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24th November 2007

Jet Set Jessica
Hi Jess, Keep going like this and you will end up visiting more of the planet than I have in 25 years in the military! I hope you conitnue to enjoy yourself! I'll see you next week in Vancouver.
24th November 2007

Not boring at all!
What a thrill to see that you've reactivated your travel blog! Now it's back to the go old days of checking every day to see what new adventures you've been having. I must let Dawna Brand know about this. Good to hear that you arrived in Quito safely.
29th April 2007

Very perceptive Jess. We are so lucky to live in the country we do, and unfortunately there are those of us that take it for granted. Welcome back! Love Uncle Dave
6th April 2007

No place like home
So Dorothy was right after all. We're so glad you shared your marvelous adventure with all of us. Love, Aunt Nancy
31st March 2007

My days will be much the poorer without the anticipation of finding a new blog entry from you. I very much look forward to seeing you in person in the near future. Love Mom
26th March 2007

Hard to believe that World Tour 2006-7 has come to an end. I guess this is my last chance to write a 'comment' because at this moment you're probably jetting back across the Atlantic. I will miss your blog notes greatly - so good of you to conscientiously keep us all posted on your adventures. See you in a few weeks! Love Mom
25th March 2007

Da Vinci
Has it been so long that you forgot the DaVinci exhibit at the Royal BC Museum? It was only a very good forgery (err, reproduction) but there was a convincing Mona Lisa that you were within a few feet of, rather than a 30' glance at the real thing. Like you, I much preferred the smaller museums of Europe that had some remarkeable and even famous art that could be examined closely and at leisure. And some of the greatest works were in the churches. Enjoy your last night. "Now, blessings light on him that first invented sleep!"
25th March 2007

Kelly took gold in 9 (even most Canadians won't know what that means)
25th March 2007

Not everyone is bored by science
Why sometimes I watch Daily Planet twice a day. By the way, Jess, I'm scheduled to judge the Science Fair the same weekend as Robbie's wedding. And for all you Canadians, Kelly Scott is defending our honour at the World Championship of Curling in Japan on Sunday. With the time difference, its on at 10 Saturday night here. I said she looked unstoppable at the start of the Scottie and she has only lost one game in 2 tournaments since. Look out 2010. Looking forward to seeing you next week, Jess.
23rd March 2007

How will you ever be satisfied again when you return to your life back in Victoria? I like to think that your social class is not all that low.
19th March 2007

OK. We've been in suspense long enough - What happened after the beer was blessed by god? Did you connect with your friends in the Alps? What was on display at the Red Cross Museum? Looking forward to an update.
10th March 2007

Congratulations Senator
If you are using XP, you can choose your language options, which includes keyboard mapping. There may be a small FR in the taskbar at the bottom which you can change to EN. Otherwise, there are date/language options in the Control Panel.
10th March 2007

memorable place names
Hi Jess, Elps Kwelps - what a great name when pronounced by a Canadian tongue. Is the Dutch/French/German pronunciation equally smile-inducing?
5th March 2007

street signs
jess - i love the differnet walking signs!! i saw a really cute one in france where the red stop man had his hands on his hips :P
4th March 2007

Berlin Wall
I know it dates me a bit, but I can remember watching on TV as the wall came down near the Brandenburg Gate. A friend of mine was actually there that New Years and brought me home a little piece of it. When I visited Germany, I couldn't cross from West to East, so I envy you the opportunity!!! Enjoy your travels and keep posting!
2nd March 2007

secret message
The question is: What is my secret message? I've tried to scruitinize the writing on the PAGE toilet paper but could learn only that it was a 24 pack. The famous Berlin gate is the Brandenburg gate - It sort of starts with an 'F' if you leave out a few pieces of the letter 'B'. Your photo of this historic structure with the sunset in the background is fabulous - thanks so much from all of us for running to get it in time (see... you're clearly in better shape these days!).
2nd March 2007

Yah, you're right
OK, OK, you're right about the grave part. Barnaby DID tell us that the Russians eventually found his body and stole the skull and dumped the ashes in the river and identified him using dental records and everything, but I'm sure there's still SOME ash reminants in that area... It's still a really historically fascinating spot for me, for sure!
2nd March 2007

What a great website ! However...that parking lot is indeed where Hitler was set in a shallow trench and burned...but he isn't buried there. The Russians removed the charred remains of which a piece of Hitlers craniun and dental bridge are all that remain. By the way, the Hotel Adlon doormen are cool about letting you in to check it out. Iv'e been to the big "B" many times and on both sides before the wall came down.
1st March 2007

stomach obsession
Woman also compulsively put their hands on their stomach when they're simply putting on weight and it's all ending-up in that particular spot! I speak from experience. Please don't get sick again. I have my fingers crossed for you (when they aren't on my stomach).
27th February 2007

Loved the toast story. So nice to know that absent-mindedness is not my exclusive domain within the family. Maybe toast abstinence can be your default item for Lent. I also got a chuckle from your stories about your friends' broken Lent commitments - the road to hell... Hope you enjoyed Nelly. Best wishes, Mom
24th February 2007

How about "Is that a tugboat on your head or are you just happy to see me?"
21st February 2007

My suggestion for a title is "Even Vegans like Carnivale in Maastrich"
21st February 2007

I'm told that the Swiss still have the best trained army and the largest one per capita in the world but aren't allowed to send it anywhere but the Vatican because of treaties - their neutrality dates back to the days when they were the best trained mercenaries in the world.
20th February 2007

Hockey and blimps just naturally go together ;) The Canucks have a flying whale. http://www.norburnrc.com/flyingwhales.htm Sounds like a Salmon Kings game. Always a good time.
20th February 2007

Those soldiers appear to have learned how to march by watching the Wizard of Oz. Speaking of which (witch?) I got this episode on tape. You're going to love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmQBsh26LCE

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