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27th April 2016

I was in Gili this winter with my family. At first we get to Bali of course, then rode to gili on boats by easygili .com . Gili islands are nicest place in the world, and I really think so. Oh this hot beaches and cold drinks, orange sunsets. At first we found cheap hotel and went there. Yeah, it is cheap. I think you have to visit this place!
10th September 2015

wonderful write up
Wonderful write up and amazing pictures. Best sunset of my life was on Gili Trawangan. No doubt i returned to Gili T after Rinjani trek, though not initially planned. You have a new follower :) You can read my experience from Gili T at UltraWideLife.com
19th May 2015

Love the updates, keep them coming... miss you xx
12th April 2015

Everything is good
Loving the photos and stories, missing you loads but glad your having fun xx
17th March 2015

Wishes !!
All the best with your travel and blogging about it :)
16th March 2015

Clearing out
You failed to mention that you also cerimonally drank the entire contents of your drink cupboard so you wouldn't need to pack it! :)
16th March 2015

A true friend
whooaaahhahahahaha...yes...could could I possible forget...thanks for the support!

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