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20th February 2007

That explains why you were on Skype this morning and didn't call me. I went to get a cup of coffee at 9 with the intention of calling you, but when I came back you were gone. Sounds like great fun, but anywhere Phoebe is, fun is just around the corner.
17th February 2007

Jess the Brave One
Do you know that children's book? I just wanted to remind you how much those of us who know (and love) you enjoy your fabulous travelogue. You are so full of life! Your voice comes through in every entry - funny, free-spirited, full of curiosity. Bring on the questionable wine, the riot police, the strudel stealer - "I'm not afraid, I'm Canadian!" You make us smile.
15th February 2007

Free Internet
Free internet but no updates for 3 days ;) Happy Valentines Day, Jess.
11th February 2007

Hello, from a fellow travelblogger! I'm going to be traveling to Italy in a month or two and was wondering if you could give me some advice on getting around. I want to see...well, everything...and thought that a train pass would be easiest. The only one I've seen offers just three days within two months - I'll be in Italy for a week and want to travel more than that! I'm also a student. Any advice? Email: travel_goddess@hotmail.co.uk
10th February 2007

Canon A300 Settings
Your camera has a setting for cloudy days that boosts contrast. Its worth taking pictures anyway and fixing them with software later. You should check that you have automatic white balance (AWB) on the rest of the time. Use the FUNC button to get the menu. http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/A300/A30A.HTM
9th February 2007

Hi Jess and Derek, A shame that Venice was so expensive. I seem to remember it being quite a bit cheaper than Rome when we were there years ago. Hope you like Vanity Fair. I read it a few years back and liked it - as I recall it dealt alot with the road to dispair when pursuing a course of trying to keep-up an expensive, fashionable lifestyle to impress the Jones's. I certainly hope that your most recent outbreak of bug bites receed soon. Alec will be arriving in Honolulu next week so it will be great to see him again. I really hope that you like Venice. I had a marvellous time their while attending a Mollusc Symposium about 6 years ago. It's really a charming city. Love Mom
9th February 2007

Burberry Plaid. The scarf is real but my trenchcoat is a fake. With the scarf, I can pull it off though.
4th February 2007

Hi Jessica. Venice was our favourite city when your Dad and I were in Italy. I hope it is just as lovely in the winter. Mind you, in certain spots it is necessary to hold breath as the sewage pipes occasionally spring leaks and the smell is pretty ripe! As an undergraduate, I took a course titled "The Roman Republic" as an Arts option. It really made seeing the sites of Rome all that more interesting, although most of the big historical monuments are from the Empire period. We ate lots of pizza in Italy because it was the only thing that we could afford.
2nd February 2007

Groundhog Day
Foggy on Groundhog Day is good -- means the end of winter. Try to check your email or call me collect.
31st January 2007

man jess! i can't believe all the places you've been already!!!! that's so awesome!!! say hi to derek from me!!
30th January 2007

Is that coincidence? Bill Gates released Windows Vista today and the motto is "Wow".
30th January 2007

Vatican Guards
I should have mentioned that they took your camera but gave it back when you left the Vatican if you tried to take a picture in the Sistine Chapel. It was still under restoration (in 1989) and they only let a limited number of people in a time. As neat as the Coliseum was I much more enjoyed wandering the Forum and the Palatine hill all day with a detailed guidebook that identified all the sites. It was 35oC and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We'll compare pics when you get home. Don't forget to have a bologna sandwich (you'll have as much trouble trying to get a Danish in Copenhagen).
28th January 2007

Travel in Italy
You're going to have a fabulous time travelling in Italy. I've sent you the contact information for you uncle's cousin in Cosenza via email. They're in the "toe of the boot" so I don't know if you're going to head south down the coast (a wonderful trip if you do) or continue north through Europe. For a nice but reasonably priced dinner in Roma we recommend Tre Amici (down a side street from the Parthenon). Con amore
28th January 2007

You'll have to keep your eyes open for the Swiss guards at the Vatican with uniforms designed by Michelangelo.
28th January 2007

No news
As I told you by email, I haven't received any notices that you updated your blog so I suspect no one else has either. Mom told me about the bedbugs but when I went to look there was only the old London entry. Don't know what the problem was but it looks OK now. By the way, those "Royal Guard" soldiers, the Evzones, were wearing the modern Greek uniforms from the 19th Century. They only wear the white on Sunday.
25th January 2007

You can see the rest of the Acropolis when you go back through London...most of it is in the Royal Museum :)
19th January 2007

Welcome back
Or actually, I guess goodbye. Usually you can get a better deal if can haggle at the desk but you have to be ready to turn around and walk away. Every place has a different policy. You should have asked to borrow his computer ;) Assuming you are headed to Italy or Spain after France, I'd go to Normandy from England for a few days then train all the way to the Riveria. Have fun.
17th January 2007

Have good fun in Europe!
Ha Jessica, Derrick, Mark! I just quickly read al your story's from the last copple of weeks and it looks like you all had an amazing time in Malysia! I like that because i "have" to spend there 2 weeks at the end of February. At the moment I am in Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and it is amazing over here. The Tempels are even more beautiful then I already aspected (and I had really high expectations)! Vietnam was like a rollercoaster (big up's and downs). If you compare Bangkok with the big cities of Vietnam, then Bangkok is like a nice friendly, cousy, quiet city. But Vietnam has also some incredible nature (halong bay; mekong delta, central highlands) and some beautiful small villages. But overall I really had a good time overthere! So enjoy your time in Europe (I hope you have nice wetter) and if you're in Holland in March or April ( I fly back 28th of February), send a mail and maybe we can meet again! Greetings, Joost
From Blog: Bye Bye Bangkok!
7th January 2007

I felt dizzy and ill just looking at your picture of the twin towers looking down from the sky walk - then I read that the skywalk was only half way up! Yikes ... I hope the construction workers were well paid. Mom
6th January 2007

Hye Jess...That was the nice story about your travel to Singapore...I hope u`ll tell more about something new in Singapore that I never heard of...Take care...See ya..
5th January 2007

Your bed awaits
I'll make sure your bed is ready for a 24 hr slumber on your return. See you at the ferry next week.
4th January 2007

Thanks for the tips!
Hi KLster. Thanks for the info on the Scout shops. I'll be sure to check those out. I'll try to make it out to Bangsar, too. Any suggestions on a sports pub that might be showing the World Jr. Hockey Championship games?
2nd January 2007

Hello from Elora!!!
Wow. Sounds like you're having the time of your life! Are you looking forward to coming back to Canada? Thanks for the Christmas card, and we hope to see you in August. Take care, jess.
2nd January 2007

Happy New Year from Creston!
There's nothing like being outside all night in a strange city surrounded by a huge crowd of people - just what holidays are made of! I'm glad you are such a great sport and willing to see the fun in just about any situation. Our New Year's Eve was only slightly less exciting (hah!). But the snow is falling again and the Nelson ski hill has the best conditions in the whole area. Glad you're not going to be long in Thailand. We were worried (especially when we also heard an airplane went down). Take care!

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