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North America » Canada May 1st 2014

I'm here!! After a long and uneventful flight from London Gatwick, I have made it to Canada. Coach from the airport to the drop off point. I needed took just over an hour. I didn't mind I. A way as it allowed me to take in the scenery along the way. Saw the very all CN Tower, of which I am planning to visit during my week and also drove past a load of other attractions nearby. Too many to list! While on the coach, a guy asked if I was getting off at the same points him. I was, so both agreed to keep an eye out for each other to ensure we don't miss the stop! We both got off at the same stop and then started taking. His name is Gary and he ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 25th 2013

Well, the time has finally come for me to make the most out of my last day here in Brussels, Belgium. I was going to try and get up earlier so I had that bit of extra time...did it happen? Ummm...nope! I woke up about 09:30am! I still had another day of use on my Brussels card, so wanted to make the most of that too. I also really wanted to go to one of the local flea markets. This was located at the far south of Brussels, so ideal for me to use my Brussels card as it includes all travel on the metro, tram and bus system! After studying various maps, along with Google maps to double check as we all trust Google, I made my way to the nearest station and it was ... read more
Cars, cars everywhere!
The flea market
Biscuit shop

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 24th 2013

Breakfast I was awake around 7:30am by the sound of farting from my fellow room mates. You can tell they need the release as it has that pressure release sound! :) Anyway, I got showered and dressed and headed downstairs for the free tea, coffee and hot chocolate on offer! I was looking forward to that, however, no milk, so settled for a black coffee. It was Ok. I hadn't yet eaten, so while walking around the town, mI had noticed lots of Belgian waffles shops so settled on having one of those for breakfast. I opted for dark chocolate on the top. I also got a Coke Zero with it too. WOW! It was soooo good! It was warm, fluffy and some bits chewy. The sauce was warm and runny and, oh, just so heavenly! ... read more
The famous pissing boy!
Awesome beer...awesome glass!
Horse...what more can I say!?

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 23rd 2013

Well, I finally made it after an approx 12 hours total...this includes trying to find the place too!The coach journey was flawless...no problems whatsoever. Not the most comfortable, but I was able to cope with it.While travelling through, London, I saw a guy shimmying a motorbike over so he could park his! I found that quite unusual...also, there was so a guy on the coach taking a picture of another coach...bizarre! There was nothing special about...just your big standard coach with adverts saying where they travel too! He took about 10 pictures off it..all the same pose too! We got to the channel to tunnel about 1pm..This is the first time have been there! I was expecting 1 or 2 tracks, but no! There was a dozen at least! Some empty and some with queues of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Milton Keynes September 23rd 2013

Well, tonight is my last night in the UK before I head to Belgium for a few days. This trip was a spur of the moment thing as I got such an amazing deal on travel! However, it does have its downside. The downside is that I will be stuck on a coach for some time! I have my bags of sweets, a packed lunch, a resealable can of energy drink and lastly my iPad, preloaded with Zombieland, World War Z and the last half if season 4 of Dexter. Oh, not forgetting my MP3 player!I'm sure that will be plenty to keep me going! And the price of this I hear you ask? It was a measly £2.50 return! (50p of that is a booking fee) Kudos to hotukdeals.com for bringing this to my attention ... read more

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