay anyway....then to Sydney, then to Manilla...about 8 hours from Sydney....great to be back in hot and sweaty weather...I'll save some stories of Manila til later...extensive security checks, lightning strike that knocked out the power...more delays...then the 13 hour flight to LA....caught up with Grant, pulled into a little roadside bar and had a couple of Fosters..... Funny thing about airplane temperatures and country of origin...when I flew last year with Austrian Air the temp was quite warm....this time with Phiolippine Air they keep the temp just above freezing!.....anyone flown with ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 15th 2005

Today the bike went into the box and I won't see it for a couple of weeks until I get to LA and find out how it travelled....and what's left. Hope to get the photos up...the Bike, The Map and The Rider with his long-suffering children...... read more
The Bike
Me and My Family

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 12th 2005

3 guys, 3 bikes, 30,000 kms, 9 months, 16 countries.....We are off in a couple of weeks so I want to get this up and running. Three of us and our bikes are flying out to LA and then we're going to ride right down to the southernmost point...then come halfway back. Already there's talk of hanging in and getting up to Bolivia and Peru....seems a shame to go all that way and not finish off. However, the conditions of bikes, bums and banks may determine what happens after Santiago. ... read more
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