adam and christine


adam and christine

adam and christine travel to south america and asia

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor October 28th 2012

wow, where to start? this is what i get for waiting so long inbetween posts! well, lets see...after our scooter ride around koh lanta we found that nice resort on the beach and spent four nights there. we job searched, ate, played crib, swam, and ate some was a lot of fun and very relaxing! we left koh lanta via van/ferry and then took a 3 hour bus ride north/northwest to krabi and the surrounding area railey, specifically a beach called ao nang. the one day we spent in ao nong we decided to take a relaxing day-long speed boat tour of the surrounding islands and beaches, seeing amazing limestone caves, snorkeling, and soaking up sun. next, another bus ride, this time north up the coast to a town called ranong. totaling 6 hours. we ... read more
koh lanta bungalow
koh lanta beach
koh lanta dinner

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta October 10th 2012

hi everyone! hope all is well with you back home! as i'm sitting here about to post some pics of singapore and thailand, i realized i forgot to add anything about our last couple of days in colombia...specifically our time spent with another one of carmen's cousins. from medellin we flew back to bogota and went to a wonderful dinner with alvero (the cousin) and his wife luz helena. alvero had visited the US when he was in his early 20's and had some cool pictures of the whole family from his travels :) so, to say the least, we liked bogota better the second time around with such wonderful people to enjoy it with! alright, so, next...we flew back to LA, drove up to atascadero to spend some time with yo and family, and then ... read more
on top
on top 2

South America » Colombia » Medellin September 24th 2012

we've had such a wonderful experience here in medellin, and i'm so glad to finally post about it all... so we arrived here in medellin on friday evening, after that long bus ride from bucaramanga (we broke down and bought plane tickets from medellin to bogota because we are SICK of buses), and have stayed in 2 different hostels here. we stay one more night and leave for bogota tomorrow. the second hostel has been superiorly's amazing how different they can be from one another, and how that significantly effects the experience. i'm typing now outside on a huge wood deck while adam's in a hammock and it's pouring rain/thundering out (love it), while enjoying the beer (on tap), and after having finished a few games of fun! on saturday, cristian (carmen's cousin, the ... read more
casa kiwi (the best hostel)
medellin city view
cristian and carmen

South America » Colombia » Santander » Bucaramanga September 24th 2012

hey everyone! so i haven't had a lot of time to post our adventures thus far. in this post i'm going to jump back to only last wednesday and thursday... which were the days that we reached bucaramanga from san gil, and also visited matanza, the home town of carmen's madre, cecilia. on wednesday, we finished the trip to bucaramanga on a bus, another 2 hours or so, therefore getting in fairly early that day. we decided to stay at our first hostel here too. both adam and carmen have stayed in hostels before, but it was my first time, and it was a suprisingly fun experience! it's called kasa guane and we shared a dorm-style room that had six bunk beds. no other roommates on the first night, so we had the room to ourselves, ... read more
beers in matanza
matanza town square

South America » Colombia » San Gil September 19th 2012

hello friends and fam! it's tuesday evening now, we're relaxing in our hotel room in san gil right now after another long day. i'll jump back to what happened on sunday first, to explain the pictures. in the morning we made the trek up to monserrate, a beautiful church located on top of one of the andes peaks that run north/south and abut bogota to the east. carmen and i rode the cable car up the cliffside, a total gain of about 1700 feet in less than 5 minutes, but adam, being his burly self, took the long way and walked up the steep stairway and met us there. it was a beautiful view to behold...the church itself is incredible, with hundreds of people also making the journey to be present for the sunday sermon, plus ... read more
bogota and monserrate
bogota and monserrate
the hard way up

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 15th 2012

hi all! it's about 8 pm here in bogota on saturday evening. we had a reallllly long day yesterday, so we're taking it easy right now and having a cerveza in the hotel room before getting a good nights rest. the flight from LAX to houston yesterday was delayed for 2 hours, we sat in the plane as the inspected a faulty windshield and awaited paperwork from engineers allowing us to proceed with the flight (or switch planes, which fortunately we didn't have to do). but that 2 hour delay made us miss our connecting flight from houston to bogota. thankfully, there was a later flight to bogota, but it didn't leave until midnight, and we spent a good 8 hours milling around the houston airport. so we arrived at our hotel about 7 am this ... read more
first group pic!
follow the crowds for good food!
follow the crowds 2

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 3rd 2012

SO!!! first of all, hello and welcome to all our friends and family who take the time to visit this site as we take off around the world! i forewarn you, this may be slightly awkward at first as i'm not accustomed to documenting our travels (or anything) in this manner :) but, as this is a slightlybigger travel journey than the norm, adam and i wanted to ensure that our families stay updated on where we are, with the knowledge that we're safe, while being able to enjoy some glimpses of this wonderfully exciting adventure we're fortunate enough to embark on. the big picture: we start our trip with a long drive from seattle down through california, stopping to visit relatives along the way. we pick up carmen, adam's mom, in atascadero, who we're so ... read more

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