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19th June 2010
Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio
For those planning a trip to Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, this might be a useful web page - http://itravel-costarica.com/manuel_antonio_national_park.php
21st May 2010

I really enjoyed your Torriealba post! Reminded me of my own time there, and how amazing it was! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share (like maybe of a good river rafting guide!). If you have the time, check it out dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. We're also giving away a free night in Peru or Bolivia, if you're headed down that way, or know anyone who is. Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
From Blog: Pura Vida!
21st May 2010

Rae ~ Nice to see you two got there safely. Hope the earthquake wasn't too scary! The rice and beans look yummy! Safe travels ladies! Loving the blog updates!
19th November 2008

The subway sounds kinda like the beltway (basically goes around in a circle covering the heart of Tokyo. It stops at all the central neighborhoods and stations) but sooo much better!
19th November 2008

We are still the same in the morning...I can do without it thank you very much, but such is life.
19th November 2008

Ferris Wheel
At first glance I thought hell no I wouldn't get on that giant thing, but the pictures from the top are so amazing that I wouldn't want to miss it! Glad you got to do so many fun things.
19th November 2008

Worthy of Dave Letterman, this entry would make anyone want to visit Japan.
18th September 2008

I really enjoyed your trip notes and felt almost like I was there part of the time. GREAT JOB!!!!
16th September 2008

What a great experience at the Sumo show! Sounds like you and they enjoyed the interaction tremendously and how generous of them to share their food and drinks. Their reaction to you both having the same name is so funny and reminds me of having a roommate named Mary for a few years after I graduated from NIU. Made for some interesting interactions! Love u, Aunt Mary
15th September 2008

Pink Bubbles
A friend of mine who was dealing with family "issues" while being treated for cancer shared an exercise that her therapist taught her. When she needed to not get drained by mother's hyper-critical overbearingness she would mentally blow a big PINK bubble and put her mom inside -- her mom could just keep going in that bubble, but it no longer affected my friend. Might work on Pomerainians --
15th September 2008

What a fabulous set of experences! I just read them all at one time and I feel as if I've been there with you. Save a little of your enthusiasmj for our vacation; I'm counting on having a good time then alsol Pictures were great, too. Love, mom and dad.
12th September 2008

Could never keep up with you
Ok, I'm taking a day off, but had to keep up with your postings -- they are that good. Good thing I'm NOT at work, since I completely cracked up -- the deer that nuzzled someone to death. Oh God! That is so funny! Additional comments: LOVE the cute girls that you took pics with. Lovely. You MUST have ginormous feet -- bigger than size 8 -- Please, how is that possible?! Oh, lastly -- Work related. Sorry. But good news. I just this minute found out that we HAVE gotten the Media Mash Up grant -- so you and Mahina will be wisked off to Minneapolis in November or December for training. (Minneapolis in December... Yay?) E
12th September 2008

Yummy curry...
I included those shots just for you, Andy! Thought you would like that. :) I cannot stress how amazingly good the curry was! I'm getting more tomorrow. Rae
12th September 2008

Yay, curry!
Yeah! There's the curry! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!!
11th September 2008

Travel writing?
Awesome post! Encapsulates what I love and dread about travelling. Rachel, you are a great writer. Have you considered travel writing.....?
11th September 2008

Good Times!
Hey you! Glad you're having a good time. Lots of fun pix, too! Saw on the news this morning that there was an earthquake in Hokkaido, which jogged my memory that you were there--hoping you weren't in Hokkaido just yet. Anyhow, beer? Popular? See: this is why I would've LOVED to be in your luggage! Don't forget to come back, dear!
10th September 2008

Hi, Am enjoying your running comments and pictures. Wish I was there, but will have fun hearing all about it this fall.
9th September 2008

Yay, food!
Have you had the curry yet? I am SOOOO jealous!!! -a
9th September 2008

Ahh...Japanese tv...
Don't you just love the commercials and game shows? They are so bizarre that I'm pretty sure understanding the language wouldn't help you much in understanding the content. SNL had it spot-on when they did the Chris Farley/Mike Myers sketch... -a
9th September 2008

Yep, they played the Yankees this weekend!
8th September 2008

Three laugh out louds for this entry -- pretty good for disrupting Level 11!
8th September 2008

Not too lazy
We enjoyed your first entry, but thought it looked pretty active most of the time. How was the free food.
5th September 2008

Woo hoo!
Thank you for starting up your travel blog! I am super excited to see your pictures and follow along with you on your trip. Alan, Mark, and I are at IDC today (Friday) being jealous of you. Have a great time and be safe!

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