Victoria Curtis


Victoria Curtis

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan December 12th 2009

I made a last minute trip to visit my friends in Poznan before leaving Europe and returning home to the United States. Before I left, I wrote down her address on my ticket and left for the train station. I boarded the train and looked out the window at the winter wonderland until it was dark. I was switching trains in Wroclaw, so I knew that I shouldn't fall asleep! To my horror, the train stopped in the middle of no where and I heard mixes of Polish and Czech. I stepped out of my cabin to see what was going on.. and the conductor just spoke to me in Czech. "Ne, ne Anglicky." He should his head and pushed me in the direction of the door. No one spoke English, but it was clear that ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo December 6th 2009

Today we got up and went to the market one last time to get some more souvenirs for friends. At 10:30, we met our tour guide in the hostel. He drove a Mercedes SUV with Texas license plates and registration stickers. I have to say.. this definitely put a smile on my face! Our first stop was the "Goat's Bridge." The story behind it is.. a shepherd was herding his sheep near the river and found gold, so they built a gold mine around the river in that area, but they needed a bridge to run over that area so they could carry supplies over the river. He said that the bridge was over 500 years old! Next stop: the Jewish cemetery. This was probably my favorite part of the tour. The Jewish cemetery was used ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo December 5th 2009

After a restless night of hearing the Slovenians downstairs dancing, banging on the walls and singing "We all live on the Yellow Subamarine..." we woke up at 8am. We went to the bakery next to our hostel and got a loaf of bread and some juice, and we were on our way to explore the city. We walked through the copper markets which sold Bosnian tea sets (almost identical to turkish tea sets), and through the old part, but continued to the new part of the city which we soon found to be a little bit depressing and empty. We walked down the main street for about two hours... We saw bullet holes in the sides of buildings, condemned structures, graffiti, etc.. The National Museum was a beautiful building, yet it hasn't opened again since the ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo December 3rd 2009

Mark and I left the kolej at around eight, caught a bus to the airport, and checked in an hour early. As we sat waiting for our flight to board, I realized I had no idea of what to expect n Sarajevo, Bosnia. It's one of those places you hear about on the news (Yugoslavia war 1992-1995), and learn about in school, but to actually be there? It would be like being in Bagdad 15 years from now. Or something like that. When our plane was descending, both Mark and I looked out the window, anxious and curious about where we were landing. The airport was sooo small.. only four or five gates! We found a taxi to take us to our hostel for ten euro.. we got him down from fifteen euro. We also went ... read more
The Old Part of Town
Mosque in Old Town
Mosque in Old Town

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana November 23rd 2009

I saved the Jewish Quarter for when my aunt, Cynthia and her friend, Anne came! So, it was their first day in Prague. They just arrived last night. We met at Malostranska and walked across the bridge. I showed them my academic building on the way to the Jewish quarter and they were pretty impressed. We all got tickets to see six sights of the Jewish Quarter museum... They were kind of expensive- 300 crowns each, but I got the student discount :) We saw the cemetery where over a quarter million Jews were buried in a grave yard smaller than a soccer field. They apparently were buried on top of each other because they weren't aloud any more land for living or to bury the dead. Next, we saw the Spanish synagogue. It was very ... read more
Jewish Children's Drawings
Jewish Family Names
Jewish Cemetery

Europe » Czech Republic » Karlovy Vary Region » Cheb November 13th 2009

When we got on that bus to Dobra Voda, I really was not sure of what to expect. To be honest, I wasn’t so happy about waking up at 6:00am on a day off from classes. However, I can say that I got off that bus feeling like I had experienced something very fulfilling and enriching. I feel in order to truly understand the Romani people; you need to spend at least a day in their community. I worked with ages eight to twelve. We had originally planned a whole program of games and rules, etc. However, we didn’t end up doing even half of the games on our list. We were not prepared for their short attention span and hyperactivity! However, we still had a lot of fun teaching them games that we as Americans ... read more
Trouble maker
Rome House
Mathias Explaining the Rules

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Bílá Hora November 7th 2009

So, this is my first weekend of not traveling in a whole month. I can definitely say that it is relieving to be in Prague with a sense of permanence. However, there were not many others in the dorm this weekend. In my suite it was just three of us! But we decided that we would do something fun this weekend. On Thursday night, we went to Cross Club. Its a really cool bar with weird industrial artwork and fixtures everywhere. Every night they invite an artist or a DJ. Thursday, it was a Reggae DJ. It was really cool. It was a nice laid back night with just three girls and four guys. Friday night we went to a cool indie place where they have indie movie showings and bands. We bought tickets to see ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb October 31st 2009

We woke up late today because of miles and miles of walking and traveling and sleeping on hard mattresses! Oh and snoring Australians (it was so bad, I had to wake the poor Aussie up). We got out around 9am and skipped breakfast! It is probably a good thing we got an extra hour or two of sleep.. because we had some unexpected surprised coming our way! Last night we planned out our route, so we had a good idea of where were going. First we stopped at the market which was very overwhelming because there were so many people, but the space was not so big. We got some souvenirs and headed to the cathedral. At first there was a mass going on, so we watched the mass from the back and when it was ... read more
St. Mark's Church
Halloween Mask
Vesna Pusic

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 30th 2009

So despite walking a calculated fifteen or plus miles yesterday, we got up bright and early because we had a lot to see before we hopped on a train to Zagreb. First, we went to the train station to get our ticket to Zagreb. Then since I was dreaming about that Mocha I had yesterday, I had to get another! We walked into the main square of the city and where the castle up on a hill was visible. Again, no signs or routes shown, so we just went up and eventually found a trail that took us up to the castle. The trail was heavily wooded and beautiful because of the changing leaves. On the way up, we met a Slovenian lady and her dog whose name was "Funny." She was a mix of some ... read more
Church in the Town Square
Ljubljana Castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 29th 2009

We woke up brriiiight and early today.. We had a lot on our list to get done! But first, I needed my coffee!! I went to a cute cafe and asked for a mocha. They looked confused. I told them esspreso+ chocolate and milk = mocha. The put two shots of espresso in my cup and added their "hot chocolate" which was actually melted chocolate bars with milk. Let me tell you, that was the BEST, thickest mocha I have had in my life. We left the city even before we got to explore it.. which was hard but we were saving the city for the next day. So we got on the bus number 1, took it to the end, got on bus number 8, took it to the end, and got off and walked ... read more
The Alps and I
Smarna Gora
Hike up Smarna Gora

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