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Sue Genner

About to head off on my first trip to Europe.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire June 20th 2018

Wednesday Launde Abbey The day dawned grey with showers forecast for bits of it and we debated water to go today or tomorrow and finally after lunch decided we’d head out to Launde Abbey. This is a wonderful old Abbey and retreat centre right out in the country set in some beautiful gardens. The weather treated us beautifully and it was actually sunny for the whole time we were there. It was about a 50km drive east of us. Again beautiful countryside, for a moment I’d feel like we were driving though NZ country and then we would come upon an English village or a road sign pointing some really quaint place name and then it was obvious. We went first into the walled garden - it was enormous and a real mix of vegetables and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire June 19th 2018

Today we managed to stay local. Breedon on the Hill has a church built on the site of an old monastery with parts of it dating back to the 600s. There was a fabulous view of the surrounding countryside. I was really surprised to see this was still a functioning church and we met the vicar is we wandered around it. They had little pews which all had little gates to shut you in (or out?). Tombs all around the periphery and in the walls they had preserved some of the very ancient Celtic carvings from the original building that had been destroyed. Outside was the graveyard and we were able to decipher gravestones from the 1700s. There had been a priory at the base of the hill so the monks would have had a steep ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire June 18th 2018

Monday Market Bosworth & Leicester The plan was to have a low key day and not travel far. Off to Market Bosworth to poke around their pretty and sometimes quirky gardens, then to the alpaca farm which had a cafe and gift shop. Market Bosworth is getting gussied up for the annual prettiest town competition - still not yet in its full glory. Robin took us to look as this cute garden and we chatted to the owner who told us all the critters in it were from “The Gruffalo” book. Then we were off to Snarestone to then Alpaca farm and cafe, Mum and Robin checked out all the wools and we decided to stop for a light lunch - orange and parsnip soup - quite delicious! Just before we left there was a call ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire June 17th 2018

Day 3 Sunday We joined Jeremy and Robin going to church in nearby Coalville and were treated like celebrities (being relatives of Robin’s). This was father’s day over here and Miriam had booked a table for lunch in Leicester. We went to the Cosy Club, we’d been there in our last visit in 2015, it’s in an old converted knitting factory, fantastic venue. They have a whole separate vegan menu yummmm. I went all out - 3 courses and wine, managed to get a photo of the smoked aubergine Tagline, the chocolate torte went down the hatch! Beautifully presented and so tasty! The plan had been to explore the cathedral afterwards but our lunch ran very late and it was closed by the time we got out. Miriam thought it would be nice to watch a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Ludlow June 16th 2018

Day 2 Family reunion Ann (cousin) and her daughter, Lisa had organised a get together of as many family as possible. We headed off around 9 for the drive to Ludlow which took around 2 1/2 hours and arrived early for our family lunch. The table was already groaning with enough food to feed an army. Some of John’s donations for Samara’s Aid were stashed in Dave’s shed so we loaded them into the car before the mob arrived. Initially it was just their 2 daughters and their children but gradually more and more people arrived. I finally sat down to tally up the number the next day and calculated there were about 24 people there from 4 generations - ranging from Mum @ 87, to Janet’s latest granddaughter of 2 months. I stole little Isabella ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire June 15th 2018

Day 1 Ibstock Had a lovely sleep until after 7am and woke feeling very refreshed. Mum was feeling great too. Fine and warm today. Went off for a walk in the Sence valley. There were all these neon blue damselflies flitting around us. We found a pair of swans with their fluffy new cygnets - sooo gorgeous. Arriving home we found a box at the door full of medical dressings and a framed picture. Robin was racking her brains trying to work out who might have left them, we presumed this was for the charity she collects for (Samara’s Aid). Our cousin, John, phoned later - he’d dropped by while we were out, he wasn’t far away and was happy to turn back. It was so lovely to meet him, Robin had spoken often of him ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire June 14th 2018

The arrival The wheelchair duly arrived for Mum in Birmingham airport with 2 very friendly and quite funny chaps there - one young fellow being inducted and shadowing the other. The younger chap was very chatty and we got quite a lot of his life story! Arriving at the luggage carousel, the only luggage that came around were the same 2 suitcases which circulated about 3 times. This was depressing, some other luggage finally arrived but it was from Frankfurt, the flight after ours - so off to the lost luggage counter - sure enough ours was still in Zurich. Forms were completed and she said they could send it via Munich and we should get it that night. Rob and Jerry were waiting to collect us and we headed to Ibstock. We managed to hold ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong June 13th 2018

Starting the trip with a delayed flight and a long stay in the lounge at Tauranga airport. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:20 pm and it’s now down to leave at 7:55 pm. Fortunately there was a long connection with our flight out of Auckland and we’ll still get there in plenty of time. Still, it gives me breathing room after a frantic last few weeks and now I can stopping rushing around, whatever’s not done it’s too late now! Finally got around to getting my hair cut and coloured this afternoon - cutting it fine I know - but I’m starting my trip feeling gorgeous even if I’m exhausted! We finally left Tauranga at 7:55, plenty of time to relax in the lounge in Auckland, and no delays with the next flight, left ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby August 24th 2009

Monday 24th August, Derby Shopping day today.I wanted to get our vodafone sim cards sorted and the girls were dead keen that we helped Robin buy some clothes. Apparently someone had given her some money on a card at Debenhams, a big clothing store in the middle of Derby. Along the way we went to a couple of op shops. Altho' the idea was to get Robin new clothes from D's in Oxfam we saw a lovely green skirt, it had a really interesting hem line and was her size, only 5 pounds. I had to bully her in to it - but everyone who saw it thought it looked great. Off to the mall, there Robin introduced me to LUSH - they make gorgeous soaps and creams etc out of natural products, wonderful names and ... read more
Lichfield cathedral of 3 spires
Lichfield from front
Immense Inside

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby August 23rd 2009

Sunday 23 August, Derby As Rob had only been to see Mim once yesterday she decided not to go to church in the morning and to visit Mim then. Cathy (friend) was coming for lunch and they had decided to have a traditional Sunday roast - Ann and I shoed Rob away and told her we'd do it. It is so nice to be able to do things for her - it's not a lot, dishes, some meals, hanging out the washing, helping with the pets - Rob works sooo hard. Ann & I went over our photos and we got some on facebook for Ann. Cathy arrived and is just a warm lovely person, so nurturing for them all including Kirsten. Ann & I finished up sitting and chatting with her after lunch, Rob went ... read more
Colourful barges
heading over the iron bridge
Canal over road

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