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22nd October 2019

Welcome back...
we've missed you. I look forward to reading about your visit to the Maldives
From Blog: Bolchiarg
22nd October 2019

So sweet!
Aw!! Thank you so much!!! Hope to finish it up this week!! :) :)
From Blog: Bolchiarg
6th September 2015

Thank you for the valuable advice!
I really enjoyed reading your blog! I am planning a trip in January and I love your recommended girl packing supplies - very helpful! I also really enjoyed reading about the personal conflicts and overall experiences. I can tell that you took it all in. One question: Where do you leave your main bag while you are on the hike? I imagine that what you took on the trail is not everything you brought to Peru? Thanks! Alexis
7th September 2015

Hey Alexis!
Thanks for your comment! I was able to leave my main bag at the hostel in Cusco. I stayed there the night before the trek and already had a night booked after the trek, so it worked out! I think most places are used to doing that for hikers. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be glad to help!
10th December 2014

Awesome pictures of MP. I hope to get there soon. I hear the journey up can be a bit "interesting." PS...death road is a little too much for me! Enjoying the blog.
13th September 2014

Hope you don't mind - Linda shared your blog with us!.. Sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. Praying for your safe travels.
13th September 2014

MK, the maggots laying eggs in the skin story freaked me out. It's like my worst nightmare! Glad they were able to get them out! You are living my dream and I love reading your blog. Love, Michelle
28th December 2013

Enjoyed the blogs
I enjoyed reading both SJDS blogs. Thanks for the literary ride.
16th December 2013

good reads!
First of all, WAR DAMN EAGLE. Even though its a little embarassing in the context of this story. Second, where can I get a Tona with the squiggle? Love you, MK! Michelle
19th January 2011

Enjoyed ....
I really enjoyed reading you blog and the photos were lovely. Be safe.
16th December 2010
biggest snapper!

Biggest Snapper
I'd eat that! (Not the fish) ;D
12th August 2010
Khoa San Road

That sign on the left says fish massage
8th August 2010

Hi, MK! It has been many years since I saw you last. I'm your dad's sister (Myrtle Kathryn's) daughter, Katrina, in Canton, Georgia. Aunt Mary Anne told mom about your travels and adventures - wow, what a wonderful opportunity! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We can't wait to read more. Take care, K
8th August 2010

I was crying from laughing so hard at the sign with your vietnamese name on it... keep doin what your doin!
6th August 2010

SEES!!! I just love reading your blog, even though it takes me a day or two to sit down and read it. It makes me crack up hysterically and C-R-Y all at the same time!! I love you, please be safe and keep 'em comin' know I'm living vicariously through you and have enjoyed every minute of your weirdness and hilarious commentary! XOXOXO
4th August 2010

I am so happy that amongst all the "same same but different" you found your home sweet home filled with red and blue tents!! Could not be more same same but sooo very different hahaha :) I really dig all these pics you are taking...I'm thinking you should take these blovels and pictures and make a guided tour book of all the amazing places you have been, and the not so amazing places you would have avioded. It would definitely help these travelers laugh while they are wandering from cities to villages in different countries. Keep truckin and please for the love of me (your favorite roomie ever) go pamper yourself...pedis were practically invented over there. hugs from cali, Hales
29th July 2010

this thing cut me off!
HA! I was just going to say that beautiful place will one day be overrun with "holes in the ground" being used for toilets. Safe travels...xoxo miss you!
29th July 2010

coconut milk!!!
MK-I know how to make coconut milk yummy. I myself thought it looked so great when I was studying in St. Croix and much to my dismay it was awful. Until I found a local islander who generously "spiked" mine with rum (from the distillery down the street, so you know it was good) and it makes it taste like a tropical white russian!!! So your style! Also, I'm really enjoying the pictures....such a beautiful place that will one day be overrun with that bridge picture looks straight out of Legends of the Hidden Temple
29th July 2010

Your Story and Pictures
I thoroughly enjoyed going along on your trip with you. You made it so real, I felt I was right there with you. And your piccctures are great! What an out of the box experience.
24th July 2010

cool stuff
i had been to Phuket and Phi Phi on july 12/13 , so your blog just reminded my current memories. best of luck
21st July 2010

Hey M.K.............luv ur blog! Soooo much fun.........u go girl! soak it all up while u can!!! ENJOY! Denise
20th July 2010

i know what you're talking about!!
I totally know what you're talking about...comparing the sand to that stuff we played with in elementary!!! its liquid form when its in your hands and solid form when its on the table/ground....right? haha i can only imagine your childlike behavior playing on the beach!! can't wait for the next posting :) stay safe!!!
14th July 2010

Pooks! I'm lovin your blog! Thanks so much for my postcard- it made my day! I'm so proud of you for doing what you are doing- I know that I could NEVER be so brave! It's really impressive! Can't wait for the next update! Stay safe!
14th July 2010

REALLY ?!?!?!
How does someone who is afraid to go to the door when the doorbell rings in Madison, MS do all this??? I'm so happy for your wonderful experiences but I'm goin' to praying unceasingly instead of just morning, noon and night !!! Love and miss you soooooo much, MAM

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