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Rachael Bohn

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I'm a librarian in Seattle. I love reading and traveling! I have traveled extensively, and intend to travel to a new international location every year...or so. 2007 was Mexico, 2008 is Japan, 2009 got skipped (darn economy!), 2010 is Costa Rica, and then a long radio silence. 2013 and I'm back! Headed to Peru. I just want to share pics & travel thoughts with family, colleagues and friends. 😊

South America » Peru » Cusco » Pisac September 16th 2013

It was a whole planned day that was pretty incredible. We breakfasted and were on the bus before 9a.m. We went through the Urubamba Valley to the colorful Indian Market of Pisac , where native from the region of Cusco come to trade their products. Before that, though, we visited a llama farm (got to pet them and feed them and call them George) and a small traditional weaving community. Jaime was very informative about the multiple types of llamas and we learned about them as well as the traditional weaving techniques of Peru. We also visited url=http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294314-d2538932-Reviews-Ccochahuasi_Animal_Sanctuary-Cusco_Cusco_Region.htmlCcochahuasi Animal Sanctuarywhere they introduced us (up close and personal) to macaws, llamas, condors (flew right over our heads!) and... read more
Guinea Pig Habitat

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco September 15th 2013

Up at 6a.m. for breakfast and bus to the airport. New roommie, Sharon, got karate chopped when she (nicely) tried to wake me up. It was early and she's a talker who didn't seem offended so I zombied through my morning routine. By the time we left the room I was awake enough to be laughing at her and she had dubbed me Ninja. Decent start to the day. Also, she promised not to come near me while I'm sleeping which I agreed was the best for both of us. Bus to airport, waiting in lines, bought a cute headband, onto the plane. 50 minutes to Cusco. Off the plane, on a bus (w/our new local guide Jaime talking to us the whole time), arrived at Hotel Puma. Given 30 minutes to settle stuff in rooms, ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima September 14th 2013

Up around 9a.m. for breakfast and meet&greet. Yummy buffet-style choices: scrambled eggs, meat, cereals, yogurt, fruit, breads, honey, etc. Sat with Kathy (from plane) and met Lisa & Farrah. Given the options of the day - several tours were arranged (walking and bus) but the four of us opted to explore on our own. We had very few pre-conceived notions of the city and a very short list of specific things we'd heard about, so we figured that we could figure it out! First, though, I wanted to go hang-gliding (never done it and what a view from the cliffs over the ocean!) with a married couple from Chicago. Unfortunately, I had no way to meet back with my girls so decided to postpone. It worked out for the best, though, because they reported later that ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima September 13th 2013

Okay, this is the boring post that covers the travel day. Gotta be done...if only to see if this thing's working! Next days are written, but we're about to head out for adventures, so posted later tonight. Many, many more pics to come! Seattle to Houston Left home at 3:30a.m., flight from Sea delayed to 7:30a.m., flight uneventful - mostly slept - watched new "Sleepy Hollow" tv show for free. Baggage issue in Houston, had to run out to baggage claim, grab it, recheck to Lima and get back through security. Made it to the gate just in the nick of time! Still, had time to call mom and then Katie while boarding. Gotta make sure someone knows what's going on at all times! Super excited for the trip and nervous about the group dynamic and ... read more

The blogging spirit has left me, I'm sad to say! :) We wore ourselves out yesterday and while it was awesome, recovery time was necessary. Here's our day, just a bit delayed. We got up in Quepos, had breakfast and caught the bus to Manuel Antonio National Park. It's $10 for foreigners (and like $3 for Costa Rican which I think is brilliant! A way to get locals to use the park (make it affordable) and have tourists take on some of the costs of conservation.) and you could follow a guide around if you wanted. Rachel and I opted to go it alone. What followed was a three hour nature hike on the muggiest day we've spent here. Not complaining, just saying. In the photos where I'm near water, it's safe to assume I was ... read more
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park

Orosi a San Jose a Quepos Somehow, I’ve managed to get sunburned despite the misty rainy nature of today. I have mad skills, I tell ya! But, to start where I left off: So, last night we headed back to Montana Linda (the hostel) after dinner. We had already discussed changing accommodations b/c of the teeny tiny “double” room, no towels or hot water, no wifi or public computers, the abundance of free-roaming smelly dogs & the general dirtiness and weird vibe of the place. Interestingly enough, there was Orosi Lodge, not two blocks away, which promised spacious rooms with wifi, private bathroom (w/hot water), kitchenettes in the room, etc., etc. It was twice as much, but still under $50. When we squeezed back into our room, we were literally standing back to back as we ... read more
Orosi "Hot Springs"
Orosi "Hot Springs"
Orosi "Hot Springs"

Today was another early morning. We decided to go canyoning this morning with Kylie and Kristie so we needed to head out by 8:45. We were awakened at 7 am by the birds & the farmers market that had magically sprung up overnight. It was quite a sight, tons and tons of fresh fruit, jewelry, cloth, etc. I was tempted, but where would I put it? My bag is beyond stuffed already! We got up & cleaned up the room as we planned to check out of the hotel in the a.m. but they let us put our backpacks in storage while we canyoned. We’d come back and get them, head to the bus station (estacion del autobus) and grab the next bus to Paraiso to end up in Oriso. I had another of Luis’ fantasticos ... read more
Hotel Interamericanos
Andre, one of our guias

Today was amazing! It's funny how a 7am wake-up call is no problem if there's amazing adventures on the horizon & palm trees out the window! :) I ordered breakfast (eggs, toast & gorgeous fruit platter) and ate while playing on the computer. We met two awesome girls named Kylie & Kristie Chupp from Montana. They're totally fun and we went white water rafting together. None of them had breakfast before we we went and then it was raining so we didn't stop until after the trip, so I felt very superior. ;) I also drank like a liter of water and felt very healthy. Can still get "coca-cola" (yummy bit of home) but am drinking less of it and eating super fresh...vacations make me so healthy! It took us an hour to get to the ... read more
Pops in Torriealba
Torriealba, Costa Rica
Torriealba, Costa Rica

Please to be aware that this is a rough, rough draft. :) Having a blast! More info later... We left Rachel’s apartment around 6:45am & took the subway out to find the Dulles bus. After complications, we jumped in a cab to the airport. Check in was surprisingly fast and easy, as was the security gate…Dulles has come a loooong way since I lived in Virginia. We flew Mexicana and were extremely surprised & pleased by the service. Complimentary headsets, actual hot meals (I had the omelet & Rach had the crepe) and super-attentive attendants. Mostly on that flight I slept! We laid over in Cancun, where we discovered that we had to go through immigration before coming back to our gate…I’m pretty sure this is my first int’l lay-over in a country not my destination, ... read more
CostaRica1 012
CostaRica1 002
CostaRica1 003

My vacation has officially started, but I haven't left the country yet, so it doesn't feel like it. :) I spent two days in D.C. before Rachel and I left for Costa Rica. It was very helpful for me, though, because I realized I forgot my camera cables & was able to go to Best Buy and get a memory card reader for cheap. Also had a chance to eat at Chipotle's - yummy. I know we have them in Seattle, but Rachel is the one who introduced me to the chain when we both lived out here so it was quite nostalgic. The funniest (read: stupidest - and don't get on me about the grammar, either!) thing that happened was using Google Maps to help me navigate the Metro. It worked for me in Chicago ... read more

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