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September 15th 2012
Published: September 16th 2012
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the view from our room at hotel dan
hi all! it's about 8 pm here in bogota on saturday evening. we had a reallllly long day yesterday, so we're taking it easy right now and having a cerveza in the hotel room before getting a good nights rest. the flight from LAX to houston yesterday was delayed for 2 hours, we sat in the plane as the inspected a faulty windshield and awaited paperwork from engineers allowing us to proceed with the flight (or switch planes, which fortunately we didn't have to do). but that 2 hour delay made us miss our connecting flight from houston to bogota. thankfully, there was a later flight to bogota, but it didn't leave until midnight, and we spent a good 8 hours milling around the houston airport. so we arrived at our hotel about 7 am this morning, we proceeded to take a little nap, then walk around the candelaria neighborhood of bogota in the afternoon. the sky was grey and cloudy and it drizzled a little off n on, so, ultimately, adam and i felt right at home! i loved it! we found a quaint little restaurant for an early dinner, sat upstairs in an open-air terrace, with cool old singer
first group pic!first group pic!first group pic!

before we head out to see the candelaria area of bogota
sewing benches to sit upon and an amazing sizzling hot plate of delicacies to try! the tripe was not my favorite 😞 but i ate it dammit. the chicken, potatoes, salsa, chorizo, carne asada, plantanes, and yucca, were all to die for!

what a great first day in colombia! i've learned that we like the weather here, that we love the food, and that i speak way better spanish that adam! 😉 no but, truly. hehe!

p.s. one of the best parts of the trip so far was the amazing electrical storm i got to witness as we flew over south america toward colombia. most everyone else on the plane, including adam and carmen, was asleep, and the cabin was dark, so i was watching this multiple storm private show all by myself off the west side of the plane. i could see two to three storms and a time, they would move and change position as we flew, they grew instantly bright, lit up the horizon, and exposed beautiful thunderbolts that i was literally looking straight on with, or down upon! it was so crazy and beautiful, and i felt so fortunate to witness it!! what a
follow the crowds for good food!follow the crowds for good food!follow the crowds for good food!

yum, street food! an empenada with chicken and spicy salsa
wondrous welcoming display as we entered a new country!

we climb to see a beautiful church up on a hillside tomorrow and hopefully meeting up with some colombian friends that carmen knows. hope all our friends and families are doing well, we love and miss you all! see you soon xo

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follow the crowds 2follow the crowds 2
follow the crowds 2

carmen's choice from the street food stand was better than mine, bunuello with a hard-boiled egg inside, YUM!
second story seatingsecond story seating
second story seating

the view out the second story terrace window of our evening restaurant
first sit down dinnerfirst sit down dinner
first sit down dinner

arrival of the sizzling hot-plate loaded with wonders (except for the tripe...i tried it! but it was no bueno)

16th September 2012

Loving the first few pics!!! Glad you guys are having a great time, thanks for keeping us all posted :)
19th September 2012

I'm so happy for you guys, my mouth is watering the food looks delicious. Love you

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