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May 17th 2015
Published: May 17th 2015
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M Boutique HostelM Boutique HostelM Boutique Hostel

Best night out in Bali!
I had 3 weeks before I flew to Borneo and was unsure how to spend it. I decided on Bali so here I was. A short haggle with a taxi driver and before I knew it I was on my way to Seminyak.
I arrive at the hostel - M Boutique and I'm shown my 'pod'. For approx £7.50 a night this was luxury. Swimming pool. Private sleeping quarters with lamp and plug socket, AC and as the hostel had only been open 3 months it was super clean.

It wasn't long before the friendly residents introduced themselves and post local style dinner of Nasi Gorgeng (fried rice & veg with an egg) we're hitting Kuta for a night out and a goodbye send of to Steve who'd been living there for 2 months. As the oldest here I had to channel Norwich Maz and just get smashed with the best of them. It was a brilliant night with highlights being the giant 6ft 7 Australian taking a nap smack bang in the middle of the dance floor and us finding him surrounded by small Indonesians looking puzzled as what to do with him. And then the pool party that followed back at the hostel and involved belly flopping into the pool with a scooter helmet on (visor down for safety of course!) Check out was tomorrow as I planned to head to Ubud but decided to stay an extra day to die with a hangover! Food, a Thai massage and some nail art helped make my day feel productive. Bedtime. Ubud awaits tomorrow.

After some tough haggling and getting lost I arrive at my hostel - Balibbu. I settle into my new surrounding for the next 3 nights and sign up for a sunrise trek up a volcano. It seems the aftermath of Adams Peak has faded. 2am and I'm ready, alongside Hannah who I'd met that evening we set of in the car to pick up the others. It's raining, we’re tired and its dark - a small seed of doubt as to why i’m doing it is planted.

Torch in hand we set off with the group and our guides. The climb was ok, not easy but not difficult and it only took 1 1/2hrs to get to the top. We where met by dogs and other tourists. We sat and ate our breakfast and waited in anticipation for the sun to show. Finally it came and we where treated to a beautiful view of the largest volcano on the island directly in front of us just across from a lake below. Beautiful! And that seed of doubt from before had completely vanished. Before climbing down we saw a bat cave that also housed a temple - shouted into giant volcanic crevasses, stood in heat areas and saw smoke coming out of the rocks. We then trekked over to see the crater left from the eruption in 2000. Very cool. It was here that I got a bit excited and squatted down quickly to put my hand into a hot rock hole (as you do) only to create my own hole in my trousers with the back ripping open! The look of panic washed across my face with the locals thinking a solar eclipse was taking place! Thankfully my rain jacket contained what little modesty I had left and I carefully made my way back down to the car!

During my time in Ubud I also visited the Coffee Plantation (loved their sweet coconut coffee), went to Monkey forest, visited Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple, ate local, wondered around towns and streets, spoke with friendly locals, played with the local dogs and enjoyed the pace of life here. I didn't get to see all the things I wanted to in Ubud though as the heavy rain put pay to that. We did end up having another mini pool party at the hostel but much more chilled than the previous hostel and made cool with 2 guitars kicking about as we had a few who could play including a Scots man (my first encounter!). In particular Made who worked at the hostel who not only had good taste in music but could also play really well. It was a welcome change and pace of life.

Friends from Seminyak - Camilla and Sou joined me at Ubud and I made awesome new friends during my time here including fellow Belfast girl Sara! The last day fast approached but before we left Sara and I put on our sarongs and headed for a ceremony across the road and was welcomed by locals to the beautiful and friendly Bali Hindu way of life.

It was a fond farewell to the guys at the hostel and Camilla, Sou, Sara, Laura, Cat and I where on our way to the paradise islands of Gili! Whoohoo…

...Gili Islands…

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19th May 2015

Love the updates, keep them coming... miss you xx

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