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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao July 13th 2010

After “sleeping” in the Christchurch airport, a quick jump to Sydney, and a grueling 9 hour flight amongst loud, obnoxious teenagers, I landed it to Phuket, Thailand. The doors of the plane opened and bam! I was hit smack in the face with the heat. I thought I was in heaven, until I breathed. I think the best, and most polite, way to describe the smell is a “slight stench”. It was extremely humid, a bit smelly, completely foreign, and a little overwhelming, but I loved it all immediately. Customs was a joke, but it’s still a little nerve racking every time. The only thing I had “planned” was an airport transfer and my accommodation for the first night. I was prepared to walk out of baggage claim and find some little Thai person, with a ... read more
Bamboo Island
Island near Phi Phi
Phi Phi viewpoint

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef June 23rd 2010

Since I am still in Kaikoura, I really don’t have that much exciting stuff to tell ya, but I will try my best to clue you in on what’s been going on in my little “working” world. The bakery has been great. I was a little skeptical of the boss man at first, but got along with his wife wonderfully. They bought the bakery 9 years ago from a family friend and have been running it, without any “holiday” time, ever since. They both work everyday, most days starting at 6 making the rolls and sandwiches, others starting at 3 with all the baking. They are a true testament to “doing what you love” makes you happy. They are always laughing and joking around and it’s been a wonderful place to spend a majority of ... read more
Dusky "hills"
ice tunnel
Irish going into a cave

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura May 21st 2010

Hey! It's been a while... but I'm alive and well! I have tried to type this thing 2 times, each time the internet has messed up and erased most of it... third times a charm.. I hope! After dropping Morg at the airport, Karlene Jean and I cruised our way (once more) up to Kaikoura. It is such a beautiful place, that I can't seem to stay away from. I stopped at the lookout, to admire the mountains and the ocean, before settling myself back into the 11 bed dorm. As miserable as that sounds, I quite liked it.. well, minus the snoring. I do not understand how people do not wake themselves up when they sound like a freight train coming through the walls?? How is this possible? Snoring is something earplugs cannot defeat. A ... read more
Who ya gonna call?!?
"rain gear"
the deck of Dusky with hail

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island April 2nd 2010

10 days goes quick! Morgan was here and we were on the move! Delwynne and I picked her up at the Auckland airport around 9 in the morning. We went back "home", she was able to shower and recover a little from the long flight. We took a "tiki tour" around downtown Auckland and headed back home for some lunch. Del was test riding a motorcycle for the weekend.. so Morg and I made us a picnic lunch and we met Del on her bike at the top of Mount Eden. We sat on the steps, enjoyed the view, and ate our pineapple and cheese toasties (my new fav thing). We soon hit the road headed for Raglan. All I knew about Raglan, is that it's a really popular spot for surfing and a lot of ... read more
Tongariro Crossing from Lake Taupo
"Mount Doom"
Emerald Lakes

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden February 25th 2010

Kai Ora! or Welcome! as they say in Maori.. which I found out can be pronounced like moldy.. as in moldy bread.. so... either (mow as in cow ree) or (mold ee).... either way... HEY! I left off with us wandering around the Northern tip of NZ, and the horrendous outdoor showers... Did I mention the hike we took was supposed to last max 2 hours, but ended up taking about 7 1/2? haha.. oh well though, it was beautiful, even if I thought we were stranded. :) 2 nights back in Taputaputa Bay and back to the road. No destination in sight, or even in mind. We were driving... back down the only road that brings you up, trying to get off the tip end of the peninsula... we stopped in Ahipara, to check the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo February 11th 2010

Hello Hello! I have been getting 'heaps' of flack from some of you for not posting more, but it's hard! :) Internet is not readily available... or cheap! So be patient with me! I am trying to keep up with myself as well. Plus, I don't want to just write a sentence or two, you know I have to go into unnecessary detail.. :) Soooo... back to what feels like a really long time ago. We were in the Bay of Islands and loving it. Scuba diving, exploring, snorkeling, fishing, eating, laughing, sleeping, and doing it all over again. Delwynne and I had mentioned doing the Cape Brett Track earlier in the week, but now we were seriously considering it. It is an 8 hour one way hike, conveniently, on the Cape Brett Peninsula in the ... read more
Hole in the Rock
going inside hole in the rock
Cape Brett Lighthouse

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 25th 2010

Heeey Hey! Good rainy day to catch you up a little more up to speed! So yet, again, grab that chair. :) The last blog said Dec 28 bc thats when I started typing it.. took me a while to get back to a comp, eh? This is a fresh one! :) We made our way in and around Christchurch to our random, girls only, hostel. It was something German and I still can't pronounce the name of it, but it was by far one of my favorites yet. 2 Kitchens, our own room, internet, free laundry, and two cute little guinea pigs all in an old house. It also had hairdryers, but we never used them bc we always forgot they were there. ha. We took it easy the first night because we had a ... read more
Christmas Eve

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura December 28th 2009

I thought I was behind last time, but this time I am really behind on catching you up! Getting overwhelmed with the stuff I could tell you!! :) So, grab your chair.. this is a long one. We were on our second night of camping in Abel Tasman. The sun doesn't set here until 9:30ish, but we were so worn out from the day, and the day before, that we decided to call it a night. We were all snuggled in our tent, just about asleep when we heard/felt a tapping on the tent. Naturally, we didn't know what was going on. We got really embarrassed because it wasn't even dark yet, and we were almost out cold. We struggled to unlock the tent, yes-we have a really cute and tiny lock for our tent, only ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 17th 2009

Ok, hope you're comfy because I have a lot of catching up to do with you! I know I said I'd put a pic of Karlene Jean on the last blog, but I completely forgot! Oops.. and I don't have my memory card right now because we are getting CDs made.. yes, I've already filled 2 SD cards! So, be patient dear friends.. the pics are coming soon! Alright... So... we were preparing to leave Wellington and head to the South Island. Eliza and I split up for the day to get some things done. I met back up with her at the hostel a little later and saw that she'd made a new friend. Noa, from Israel. How she meets a Noam and a Noa both from Israel, I still don't know. We're talking (well ... read more
Dreadi going off to ooorange wooorld

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown December 11th 2009

I cannot believe it's already been a month! We've been going and going so much that it seems as though we've only been here a few days. I am so sorry that on the last blog I talked about the great pancakes we had and told you to "see pic" - haha well not until I published it, did I realize the pic next to it was of the chicken hearts and not of the pancakes. I didn't arrange the pics.. so.. haha sorry, I know that was sick. I forgot to add a pic of Karlene Jean, so will do this time! She has been cooperating very well lately.. full of water and oil still.. it's a good thing! We had her decorated with ornaments for Christmas, but sadly, on our last long drive, she ... read more

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