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Mary Kathryn Sharpe

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires October 16th 2014

**** IT HAS BEEN FOREVER since I even logged into TravelBlog sadly **** I just logged in and noticed this blog was left "unpublished" so all I'm gonna do is hit "publish".... SOOOO um... sorry about the 5 year delay. LOL. and extra apologies for not finishing this trip! But in other news... I will have a blog about the Maldives coming up! :) :) Hiya! I left off with us at the geysers in Bolivia. I said I'd include photos, but they did not show up! So.. see photos of the brightly bubbling goop within the Earth! Also, I left out one of my favorite parts.. the flamingos!!!! We had seen a total of 4 flamingos.. 3 flying, and one lonesome in the lake near the hot tub. All too far to really see that ... read more
attack scene
jump jump
from where I stand

South America October 7th 2014

Hey Hey Hey! Me again, here to add the second to last leg of my South American adventure. I honestly think part of the reason I am so slow is that because I know when I finish writing about this trip... it's over. wahh, wahh, wahh... :( La Paz, Bolivia is where I'll pick the blov back up. I left you as we were saying our final goodbyes to Cynthia, all three English girls, and the not so couple, couple. Down 6. We still had Russell, 2nd direction, wormy, and Germy. 8 originals left. We went to our first "group meeting" for the La Paz, Bolivia to Buenos Aires, Argentina leg. We sat down to our meet our new guide, Alfredo, although he did not look like an Alfredo. He immediately shot that down and said ... read more
my favorite people in the Universe!!!
La Paz Cathedral
La Paz Moon Valley

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca September 23rd 2014

Hey! As most of you know, I am back home again, but want to continue the blov until I finish telling you about the rest of my trip! So, keep on keepin on and stay tuned! :) I left the last blov leaving you with my first glimpse of Machu Picchu. Like I said, I've seen it in hundreds of pictures.. so when you see it in real life, you're like "Whoa! It really looks like that", which I know sounds dumb, but it's really true. I still don't know what Machu Picchu is, or was for, and I know I could use the google machine to get all kinds of answers, but really, I kind of like the complete uncertainty. I'm not certain anyone really knows. The site itself was a lot bigger than I ... read more
Inca bridge
sheer rock face
hey hey

South America » Peru » Lima September 17th 2014

Buenas Dias! Straight back to it.. I think I forgot act the night bus from Trujillo to Lima. Bec and I were in the front seats! Double decker bus, up top. Extra leg room! We even had our own little handheld screens. The stewardess brought us our little snack packs and we were good to go. I am 97% sure our headlights were not on. The bus before, I could see the road clearly in the darkness, this one, no. People were passing by flashing their lights. I was a little worried but soon the stewardess came and shut the front curtains, so, even if death was in the near future.. at least we would go in a most unexpected instant! That may sound morbid, I realize, but really. Still, no pooping on the bus. We ... read more
pisco sour
delicious fruit stall

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail August 28th 2014

Buenos tardes amigos! After I published my last blov, I realized a part got cut out.. so I apologize for the quick ending on Nazca Lines, not that you noticed, but I did! And well.. its just gonna be forever lost. So, Cusco, Peru. I sold it quite short before, but again, the basic jist is.. should you go there, you'll like it. I actually really liked this city and its abundance of NorFake and outfitters shops. I won't go as far to say as stores, more of... "we have an overload of all this fake North Face stuff, so while we try to get you to book a trip with us, we hope you buy some our outdoor clothing" places. They have everything a camper or hiker could possibly need or want. Along with all ... read more
overlooking Cusco
en route to Ollyantaytambo
Starting point!

South America » Ecuador » Centre August 18th 2014

Hola Personas! This, along with the next few blovels, will be from around South America, but first a tiny backstory on how I'm even here. A year and a half ago I flew to Vail, Colorado to stay with a friend and ski. That friend had two Aussie friends visiting. I became friends with them and we stayed in contact via Facebook. Bec is one of those friends, with whom I'm now traveling! So…. small world in a way, crazy some may say, but either way... now we sit in Peru. We went back and forth on doing a tour, or by ourselves, or this and that, but essentially… we don't speak Spanish. In my opinion, it's extremely close to impossible to get around here without a large and very conversational Spanish vocabulary. Looking back, I ... read more
all packed and ready for an early start
houses on houses on houses
overlooking Quito on way to Equator

Hola Amigos! This is the 2nd Part to Rum and Beer: In the clear, bc if you read Part 1 of this blovel, then you should be as fluent in Spanish as I am. See, I know a lot of words in Spanish but I don't know how to put them into sentences. It doesn't much help when you try to talk to someone and all you can say is "Hello! How are you?" "Oh, I'm good too thanks" and then a bunch of color words or random objects. I left you with our "we didn't get robbed" ice cream party and after re-reading everything, I realized, naturally, that I left out something. I want to remind you of the fact that you can get robbed anywhere. Granted there are places more notorious for robbings, or ... read more
Buzz and her lollipop
beach day
can I have more than one favorite?

Hey! Hey! It's been quite a long time since I've written a blovel! However, a lack of blogging does not mean a lack of trips! :) Side note: for those of you who don't know... I tend to go into unnecessary detail... blovel= blog + novel. Feel free to stop at any point. This is more of a reminder to myself, of life. :) So.. about a year and a half ago my (actual) Scottish friend Jill came to visit for a 3 week road trip around the Southern US. (Actual friend and actual Scottydog from Scotland) :) We started in Florida and a few days into the trip we'd already been at Disneyworld (Jill's idea) for more than enough time. It was our last night and we had a long drive to Atlanta the next ... read more
chicken bus
Fred and Carla

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 August 14th 2010

Xin chào dear readers! (Hello in Vietnamese - sounds like “sin chow“) It’s been a while….. but here goes my attempt to catch you up… this is forever long and I apologize... but hope you enjoy if you make it to the end! :) As I finally controlled my laughter over the whole name debacle, I found myself on a bus headed up to the town of Sapa, Vietnam. Adventurous would be an understatement for our driver.. blind, fearless, crazy, suicidal? Those might be more appropriate. The road was windy, 2 lane, and covered in a thick layer of my oldest friend, fog. Instead of waiting for a clear view of potential oncoming traffic, we just went for it, every time, continuously honking our horn to warn of the probable wreckage. I imagined a leisurely ... read more
Sapa women in traditional dress

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An August 1st 2010

Sabaai-dii!! (Hello in Lao) :) As I mentioned before.. minibus, bus, minibus, bus, tuk tuk, boat and I made it to Laos successfully! The first instant you’re in a new place has always been weird to me. I was just in Thailand and all of a sudden, now I’m in Laos. Even going from state to state, or county to county, etc. it’s weird. My family used to have “races” to see who could be the first one into the next “place” (ie- jamming your hand in the bottom of the windshield or cramming your foot as far as possible beneath your seat towards the front, all the while screaming that only you made it first!) Never failed, one would try to distract the others and at the last second you’d all be in pain from ... read more
gorgeous silver necklaces used by tribal women in Laos
steps up Phousi
truck tuk tuk

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