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Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang April 14th 2011

Tet was pretty chaotic, well, the lead-up was absolutely chaotic, and in this city that's a big call! The fireworks on New Year's Eve were seen through a thick haze, some internal, some external. The closer ones we could see quite well, the further away ones, well.... Tet is the lunar new year by the Chinese calendar, although here it is claimed as local, and it's the year of the rabbit here, the year of the cat in China. There's a bit of an anti Chinese feeling here but quite subtle. No overly obvious sentient sentiment evident but by choice the locals seem to prefer buying things from anywhere rather than China. One curiously sleep-depriving feature of Tet is the karaoke machines, everyone has one and everyone gets a go, and all night. From the youngest ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi January 21st 2011

Like a one-cheek sneak I slipped through the terrible oneway doors and into the no-mans land of the international departure lounge. Almost as surreal as the time travelers' portal in some scifi movie it transports one into the temporary purgatory wherein all manner of lost souls mingle and wander (along with their bruised metaphors), forced into a time dragging limbo, all in the same boat. I'm feeling among them but not of them. There's a universal sameness, not found anywhere else but consistent in all airports. Maybe it's the similar sameness of people going to Maccas all over the world, although their sameness is a shared lack of taste. But sharing the same sense of "just passing through" And time. Everything is based on time, departure time, arrival time, waiting time. Yet it is a curiously ... read more
Tet Cumquat delivery
Gone fishing
Painting the

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bega Valley December 13th 2010

Finally the photo you go...First the house and I'm happy to say it passed the final inspection!! We are IN!...then some back issue pix of Europe and Vietnam from the last wander. it's still difficult to reconcile with myself that I live in New South Wales, true it gives me the right to lay sh*t on my former state of Victoria, but to be a newsouthwelshman just doesn't seem right. And I'm suffering from not using the ipad, I'm back on the lappo and it doesn't have the same cuteness of the ipad which modifies, alters and corrects almost everything i write, such as capitalising i, for example!! I may have appeared a tad harsh in the last entry, for the things it does well , it does very very well, some of it's features ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi November 7th 2010

Just when you thought he had finally gone for good.....well, the house is another story, and I will be back there very soon....but, for those who came in late.....I was just over in Germany to see Kate and Stephan, Hi Kids, thanks for the lovely time.... we went off to Berlin, about which I might write more some day, the whole writing thing has deserted me again, a few notes here and there but largely very litle (?). Anyway, Germany, Aachen is such a lovely little city, so old and cute but now the winter is coming and I'm just as happy not to be there in the snow and ice and stuff, acres of pretty rough cobblestones over which the women totter on their high heels, I reckon if they can get around Aachen on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bega Valley June 7th 2010

.....they're feeding them out of barred containers, the cows suck, chew, nibble and clutch at, the straws sticking through the bars, otherwise not very much has been moving except on the house site. And it seems to have been a blogwhile so...for those of you patiently waiting, here's a bit of an updato. seems all my creative juices have been absorbed by the construction and all the associated efforts so I'll let the pix do the talking.....(I know some of you will appreciate this!) Progress has been rapid, problems overcome, fu*kups corrected (as much as possible!) and looking at it now it is hard to believe so much has been achieved by so few in such a short space of time.....truly amazing!! ...and another big storm last weekend, winds to 130 kph but only 120mm ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bega March 30th 2010

Even tho’ some computers invent their own viruses when they see another of my blogs coming…here it is…. Cows, lots of cows, relentlessly shuffling towards the milking shed. And not your old wooden-slat, bendy roof, iconic rural shed but an all-steel, concrete floored, gleaming, stainless steel pipes and tanks…and no-one in sight. It all looks somewhat authentically rural but it’s not. On closer inspection, like rolling down the window, the stench hits you. This is not your rich country smell of cattle and wet hay, of memories of Royal Show livestock sheds, of small farms of my youth, it’s unnatural, almost chemical, it stinks of something really off. This is the smell of 21st century mechanized, industrialized, milk manufacturing. The cows are like robots, cowbots?…the thick mud stinks, The dust was blowing into every crack ... read more
washing away
still washing away

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bega Valley December 22nd 2009

I sort of wake and roll over. The first pinky tinge is gathering strength on the hill horizon. Not long after I moved in to the caravan I was well over the narrow bunkish bed and built a frame, got a bed base from the Salvos and a Q-size mattress. It all fitted in with about a poofteenth to spare, believe me, this bed will not be getting out, and now I have built some cupboards and it is totally locked down. And the bed is right at window level. So, it means the bed is actually an infinity bed, or a horizon bed, you know? You look out to the edge and its just the wide open valley and the pink dawned hills to the east. 3 metres from the window my family of Eastern ... read more
1mm rain = 36 litres water
car park
sunrise over the horizon bed

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bega Valley September 9th 2009

Two big bulls have been moved to the house paddock. They are looking forlorn…actually they’re looking ‘for lawn’ but it’s all frozen over. Maybe they are forlorn, it’s 5 degrees below zero and the ground is white to the horizon. But more depressing for these big guys is the disappearance of 95% of their job satisfaction. Nowadays everyone wants artificial insemination. These bulls are very placid, laid-back (or comatose?) occasionally picking at bits of grass and then just gazing, more gazing than grazing, blissed out or spaced out? They are big, reddy/brown and curiously furry, with low ears and a ragged topknot. Not your sleek, Aberdeen-Angus-Naugahide-look-a-likes, much furrier and no horns, which is always nice when they are up in the house paddock, a few metres from the veranda. Borne on a cold dawn. By 6.30 ... read more
Chilli strings
I should've spent more time in Machu Pichu
Cleopatra's bath? 25,000 litres of milk!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bega Valley July 8th 2009

BROGO DREAMING Is there anyone left out there??……..Blog resurrected. In brief, for those of you who came in late, I got back to Australia, I mothballed the passport (for a while), bought some land and plan on building a house. The Kingdom of Billy is 25 acres (almost 12 hectares) on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere, it is really steep so I get fabulous views, I can even sea the Ocean, at Tathra, 20 kms away. If you’ve got Google Earth go to E 36 35 00 S 149 48 15 And the new phone is 0408 48 48 75 So there you go, I’ll try and get some photos up but it’s difficult to give a true picture of how it is. And my first video, does it work? But this ... read more
KoB Panorama2
KoB Panorama3

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne December 27th 2008

MERRY XMAS ETC. The BIT (back in town) sessions. I had to get a new mobile number 0432 425 842 (don’t ask, it was another unfortunate Optus moment) THE LAMB THAT THYME FORGOT. Having suffered severe lamb withdrawal over the past 6 months I have been absolutely going the pig. Check the first meal back pic. Backing up a bit…..and it is making me shiver to recall just how cold it was but here we go…. THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA(?) well, Chicago A WINTER WONDERLAND….I’M WONDERING HOW LONG IS WINTER IN THIS LAND Cincinnati railroad, Grand Union Station, a majestic, fabulous, art-deco structure celebrating 75 years. You can see it for miles, a giant arch dominating the skyline, out where it is, looks like it was the centre of town, about 100 years ago. The ... read more
sleety, snowy, slushy stuff
the stadium
snowy 'burbs

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