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2015 - the year of extraordinary adventures!

Asia » Indonesia » Flores July 28th 2015

Day 3 Facing fears Last night we rocked and rolled but not in a musical way. Thankfully I got some sleep and as I woke at 5:30am I looked out the window and I could see the sea then a second later the morning sky. We're still steaming ahead. I carefully make my way to the front of the boat in time to see a beautiful sunrise. I’m in paradise once again. I ask the skippers where we're headed and they say Laba Island. Laba I was told translates as Spider in English. FUCK! We're heading straight for it! They assure me there’s no spiders but now I'm bricking it. As irrational fears take over my body we jump into the sea and swim ashore. We climb a hill in flip flops - a challenge in ... read more
Pink Beach
komodo Dragon

Asia » Indonesia » Sumbawa June 2nd 2015

Day 1 - the old school travel style begins I leave my mini holiday and say goodbye to the friends I made along the way. I was sad to leave but excited and intrepid about the adventure ahead. Backpacks on I had to board a local boat to Lombok. Well me, a load of other people and all the local goods. I waited for the waves to calm and then ran for the boat only getting water to the shins - success. Once in Lombok I met my boat family for the next 4 days. Lots of Germans, a few French, a couple of Swedish and Slovakians, Italians and Spaniards, a group from Java, the crew and myself. Sunny - our main guide talks us through the plan and then we're of sailing East. It's backpackers ... read more
Sleeping quarters
dinner is served

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan June 2nd 2015

When the boat pulled up to Gili Trawangan we where all excited about some good beach time and a wee slice of paradise. For the price of a hostel, Sou, Camilla (who i’d met in Bali) and I managed to book a wee posh room at a resort that fortunately for us had no other guests so we could make full use of the pool and sound system. The downside was it was North on the island and what I thought was a 15 min walk turned out to be 30 mins - with backpacks and on a toasty 32 degree day. It did test my ethical strength as the only mode of transport is horse drawn carts which I did not want to use. So we had no choice but to have a beer stop ... read more
Gili T
Bale Sasak crew

Asia » Indonesia » Bali May 17th 2015

I had 3 weeks before I flew to Borneo and was unsure how to spend it. I decided on Bali so here I was. A short haggle with a taxi driver and before I knew it I was on my way to Seminyak. I arrive at the hostel - M Boutique and I'm shown my 'pod'. For approx £7.50 a night this was luxury. Swimming pool. Private sleeping quarters with lamp and plug socket, AC and as the hostel had only been open 3 months it was super clean. It wasn't long before the friendly residents introduced themselves and post local style dinner of Nasi Gorgeng (fried rice & veg with an egg) we're hitting Kuta for a night out and a goodbye send of to Steve who'd been living there for 2 months. As the ... read more
Volcano climb!
Coffee tasting at a plantation
Bintang, singing and pool

Asia » Singapore April 28th 2015

On arrival into Singapore I could see my childhood best friend, Laura through the glass doors as I was waiting for my luggage. It’s been a long time since someone met me of a plane and it felt super exciting - especially as it was Laura. I arrived smelly and with my head still in Sri Lanka - it seems a wee bit of a culture shock when you land somewhere new for the first time. I didn’t really know what to expect from Sing but I was expecting it to be similar to Dubai. Both places I was visiting not through wanting to see the place but purely to see close friends. I arrived into a sea of tall shiny buildings in Down Town. Similar to Dubai. But over the next few days I was ... read more
Laura, Nick and me
Yoga at Sunrise
Scultpure in the gardens by the bay

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province April 27th 2015

Part 3… Safari and car Adam’s Peak nailed and we’re on the road to Udawalawe National Park. The 2 German girls joined Loz and I and off we went via the luxury of a car & driver (approx. £15 each and took 2 1/2 hrs) - all shattered. We arrived at Embilipitiya (yeah trying saying that drunk!) to stay at Pavana Resort - a lovely hotel with a pool and the most professional hotel manager yet. Monkey’s took a dip in the pool before we got the chance but we weren't far behind. Here we met 2 Aussie girls - Cassandra and Emma. They joined us for the Safari. Another 5:30am start. Somehow these early mornings are so much more manageable knowing you're doing something epic and it's not for work! Off we went in the ... read more
Blue Whale
The South, Sri Lanka
Unawatuna beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province April 21st 2015

Part 2… The Hill country, trains and buses Morning came and the first of many early starts with a 5:30am wake up call. I decided to head straight past Kandy and Nuwara Eliya and head onto Ella where I would spent a few days over the NY. This would mean a 2 1/2hr bus to Kandy and a 6 1/2 hr 'express’ train journey from there to Ella. All this and I still had change of a fiver! The guys where heading to Kandy so we headed off on the bus together. A new transport experience and it turns out the buses are just as busy as the trains but pimped up with a PA system playing 'ring ding ting ting' tunes and showcasing a flashing Buddha statue at the front of the bus. I briefly ... read more
Catching Cor in action
A room with a vew
Maisy the dog

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo April 20th 2015

So I've been in Sri Lanka for 12 days and im 2 1/2 weeks into my round the world trip. Firstly, I can’t believe I've been travelling for such a short amount of time. I have done so much - more than any holiday that it feels like I left Scotland months ago. I write this drinking tea and allowing the cool of the room fan to try and calm my blazing sunburn. My friends said I’ll come back Skinny and brown. Well if the last few weeks are anything to go by I'll be coming back fatter and burnt! Now before I get lectures about making sure to apply plenty of sun cream I would like to add that I am trying. But the heat in Sri Lanka, coupled with the extreme humidity is ensuring ... read more
The newbies
Make it happen

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 9th 2015

So i’m a week into my round the world trip. I’m currently sitting on the plane flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I’m lucky to be sat here as I stupidly set my alarm an hour late! Thanks to my friend KT, a Michael Schumacher inspired taxi driver and over 50 ‘excuse me’s’ whilst racing through the airport, I manage to just make my flight - phew! So Dubai was great and bad strange all at the same time. Not a place I would ordinarily visit as it’s very bling and in constant construction and i'd say the overall sense I got was it is one of money, power and partying. But what I did like about this place is the real mix of nationality. You notice sitting on a metro that not one person looks alike. ... read more
Burj Khalifa
Burj Al Arab
Emirates palace hotel

Europe » United Kingdom April 2nd 2015

Having planned a stressed out last minute running out the door style panic to waverely station I breezed out early and met the gorgeous Cooke family for lunch and I arrived in style as they drove me to the station. Unfortunately I couldn't drive myself as I nosedived my driving test and made an epic fail. So the roads of the world can breath a sigh of relief but don’t get too comfortable as i’ll be back to cause havoc at a town near you in the not too distant future. It was a very strange feeling to post my keys through the door of my flat and no longer be in possession of a house key. The moment took me by surprise as it suddenly hit me that I have no responsibilities for the next ... read more
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