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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland March 15th 2015

So hello - Haw's it gan? This is my very first blog entry...I promise they'll get better once i've given it a few attempts! I decided to start a blog to share with people my round the world adventures that begin in just over 2 weeks. On 27 Feb 15 I left work in a whirlwind of madness and mayhem and I started my first day of unemployment with a massive hangover, a bouncy ball and a hand-drawn finger puppet?!? Things have been on the up since. I'm slowly selling, donating or binning my worldly possessions however my flat still feels strangely still full of crap...crap i'm struggling to let go off. And my bouncy ball skills are improving every day. Over the last few months big things have happened in order for me to make ... read more

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