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Traveling solo through South America. Hitch hiking, wwoofing, conservation projects, couch surfing, trekking, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, sand boarding, horse back riding, fishing, glacier trekking, and camping! What is the significance of my profile picture? Mom and I, along with my siblings, would walk from our house to this stop sign when she had the strength. I made her walk up to and touch the sign each time. The stop sign is about 100 yards from our house. It was a short journey we would take when we could. Now, I will be traveling a distance that is a bit further, but my mom will still be with me, every step of the way!

Starting in Santiago, then south all the way to Ushuia. From there Ill be heading north all the way to Columbia! My blogs will document the entire journey!

South America » Colombia » Bogota June 26th 2011

"Bon Iver - Calgary" Ten minutes ago, while watching a movie with a friend I had just met it finally hit me. Time to go home. July 2nd! I just arrived in Bogota, like seriously, less then 30 minutes have past. It happened exactly like how I thought it might. I told my friends and family that I would know exactly when it would be time for me to return home. I would be hiking somewhere, reading a book at breakfast or whatever. And suddenly out of nowhere I would realize it was time to go home. It hit me while watching a movie in Bogota Colombia. I got off the couch, called Air Canada and booked my flight home. About a month ago I met a really cool girl from Ecuador while staying at a ... read more

"The Antlers - Two" "The Arcade Fire - Haiti" Andrew had left for Chile and Alicia arrived from Canada. I had spent the better part of a month in Buenos Aires and it was time to leave! Alicia had two weeks to explore as much as possible. So we needed to travel fast! This would prove to be a challenge for me, I don't travel fast. I have adopted the South American Backpacking life style with lots of sleep, lots of food and more sleep! BUT I needed to be more efficient for the next two weeks. We stayed two nights Buenos Aires before heading north to Iguazu. With Alicia, I finally enjoyed my first Tango show and dinner. It was pretty cool, and holly cow can they dance. What a sexy dance! Those guys are ... read more
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Tv On The Radio - Will Do Andrew Stewart, my good friend, decided to join me once again for a small portion of my trip. This time in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Andrew and I seem to drink far too much and stay up far too late when we backpack together. This is bad news when you consider we would be meeting up in the South American party headquarters! We took advantage of Buenos Aires and never made it to bed before 5am for 8 straight days. After the first couple days of partying in Buenos Aires we decided that we needed a break. Martu, Dani and Tatiana had kept Andrew and I out drinking and dancing until the sun came up too many days in a row. We were both trashed. Change of venue was in ... read more
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Elena - Zombie Tierra Segunda - Life Makes Sense On April 16th I departed Bariloche and headed for Buenos Aires. I was sad to leave the Patagonia after 3 months of pure awesomeness! But I was excited to experience Buenos Aires! My first few days were actually quite difficult, adjusting to life in a rat race once again. My days of fresh mountain air, glaciers, forests and a tranquil way of life were suddenly tossed aside in exchange for millions of people living in a rush, tail pipes spewing out pollution and a fast food nation. I might not paint a pretty picture of Buenos Aires with that. It is a wonderful city and I have enjoyed my time here. That being said, I miss the Patagonia. Ive been told that the Patagonia is life changing, ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 14th 2011

"Anathallo - Dokkoise House" "Anathallo - Hanasakajijii" The only difference between hippies from Argentina and Canada is their native language! They look the same, dress the same, act the same and smell the same! I found it strange that El Bolson, a self proclaimed refuge from the hectic world for hippies, has yet to ban plastic bags. El Calafate and El Chalten both have banned plastic bags from their grocery stores. What's with that El Bolson? I thought hippies praised mother earth? Come on, get with it! Perhaps you can swap out plastic bags at the SuperMercado's in exchange for a joint and a home made bar of soap! Now how hippie would THAT be?!! Jokes aside, I loved El Bolson. It was always on my radar as I made my way up the Route 40. ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén April 8th 2011

"Skysurfer - Here Comes The Sun" El Chalten, home of the famous Fitzroy! Move over Fitzroy, someone just informed me of a floor hockey tourney! I arrived in El Chalten after a short three hour bus ride from El Calafate. Along the way I met some pretty cool backpackers and I managed to team up with Zuzana! I like her, she is from Slovakia and is crazy for Ice Hockey! AND she is the first Slovak that I have ever met! El Chalten is a small town nestled into a beautiful valley. Most people come here for the Fitzroy! Monte Fitz Roy is a mountain located near El Chaltén village, in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, in Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile. The mountain is also known as Cerro Chaltén, Cerro Fitz Roy, ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate April 3rd 2011

"Deep Dive Corporation - Timba" "Cafe Del Mar - Parasailing" Route 40 has it’s “0 kilometer” mark in Mendoza. From there, the route divides into two: Route 40 Northbound, which runs through the province of Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy, until reaching Abra Pampa in the heart of the high plateau. It is a 1551 km journey. The Route 40 Southbound leaves Mendoza and travels though the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz, finishing in Punta Loyola, close to Río Gallegos. It is a journey of 3115 km. This long stretch of road passes through mountains more than 3000 meters tall, wide valleys, 20 national parks, many nature reserves, and, of course, an invaluable diversity of cultures marked by beliefs, music and rituals completely different. While parts are paved ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 21st 2011

"The National - England" "The National - Terrible Love" Ushuaia is located in a wide bay on the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, bounded on the north by the Martial mountain range and on the south by the Beagle Channel. Ushuaia has a subpolar oceanic climate. Temperatures average 1.6 °C (34.9 °F) in the coolest month (July), and 10.4 °C (50.7 °F) in the warmest month (January). The record low is −25 °C (−13 °F), and record high 29 °C (85 °F) (December). The record low ever recorded in summer is −6 °C (21 °F). On average the city experiences 200 days of light rain or snow a year, with many cloudy and foggy days. Despite receiving only 530 mm (21 in) average annual precipitation, Ushuaia is very humid. A similar climate ... read more
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"The Danks - Sold Me Out" "Radiohead - The Reckoner" "The Doves - Satelites" I wasn´t sure what to expect while on board the Antarctic Dream. I had heard various opinions about the boat, the trip and the staff. The only constant was that the scenery was friggin amazing. So I decided to board the boat with an open mind and try to leave any expectations behind. That´s a lie, I had high expectations! I thought I might be stuck on board with 70 or so old rich people from around the world. I was worried that it would be early nights occupied with book reading and solitaire. I was a bit nervous to meet my roommate, hoping for someone around my age who didn't snore, smell and would be nice and relatively normal! Well, to ... read more
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"Craig Cardiff - Dearest When You Called" "Craig Cardiff - Dirty Old Town" "Craig Cardiff - Smallest Wings" "Craig Cardiff - When People Go" Antarctica, I´m not sure how to describe it! I would like to gather the greatest poets and see what they have to say! However not our best poets or most skilled photographers and painters could capture the natural beauty that Antarctica has to offer. It is simply mind blowing on so many different levels. After a long journey across the Drake you awake to your first glimpse of Antarctica early in the morning. It´s much like Christmas, only a thousand times better! Penguins jumping in the water doing their best to imitate Dolphins, soaring Albatroses and Curious Seals over whelm your senses. And you haven't even had the chance to scan the ... read more
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