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5th March 2018

Pretty sure my comments did not send previously. To that end, I am so glad I supported this beautiful humanitarian effort to help the Haitians. I hope you are able to help as many as possible and know that you will all return with 'new eyes' with which to view your world and your professions. Congratulations....the world needs more people like you!
7th March 2018

Thank you, Joey. And thank you for being a supporter!
16th May 2012

Weddings.... Indian style
Namaste Jess, Your descriptive writing style is very good and funny. I will catch up on more of your far east adventures later. Meanwhile, enjoy the lifestyle.....Calgary will look much different. OM Joey
From Blog: Busy in India!
1st June 2011

A fantastic city, well worth a visit with plenty to see
26th May 2011

Go for it!
Judy, please feel free! I've sent you an email and included larger versions of the image. Best, Jessica
14th May 2011
Hercules Beetle

Permission to use photo
Greetings, My name is Judy Dourson and I work for a non-profit organization called Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education in southern Belize. Part of our mission is to educate the local schoolchildren in the buffer communities of the Bladen Nature Reserve (adjacent to us) about the flora and fauna of the reserve in hopes that this knowledge will help to conserve the area. My husband is writing a book that will be disseminated to the local schools for this purpose. He would like to use your image of the hercules beetle for that purpose. Would you consider allowing us to use it? Thanks....Judy Dourson www.bfreebz.org (our website)
8th March 2011
The "Famous" Berlin Gate, who's name I can't remember...

Branderburger Tor or Brandenburg Gate in English. Awesome clouds cluster!
27th February 2011

Not sure..
I can't remember the name of the first hostel we stayed at - sorry!
24th January 2011

Was the first hostel you stayed in the 'Helter Skelter' hostel, by any chance? It sounds like it, from what you describe. Never a quiet moment at that place, but I have stayed there every time I was in Berlin anyway. :)
19th January 2011
Hitler's Grave

im going to go there and have a go :P
3rd January 2010

The Unknown Gate
Its the Brandenburg Gate, as in B for Berlin.
6th November 2009

A little quiet
I thougth Newfoundland was Travel Blog worthy. Maybe an update at Christmas?
28th July 2009

Perfectly Good Pants
As a Canadian wanting pants, you should have been looking in the ditch. For you others, look up Corner Gas.
7th July 2009

Cold Showers
Jess don't you remember PJ'99 all they had were cold showers there!
7th July 2009

Cold Showers
Jess don't you remember PJ'99 all they had were cold showers there!
5th July 2009

Great Photos
I looked at the photos on Flickr first and I zoomed in to confirm that was a pit viper. I was not pleased, until I read that your guide took the photo -- I should never have doubted you. That's a female Slaty-tailed Trogon in your last picture and she's holding a feather (possibly from a Great Green Macaw). I was pretty keen on the trogons at the Toronto Zoo in 1975 and used to watch them a lot. There's no way that can compare to seeing them in the wild. I'm envious. Keep those pictures coming.
3rd July 2009

Dear Jessica, Thanks so much for taking the time to write this - in the middle of getting yourself set-up in Costa Rica. I'm going to try to be cool and not say anything about you flying off to Costa Rica without cash (ohmygodohmygod). Obviously I very much hope that your hostel passed muster and is mostly free of biting things. It would be great to have a few geckos crawling up the walls (they eat the little biting things) and you could watch their adhesive foot pads in action. Please get some sleep! Well I hope that Costa Rica is every bit as beautiful as we've been led to believe. Keep the blog entries coming! Love Mom
3rd July 2009

Pics would be good
That's a country I'l probably never get to, so pictures would be a big help. Hope you brought your binos, Costa Rica has some spectacular birding. Have a great time and see you in a few weeks.
16th March 2009

Interesting Site
Even if there is just a few remains, he is where he belongs guys! He doesn't deserve this big fancy gravesite thing! He killed so many people and never had a pinch of emotion for it, not one single emotional bone in his body! This man was sick and doesn't even deserve recognition! This person was a cold and heartless man. He kill so many innocent people, for no good reason. They hadn't done anything to him but stay with their religion and I would have done the same thing because my religion is importaint to me and I would give up anything for it. I would give up my life for it because you don't drop your religion because someone says so! You stick with what you believe in! God would take care of me if my life was taken and I would have everything I needed...so ya know what? Take my life because I won't change my religion but When judgement day comes We'll see who the sorry ones are. ~Katelyn
29th December 2008

Cool blog from your trip to Berlin
Just wanted to help you out with the name of the Berlin gate, it's called Brandenburger Tor. :) Happy holidays Sincerely, Kamilla
31st August 2008

How about an update?
Tofino and TO might qualify for a blog entry.
29th November 2007

Great posting Jessica. I forgot to bring home my computer's AC adapter last night and just about ran down the battery while reading your very long missive. I suspect that the Vancouver meeting will be a come-down after the Quito activities. At the very least there will be a lot less sun, booze, music, and dancing. I look forward to seeing the promised pics when you return to Victoria. Love Mom
28th November 2007

North or South
Make up your mind. Are you still a Northerner or have you switched ranks? Cherish these days. I'm sure you realize how fortunate you are having done what you have in the last year. Good for you Jess; enjoy yourself. Uncle Dave
24th November 2007

Don't blame the shower
Writing is always ying/yang Jess. Don't lose the artistic side for the temporary expedience of your academic career. I'm sorry I have to send you out of town to read your writing again but it is a joy to us all. And don't blame the hotel for the drain backing up -- Oh yee, Queen of the hour long shower. Love always, Dad

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