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24th August 2015

I'm planning to visit Owen as well
Thank you for writing this! Very informative. I'm planning to visit Owen as well, is the Owen you were talking about this Owen: https://www.couchsurfing.com/users/2000629545
From Blog: Mandalay
17th October 2012

Hello! Thanks for sharing. I learned a lot of things from this blog before we went to Siquijor. It is very helpful. I also want to do a favor to our very kind driver and tour guide when we went to Siquijor. He took care of our valuable belongings while we were walking around, he is very kind and did not complain even if we ended the tour very late, he is a very careful driver and knowledgeable about the island. You can try to haggle with him. Make sure to contact him before going to the island. Other drivers would give you very high prices and they will follow you like bees. His rates are very cheap!!! Joseph's contact number: 0906-953-4204
From Blog: Siquijor
19th January 2012

Say Hello
Hello I am monk owen. Do you remember who I am? I met you in Mandalay hill and i invited you to visit my school. Now I am not in Burma. I am in Europe now. This is my email monkorwell@gmail.com Please take care and have a nice day. MonkOwen
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6th November 2011

fresh perspective
Thank you for your honest impression about Manila, Philippines. Yes you are right, as a third world country we have a number of 'ugly' things here and there, made worse by corrupt government officials and enforcers whose greed further flushed the education, medical, security, tourism further down the abyss. I'm sorry about that lousy hotel you got and that experience with the pickpocket kids, I admit there are many out there (and worse). Anyways, but Philippines isn't all that bad. The entire country is abundant with parks, wildlife (a few number of reservations), beaches and historical landmarks outside Manila. I suggest you visit next time (if you want) our Bamboo Organ Church here in Las Piñas City (I live here), a few minutes drive south from Manila. From there have a go for Tagaytay and see the Taal Volcano, or go northward straight up to Baguio City and the Banaue Rice Terraces. These are only a few of the many wonderful places we got here. And yes, even as you enjoy the tour, never let your guard down. God bless!
21st April 2011

Is your brother Joshua by chance?? Hope you had a great trip!
From Blog: Active Yangsan
11th April 2011

Just got back from visiting my brother there, it was great! Stumbled upon this page while looking for info on how the mountains were formed. The funny thing is he lives directly across that side street from Pusan Univ. Hospital, him and his Korean wife have a small English Hagwon there.
From Blog: Active Yangsan
2nd March 2011

can i ask somthing
1,500 pesos is so big, is there other way of transportation to go in the volcano? with lesser price? thanks i am planing to visit that volcano these coming MAY 2011. TY:d NICE BLOG
30th January 2011

Hey Daniel - great to hear from you! How was the rest of your trip? We pretty much agreed with you about the Wall trip - the wall was amazing but the drive and guide were nothing special. The rest of our trip was great too! Studying in Paris! I am sooo jealous! I love that city! If you want to send the photos you have of us, that would be awesome! dano_beaugrand@hotmail.com and if you ever do make it to Canada, be sure to let us know! Take care!
From Blog: China so far...
29th January 2011
Steep Great Wall

First to go, last to arrive
Haha, is that me coming down as the very latest person in the group? Found your blog by just typing in Mike + Daniëlle + Great + Wall. Nice photo's! Hope you're doing well. I've actually got some pictures of the two of you on the wall - not of the quality you shot of course - but if you want to I could send them ;) Didn't choose to study in Canada next year because I couldn't take any classes in French on partner universities of the UVA. So I'm going for Paris, France for my bachelor and hopefully Canada for my Masters! How was your trip back from the wall? Traffic jams, smog and more South Park? I found it nice to do the climb - it was nothing like my expectations! - but the way there (and back + the guide) was a disappointment. The nature on the wall made up for it though; a good day! Greetings from Holland, Daniël
From Blog: China so far...
31st December 2010

Noodles & french?
The French man's complaints about the food is laughable. Thanks for sharing it. I never knew this has happened. My stuff has not mentioned it to us. Hmmm. Glad they've sorted it out and we hope it didn't put you off? Very, very glad you had a wonderful time there. Thanks for choosing to stay with us. Lucki
From Blog: Siquijor
1st December 2010

Hello! I live in your apartment now! It was weird to see the pictures but you took some good ones so now I can be lazy and not post them myself :-) They have all talked about you and said you are traveling now. Hope you had a good trip. Thanks for your blog, it has given me some good ideas about where to go down here ( I taught in Seoul the last time around)
25th November 2010

I can get a real feel for the city with these great pics! I am studying the Philippines and your entries have been very helpful
13th September 2010

Wow Danielle, that looks fantstic! You're trip is great timing for me too-I'm going to use your blog as a tour guide :-) I hope the rest of your travels are as interesting and spectacular as this beginning. knee-how? (that's a bad pun on Chinese for hello...sorry!) It should be 'ankle-how'? for you 2 anyway! Kx
From Blog: China so far...
21st April 2010

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!! And can you blame them !?!? pfft!
9th March 2010

hallo~hier is in Busan~ so if you come hier, i will travel~ ah,,,i'm sorry...speak English little........ welcome in Busan~!:)
18th January 2010

Hello, I hope you have not too many difficulties to understand the Korean people if they speak to you in English,I have at home a book written by Assimil : korean without toil written in French to learn Korean. Albert
17th January 2010

Wow , looks nice
Really looks good experience i think that is. ^^ And someday Come to korea again.
From Blog: Welcome 2010!
16th January 2010

i would of just close my eyes and pretend to sleep.
13th January 2010

That Korean man looked like insane!
It is certainly that the Korean man must be insane. althugh I am also korean, that Korean mad guy's doings make me disgusting and frustrate. there are no mad cows in South Korea but there are many mad men and women at downtowns, some large cities in South Korea. especially in subway. :) I had met many times insane men and women in Seoul subway when I lived in near Seoul city ten years ago. It was terrible experiencs which I didn't want to experiece again. I think that you might be attacked by an insane korean man. Congratulations! Be careful not to enconter mad Korean men.
17th November 2009

Prize 4
I don't remember which was 4 and which was 5, but one prize was a white and pink Dunkin Donuts mug and the other one was this little cup of coffee beans...and we weren't sure at first what it was because it said "caution: do not eat" and it was labeled "PERFUME". Well, who the heck wants coffee scented perfume???? We think it's actually more like a scented thing for your room...like an air freshener I suppose, but we have it out and the place never smells like coffee, so really, we aren't completely sure what the prize is! haha!
17th November 2009

Prize 4
What is prize #4?? We want to know what you won.
16th November 2009

So i recently loved to Yangsan from Cape town South Africa to tutor English at a well known talking club, and the pictures you have posted are what i walk passed daily!...im living right opposite Yangsan University hospital(the huge orange light with the double ii's at the top)...getting to the point so i recall in Middle school we did Physical ed but nothing could prepare m for my med exam lol. i went to the same hospital you did opposite the soccer stadium and did the hieght,eye and x-ray(with my boxers still on may i add) lol so after this 15 mins of bieng a lab rat im given an ear-bud so naturally i think they want maybe ear-wax are to rub it in my mouth for DNA (too much CSI) but not even the years of P.e could prepare mw for this hold your breath what i too least expected... this device had to be inserted into my rectum for shit (At this point iwas ready to re-board and fly 25 hours back home)...so i too wandered down the hall-way with shit on an earbud...disgusting! A beer much needed after that, i simply thought maybe these people know us foreigners come there and they should see what they can come up with to lol... but the cherry on the cake is yet to come...im sitting at the blood pressure machine and the director looks at me and due to the language barrier just has a constant smile..but she comes around and asks me blatently "so you don't have AIDs right?" LOL was my response i mean yes i am South African but gees lady that was harsh...for more info on things to do and great escapes in Iteawon Seoul and strip joints 30 mins from Yangsan in Busan drop me a mail andrew00781@gmail.com
14th November 2009

Finally just got myself caught up on all your exploring. Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time. You are so lucky. Keep the updates coming, I love reading them. TTFN
14th November 2009

How reassuring!
My son Kellen just arrived in Yangsan to teach. I think he is fine so far but hasn't figured out how to email us yet. Reading your blog made us feel like this might be the great adventure we were hoping he would have.
27th October 2009

Mike's ankle is pretty much all better now, which is great! The weather here is still quite mild...on average in the low 20s during the day...mostly clear skies...much better than the weather at home :) Mom and Dad just left yesterday and we'll have more info on their trip soon!

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