Lauren and Chris


Lauren and Chris


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay March 9th 2011

We left Brisbane after dropping Dad and Sophie at work at the transit centre and Fortitude Valley. We got onto the highway for the first part of the journey to get us out of the city and the suburbs. Once we were out of the city area, we dropped off the highway and started driving on the smaller back roads which go through the bush. We drove along a road (I use the term road loosely) which went through the rainforest which was lovely, it was a long and winding road, but a lovely one nevertheless. We didn't see any wildlife along this road to our disappointment, but our spirits were lifted when we got to the next gravel road and we saw kingfishers sitting in the trees and white egrets standing amongst the cattle in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise March 7th 2011

We got up at a silly time of the morning and took Dad to work before carrying on to the highway and down to Surfers Paradise. We got to Seaworld at roughly 09:40 and it took us about 10 minutes to get in as the queues were quite long. We first went into the penguin house and there was a really friendly inquisitive penguin who came right up to the glass to see us. A lot of people came in just after us and it got too crowded so we left and went to see the other penguins who were outside as they are native to Australia. Then we went to see the polar bear who was wandering around above the water. There were a lot of people there to, so we went to the underwater ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point March 6th 2011

Friday 4th March Whilst Sophie was at work, Dad, Chris and I went to a shopping mall and got Sophie's birthday presents. We got her a mobile phone, a candle, a DVD some chocolates and some things for the kitchen that she wanted. We then went home and spent nearly all afternoon wrapping presents! When Sophie got home from work, we got fish and chips for dinner, which was really nice! Saturday 5th March In the morning, Dad and Sophie went out and did the weekly food shop whilst we stayed at the appartment and I carried on with the jigsaw puzzle that I was doing. Then at about lunchtime we went out and picked up Sophie's birthday cake. We then went to Woolworths and bought some more candles for the cake. After that, we drove ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 3rd 2011

We left Brisbane on Tuesday morning at 11:40am. We got a taxi to the airport and once we had found our gate, we settled in and watched the planes taking off and landing. We got on the plane and found that we had three seats between the two of us which was nice! The flight took just over an hour and when we landed in Sydney it only took a couple of minutes to taxi to our stand. We got off the plane and made our way to the train station where we got tickets to Central station. There was a train waiting in the platform which we had to run to get and we made it on just in time. When we got off the train at Central station, it was about a five minute ... read more
Chris in Sydney

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast February 27th 2011

On Saturday we went out for breakfast and then dropped Sophie off at the supermarket. Whilst Sophie was doing the shopping Dad, Chris and I went to a garage and got the car battery replaced. We picked Sophie up and came back to the appartment to put the food in the fridge. After lunch, we went out to a fishing shop and bought a beacon to beacon and a new fishing reel. On the way back we stopped off at an aquarium and reptile shop which was cool. They had lots of blue tongue skinks there and some tiny baby bearded dragons. In the afternoon, we drove out to Manly West and went for a walk along the seafront. We then went to the park and played on the swings for a while which was brilliant ... read more
Chris and a fish

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Australia Zoo February 25th 2011

We got up early (at about 6:40) and had some breakfast and got ready to go to Australia Zoo for the day. Sophie packed us a picnic lunch and after dropping Dad off at work, we attempted, aided (what I really mean is hindered) by the sat nav, to find our way out of the city and onto the M1. It took about an hour to do a journey that should have taken about 15-20 minutes. In the end, we gave up using the sat nav as it should be used and ended up just using it as a map and finding our own way there. When we got to Australia Zoo, we opted to pay $2 extra each so we could visit the wildlife hospital and look around inside. But before we went to the ... read more
Lauren feeding Kangaroo

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point February 24th 2011

We got up at about 06:40 and had some breakfast. We then spent the morning relaxing and watching the boats go past on the river outside. We saw the resident kookaburra on the balcony opposite, but he didn't want to come and say hello to us. At about 10:30, we packed a picnic lunch for ourselves and headed off towards the city. We walked all the way along Southbank, looking at the flood damage and the markers showing how high the water came to. We also saw lots and lots of water dragons, some of them were HUGE! We saw ibis to and pigeons that have spiky bits on their heads. We took lots of photos of everything. We walked across the Goodwill bridge and witnessed lots of people attempting to raise an old steam ship ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Kangaroo Point February 23rd 2011

We had a good (but rather turbulent) flight. We are pleased to announce that we both managed to avoid the temptation of killing a small child who kept randomly screaming throughout the 14 hour flight, the parents you ask?! Well, they were fast asleep and ignoring the child.... GRRRR! We landed in Brisbane on time and got straight through passport control and customs with no problems at all. We walked out into the arrivals hall expecting to see Dad and Sophie waiting for us, but in fact they had just got a coffee and were having an argument with the lid as it did not want to go onto the cup! We were driven back to the appartment where we had some food and then got freshened up and changed into some more Australia weather friendly ... read more
Little lizard

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport February 21st 2011

We got to the airport at 19:00 and after checking our bags in we sat down in a cafe with Linda and David and had a meal before going through to the departure lounge. After going through security we did a bit of shopping and now we are waiting for our gate to appear on the screen. Should be boarding in about 15 minutes, so goodbye for now! :-)... read more
Chris eating his dinner

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Amesbury February 18th 2011

Only three days until we are on our way! We are leaving for the airport in exactly three days! We are really excited! We have only just done our packing, although compared to Lauren's normal last minute rush to pack, this is very organised! Chris' dad has just given us lots of Australian and New Zealand dollars in coins, which we now have to find a home for... Lauren votes for Chris' wallet as a home for these coins! Chris says (quite firmly) no! This blog is just to make sure that everyone can see our blogs as we are travelling, so for now, goodbye, we shall no doubt be blogging again soon! Lauren and Chris ... read more

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