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We are a family of three from Eugene, Oregon on a year long adventure. I am on a teaching exchange for one year in Glasgow, Scotland. It is my hope that through this web site, friends and family will have a sense of our experience.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow June 29th 2008

It’s hard to believe that this is the last time I’ll be posting an entry here. First, I’d like to thank all the friends and family who have been reading it and sending me notes throughout the year. The blog has been viewed over five thousand times since I started writing it just over a year ago. It has been a great way for me to stay in touch with you and share all the amazing experiences this year has brought us. It is with mixed emotions that I’ll say goodbye to Scotland. The hardest part will be saying goodbye to our dear friends Wendy and Stuart. They welcomed us into their lives and through them we met a great group of people. It is these folks who wanted us to see, enjoy, and become a ... read more
Camille and Dad
Camille and Alex
Wendy and Elizabeth

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland June 3rd 2008

I woke up Sunday morning and had the sudden realization that it was June, my last month abroad and more importantly in Scotland. It was the last day of another fantastic weekend and I was feeling rather saddened at the thought of “my other life” nearing its end. We spent this past weekend at Wendy and Stuart’s caravan on the east coast of Scotland. We were based in Anstruther, an ideal base for exploring the Fife Coastline. The girls headed up early on Friday morning and Stuart and I set off after work. We arrived and shortly thereafter set out for the pub. As we walked along the coast, Elizabeth spotted some porpoises swimming and jumping off the shore. We sat and watched for a few minutes and then our insatiable thirst got the better of ... read more
Anstruther Harbor
Anstruther Harbor
Fife Coastal Trail

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland May 29th 2008

To start, if you are reading this for explicit sexual stories you’ve come to the wrong place. Humping can also mean to exert oneself and that is undoubtedly what Elizabeth, Camille and I have done for the last six days. We have just returned from what may be the most memorable “birthday weekend” of my life. This past weekend was a long holiday weekend and the last of my breaks excluding the average weekend. Looking to take full advantage of it, Elizabeth, Camille and I set out on a road trip of epic proportions into the fabled highlands of Scotland. At the onset of the trip I was certain that the tent would get a little use, but I also anticipated that a few nights in a proper accommodation would be necessary to dry out the ... read more
Setting up the Tent with Dad

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow May 18th 2008

Another two action packed weekends have come to an end. Last weekend we started off the weekend with a BBQ at Wendy and Stuart’s house and finished it off by going to the last home game for the Celtic Football Club. This was an amazing experience. The game was fantastic. The atmosphere was intense and loaded with lots of singing, cheering and crowd involvement. I’ve attached some videos atop the blog page, but be sure to check out the one at the bottom of this entry. This is my favorite; unfortunately it was too large a file to attach the other way. Anyways, the season isn’t quite over yet, but it has been very exciting. This past week Rangers lost their biggest game in 30 odd years by losing to Zenit St. Petersburg in the UEFA ... read more
Entrance to Celtic Park
The Pitch
The Fans

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire May 8th 2008

I have been going with the once a month blog entry recently, but this past weekend’s trip deserved an entry all its own. Elizabeth and I headed south to Yorkshire, England this past weekend to spend some time with Rebecca and Chris. We met them on our trip to Belfast. They are also here on an exchange from Ventura, California. I followed the kids out the door Friday afternoon and headed downtown to grab E and Camille. Once I had them it was southward bound. We arrived in Honley around 7:30 that night. Chris and Rebecca had some dinner guests that night. We spent Friday night in some wonderful company discussing the woes of the world. Oddly enough though one of the guests, a very nice English gentleman, actually approved of George W. Bush and considered ... read more
Village Hike
Village Hike
Village Hike

Europe » Spain April 30th 2008

It’s been awhile since my last blog entry, a little over a month in fact, and for a majority of that time I have been living with my parents again. Not since my days in college have we spent this much time under the same roof. When we planned our trip to Spain months ago neither of us realized the true length of their visit. I think it was about two months ago when I called home to ask what their arrival date was that we both became aware of their twenty-two day “visit”. All kidding aside though, it was wonderful. It was wonderful to have had the experience of traveling in Europe with my mom and dad. It was great for Camille to have the opportunity to bond with her grandparents in such a wonderful ... read more
Camille at the Beach in Scotland
Camille and Mom
Camille and Grandpa

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin March 24th 2008

Our long weekend in Dublin was a lot of fun. We arrived late Thursday night after a rather harrowing flight through high winds and driving rain. We met Kevin at the airport and he led us to his house in Clane, about forty-five minutes from the city center. Being so late we had time for a nightcap and then it was off to bed. Friday morning we awoke early and headed to the Wicklow Mountains to see the Glendalough Valley. It was here that in the sixth century a vision inspired St. Kevin to give up his life of isolation and to build a monastery. He chose one of the most spectacular valleys in Ireland, Glendalough valley, which means glen of two lakes. We drove some very scenic roads to get there and once there ... read more
Camille Ready and Waiting
Camille Still Waiting to Depart
Glendalough National Park

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow March 16th 2008

We celebrated Camille's third birthday Sunday. We had a great weekend. Friday evening was spent as a family at home. Saturday we spent the the day in Glasgow dancing and listening to music and today we had a brunch at the house with friends and spent the afternoon at Wendy and Stuart's watching football and finishing off the night with curry. Back to the grind tomorrow.... read more
Still Getting ready to make the cake
The Breakfast Spread
The Party

We have returned from our five-day visit to Belfast and have to agree with many of the native citizens I heard from while there. It is a city that while still troubled, is looking to the future and believes peace will come. Just as we have done in our other travels to various cities this year, we walked for miles and miles every day trying to explore every nook and cranny the city had to offer. And on the surface it appears to look like any other city, the downtown is thriving, the nightlife fantastic, the University bustling with students from all over the world, but when you walk into the neighborhoods you see the evidence of the sectarianism that has scarred it for so long. I had a few hours to spare before the start ... read more
Old Church
 UFF Protestant Mural
UFF Protestant Mural

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow March 2nd 2008

We started off March with a bang. Saturday afternoon we took the bus down to one of our favorite watering holes in Glasgow, McSorleys. It’s a great little pub that welcomes our wee one. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked in to find a six-man New Orleans style jazz band ripping it up in a packed house. It wasn’t what we expected to find at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Immediately upon entering we were greeted by two seniors dancing who were so intoxicated they could barely stand up and at one point the woman fell on the floor while dancing. We settled into a booth and enjoyed the music. Camille got her dancing feet on and danced for the next couple of hours. She absolutely loved the music and the musicians hammed it up ... read more
Camille Starting off Mothering Day Breakfast
The Broadbent Gene!

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