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21st November 2006

This is Reet
If you are wondering who Reet is, here is her blog. http://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/Reet/
20th November 2006

Ha Ha
Ha Ha. Derek seems to have beat the Asian curse that plagued me with female apathy to me all throughout China. From the pictures you book looked relaxed. It's pretty great to see. I just got back from being in Ottawa for 3 days doing some random international development stuff. I was good to renew friendships and contacts, and might (maybe) lead to a job possibility in September. I'm procrastinating on the large volume of written work and projects that dominate my time right now. I'm also in the midst of changing my living situation for January. I look with great jealousy at your current state of fancy free floating around. Keep floating flower flier. Say hi to my brother for me. Ryan
20th November 2006

monkey business
Great update Jess! I hope the bully monkey is enjoying your water bottle. At least it wasn't your camera that he/she fancied. I very much envy you for your encounter with the wild monkeys, even if if meant fighting off aggressive ones. If Derek can be a "babe magnet" I guess you get to be the monkey magnet (hopefully none of the babes have bared their teeth yet - or anything else for that matter). I'm continuing to enjoy my relatively tame existence in Sydney, but miss you all.
17th November 2006

Canadian Tourists
What kind of colouring books did the other girls have?
13th November 2006

You're surrounded by Canadians
This is the most viewed page on the TravelBlog website -- another Canadian on Ko Pha Ngan http://www.travelblog.org/Asia/Thailand/Ko-Pha-Ngan/blog-100440.html Small world isn't it!
12th November 2006

Rover-ish Youth
The Rover-ish youth was Jake Shepherd. Sounds like your still having a great time!! Keep posting!
9th November 2006

A Thai one on Girlfriend?
Jess, Yes the title got my attention. I enjoy reading your blog of daily adventures. I am certain that you will enjoy your exploration below the waves with your new gear. Keep us posted on your journey.
9th November 2006

pineapple express
so.. it turns out you guys in your thailand heat are sending the pineapple express our way, giving us downpours of rain!!! so thanks!! :) haha i just like the term. at least you guys are getting the better part of it! still sounds like you're having a blast. good you got you switch your tickets - but aren't you guys only supposed to be in thailand for 30 days??!! anyways, keep having fun! ps tell those prostitutes to leave my boyfriend alone!!! :P
7th November 2006

Re: Scammed
Hey Jess, I'm having a great time keeping track of your journeys. Having visited many of the places you plan on going, I can only say that you only get scammed if you feel you paid more than the experience was worth. Put your own value on what you want to buy or do, and you'll never go wrong!!! As for bartering, start you bid at about one-third of the asking price and you should come out ok. Don't be afraid to walk away, because you can almost always find what you want again a few feet down the mall. Keep posting and have fun!!!
7th November 2006

We need pictures
Lets see some pictures of the Big Buddha -- the beach's namesake.
7th November 2006

$100 for fins, mask and snorkel in Thailand sounds a little high. Many resorts offer use of them for free. But if that's what you want for Christmas, go ahead. Put them in a mesh bag on the outside of your pack to keep the water and sand out. (I know but I have to offer some parental advice). Is your bag getting over-stuffed and heavy with your acquisitions? You 3 can ship a box home by courier to lighten the load. You should get a map. I wouldn't want to be on a bus not speaking the language and not knowing where I was/was going. I see from the online map that you are only 1km from the ferry on the north end of Big Buddha beach. Sounds like you are happy with where you ended up and that's all that counts. That's not a scam in my book.
6th November 2006

I try and read as often as I can. Your entries are so great to read. We all know you're having a good time no matter how fast the taxi drivers go! Enjoy those billboards!! Keep having fun, Jess!
5th November 2006

Sorry I meant to say put all your valuables on YOU on the bus, dont leave them in your backpack... I hope the price you got was killer.
5th November 2006

Hi, I hope the trip works out well but you were well and truly scammed by this lady. TAT is the government licencing agency basically, so any agent can display TAT (like a registration)... Places try to scam unsuspecting tourists by calling themselves TAT when really they have nothing to do with the govt. You will see most travel places have TAT licence no's, but they are pretty easy to obtain. Anyone that tries to tell you they are part of the Govt agency are lying. Put all your valuable in your backpack tonight - they will probably go through your main bags in the bus hold. Be very careful. She was a scam artist.
4th November 2006

Joey's a big boy
Joey has a 24" chest, which is pretty impressive since I'm only 38" but weigh 5X as much.
4th November 2006

The best Pad Thai I ever had was from food stalls -- just avoid anything you can't identify! :-) Anyhow - love the posts - dangerous to read though, just makes me want to pick up and leave. But only one more month of classes left! Have fun (or really... I should say - Keep having fun!)
4th November 2006

Thanks for the update!
I was pleased to read your latest update Jess - the first from Thailand. Thanks for making the effort to post it as it sounds like access to the internet is not as easy as in Sydney. Hopefully you'll soon adjust to the culture shock and figure out where to pee and eat while in Bangkok. I also hope that you can keep taxi travel to a bare minimum! I felt guilty eating my supper tonight while thinking of you searching for something safe and edible (nobody is offering me free champagne though). Hang in there you daring trio...
4th November 2006

Shocking indeed! I do hope that you at least carved an apple or something.
31st October 2006

You should have gone to Japan if you want Halloween. Its huge there. Its going to be pretty weak here tonight, Jess, without your energy. NO PUMPKINS. I will put the dancing ghost out though. Catch up to you in Bangkok.
30th October 2006

Man Jess, i'm really jealous! This is making me excited for my trip to New Zealand next August though. I'm quite excited about that! Keep updating, it's great to see how much fun you're having down there. (ACT weekend was good, long but good.) Miss you Jess!
30th October 2006

This is quite late, i'm just catching up on all of your posts. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! Way to go on the MCAT. That's so awesome! We're all proud of you!!!!!
From Blog: MCAT RESULTS!!!
28th October 2006

Marmot Mascot! Right on!
That's sooo cool to hear! Pretty funny that they wouldn't have some kind of a fish mascot, though... I wish I could see a picture. There wasn't one on the TC site. It said something about him wearing a diaper, though? Halarious! I'll have to keep thinking about a name for him....
23rd October 2006

Jess, it sounds like you and the guys are having just an awesome experience. I had forgotton about this blog, but was reminded when I received an email from Derek. I came home from studying and was going to go to bed, but half an hour later I have just finished reading your blogs...your blogs which are INCREDIBLE!!! I became completely immersed in your stories, felt as if I was living them. Jess, what you are doing (by keeping such accurate, detailed summaries) is awesome, it will be something you will treasure forever, definitely a great idea, and be sure to keep it up (because I am still living vicariously through you guys). Wish I was with you guys, and hey, don't let the bed bugs bite k! Take care, Gray
20th October 2006

Mom's computer can copy DVD's when you get back to Sydney.
16th October 2006

That sounds great Jess. I'm glad that you did well, and it warms my heart to know that your hard work is paying off. Please keep the updates coming, as they are joy to read.
From Blog: MCAT RESULTS!!!

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