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16th August 2010

Very interesting :) I am Czech, lot of things is tipical :))), but a lot of these things is special for Prague (pay for WC, salt, pepper, water in restaurant). You are right with McDonald - I was allways surprised, if somebody said, that it is very cheap, for pure people...The toilet paper you find in public places is one of the cheapest, you now, but we normally have a good one as well. Dogs MUST have lashes, but in the past it was not a rule and lot of people do that like in the past :) In Brno I know convenience stores with over the counter meds. But your are right, it is not typical...High Speed Washer/dryers - in public loundry there are not very modern machines :) But we normally have high speed program, really (about 45 min). And take the meal home is really normal here, I do it every time, because I never can eat everythig from my plate :) What is very interesting to me is your point about suburbs. I was allways wondering, where the people in US movies live :) Beautifull houses, but not village...In CZ we have towns, cities and villages. On the end of city is usually housing development (prefab). So you can live in centre, , on ond the edge or in village near city. I would like to live in suburb like you have in US (in films :), I have never been there). And the KETCHUP!!! :) You have different one?? How taste it? Wheres different? I really woul love to recognise your country, it seems so interesting :) I am sorry for my english and hope you understand :) Are you still in CZ? Have a nice time, Eva
29th May 2010
Dear Victoria, thank you very much for nice words about Sarajevo and your experience here. I strongly recommend future tourists to come and visit and see what this marvelous city has to offer. Regards, Skender
22nd April 2010

I really enjoyed your Poland post. I have always wanted to go there. My blog is looking for travel photos. If you have the time, email us at or check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
From Blog: Poznan, Poland
20th January 2010
amazing city thank you for the photos
15th December 2009

LOVED this entry - especially the part about the old woman who helped the troops carry supplies through the tunnels. What a great ending to your semester abroad - can't wait to see this Sunday!
9th December 2009

SO relieved you didn't convert (smile).
8th December 2009

What an adventure! You deserved a good dinner after all that!
14th November 2009

I was especially interested in the hospital conditions. Loved hearing about your 2 nights of music in Prague too!
14th November 2009

Unbelievable!!!! Don't know what else to say!
9th November 2009

Mmmmmm - milk and cookies - yum! Funny is adorable and I like your purple scarf!
8th November 2009

great blog, thanks for the updates!
Hi Tori,,,your blogs are wonderful. You sound like you are having the time of your life. I'm so proud of you and so glad there are level headed young adults like you and your friends who are gaing a global perspective. Love, dad.
5th November 2009

So glad you got to experiance the country. Love this entry but where are the pictures? I know I already saw them on FB but I hope you add them to your blog too!
5th November 2009

The boys LOVED the "Poo Poo train" story!
5th November 2009

Bull testicle??? Now I'm an adventurous eater but. . . This entry feels like a cliff hanger. I'll anxiously await the next one(s) for this trip and pictures!
4th November 2009

Hey, I am just dropping by to say, that I lived there In the spring of 09. I am in room 109 or 108 i forgot. How are you liking it so far? Have you done any traveling?
2nd November 2009

Can't wait to see the Turkish carpet! Too bad you couldn't bring home some of that Baklava!
2nd November 2009

These photos are just stunning! Now you have a taste of the East. . . what an experience!
27th October 2009

I love the photos taken at night - so dramatic!
26th October 2009

Thanks for the update on Turkey
Hi Tori, Praying you will be safe and have fun in Turkey. What a culture shock from Mont Vernon I suppose. Love, Dad
20th October 2009

Another great trip! Love the Cyprian (sp?) influence too.
19th October 2009

Yikes! You really caught it close with that excursion - are you sure you're related to me (smile)? Sounds like it was worth the risk - such a beautiful city! I love that you were able to use your Spanish!
15th October 2009

Great photos and blog
Hi Tori, Your blog is awesome. You are a great writer and photographer! I wish I could see Poland someday.
14th October 2009

So glad you're loving all your classes! Love the colorful descriptions of your professors!
12th October 2009

Love the description of Georgian food and the warm restaurant. The cathedral is beautiful! What a wonderful it of exposure to life in Poland. Love, Mom
12th October 2009

bahahaha that old lady sounds awesome!

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